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  • 11 Year Old Scalded By Girl Three Fries Short Of A Happy Meal Who Poured Boiling Water On Her Face At Sleepover

    It’s all fun and games ’til someone takes a pot of macaroni softener to the face.








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    In today’s installment of “what in the fuck,” we have this story out of the Bronx where an 11-year-old girl had boiled water poured over her face while she slept at a slumber party:

    “New York City police say a 12-year-old girl poured boiling water on another girl during a sleepover, leaving her with severe burns.

    Police say the girl has been charged with assault in the Monday attack that left an 11-year-old with second-degree burns to her face, shoulders, neck and chest.

     According to police, Jamoneisha Merritt was at a friend’s home in the Bronx when the 12-year-old girl at the sleepover boiled water and then poured it on Merritt while she slept on a couch.

    Merritt was taken to Harlem Hospital in serious but stable condition.”


    Whatever happened to the good ol’ shaving cream in the hand and tickling your friend’s nose? Fingers dipped in warm water? Marker on the face?

    Nah fam, sleepovers as we knew ’em are over. Wanna really get your friend at a sleepover? Mollywop them with a highchair or pour boiling water on their face! You’ll get all the LOLz and attention you want!


    Jamoneisha, from the looks of it, is a beautiful, vibrant, happy 11-year-old girl


    She is still in ICU with 2nd degree burns to her face, neck, and upper-body.


    Ebony is her mom – and I gotta hand it to this woman – she has kept her cool given the circumstances. NSTB would’ve gone full hoodbunny, not even gonna lie. Good looks on you, Ebony! The most telling about this family’s level of class is that they didn’t run right out and start a GoFundMe to capitalize on their daughter’s suffering; instead, they’re focused on her getting well and all of the good thoughts and prayers they can get.


    I’ve been through the comments and people are pushing them to do the GoFundMe thing – and not that it wouldn’t be a worthy cause – but normal people’s first reaction isn’t usually “how can I monetize this?” a la Daddy Dunks from the Haverhill highchair incident. Lookin’ at you, Jason Brillon!  


    This next photo is kinda graphic and may or may not be in poor taste, but it needs to be seen

    LOOK AT HER POOR FACE. Her shoulders, her chest. Everything. I know I come across as a heartless, uppity cunt, but this picture hit me like a ton of bricks; not even gonna lie, I ugly cried.

    This girl’s life forever changed in the course of the few seconds it took to pour the pot of water over her face. Who knows how many surgeries she’ll have to endure? Will she be blind? How will this effect her growing body? Scar tissue doesn’t exactly stretch easily. My head is spinning thinking of all the pain this poor baby is in and my heart breaks for her mother who probably can’t even hug or kiss her child to console her because of the burns. Gut-fucking-wrenching.


    The devil child responsible for this was only charged with assault; why?! This is attempted murder. At 12, you know that hot shit = burns/blisters – and pretty sure we’ve all gotten a bunch by that age – so why would they think it would be “funny” to grab pot, boil up some h2o and slop it all over someone’s fucking FACE? Someone you consider a friend?

    This is sick, twisted, and sadistic.  Baby Beelzebub needs hop on the one-way express bus to the funny farm and never return. Beyond redemption. Nope, sorry, buh-bye. Thanks for playing the game of life, but you’re now banned from society. I’d love to know who raised this little animal, too. If you’re in the know, help a girl out either in the inbox or my email: [email protected]

    NSTB sends love, light, and lots of healing juju to Jamoneisha and her mom, Ebony, and if they do put up a GoFundMe, hit me up – I’d love to share it.







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    1. Michael Hutson

      juvenile or no this is actionable

    2. hhshs

      who will be the first person to post something racist here, i wonder

      1. ElJefe72

        You win.

        1. Strata

          Nailed it

      2. PhilSimmsSucks

        Hhshs, that would be you, moron.

      3. Joe Luke

        That would be you race baiter.

    3. Emily

      I know children today can be cruel but this is beyond cruel. This is a vicious and hateful act. The child responabie should be in a mental health facility and monitored.
      My deepest thoughts and prayers to the victim and her family.
      This is horrific.

      1. Get it right


        1. Emily

          LOL. Yup that’s what I meant!

    4. Me

      This story gives me the chill’s. I was cooking a while back and burned myself badly (1st & 2nd degree .) It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. Not to mention that after it heals somewhat they have to debreed it (scrape your burn. ) I was taken by ambulance. I can’t imagine what this poor baby went thro. So many prayers. The pain is brutal. I have horrible scaring. I hope she is OK.

      1. Get it right

        chills (no apostrophe)
        awhile (all one word)
        . at end of badly (not in the parentheses)
        debride the burn, not debreed it. Debreed would basically be abortion?
        scarring. But you probably have scaring too. I understand.

        1. Me

          “Calm your balls ” no parentheses 😀 I don’t accommodate people I don’t know on the interweb

        2. Me

          Horrible scaring, and a hand that still doesn’t function correctly. You’re welcome

        3. PhilSimmsSucks

          In this instance, it’s a while, you fucking moron. Don’t try to correct people with your errors. Don’t play proofreader. Some of us really are.

        4. Erin

          Well you understood the comment as we all did , but yet your Self Righteous corrections are almost as sad as this article and I’m pretty sure we are not getting graded for our spelling or vocabulary in our comments you Pompou:s Ass.

      2. Me. Too

        I burned myself cooking once too, barely a burn, it was a dime size burn but it blistered immediately. That tiny burn was the worst pain ever, my whole hand throbbed and I remember thinking now I know why they put burn victims in induced comas. I can’t even fathom the pain she is in.

    5. Shookones

      That poor freaking kid man, thought she was with friends at a fun sleep over, then this. They should make the perpetrator work at an ICU burn center for the next year on community service….after juvenile detention that is.

    6. Lindsey

      This is one case where I wish they actually would start a GoFundMe because I would donate. Poor little girl; I can’t even fathom what she’s going through.

    7. Sad

      That poor little girl


      I really wish I didn’t see that picture. There is nothing to say.

    9. Me * Anonymous

      Dear Get It Right,

      I have just as much schooling as you. I am not in the education field. Real good with computer’s though. ;D

    10. Maggie the Cat

      The girl who poured the water is obviously a danger to herself and others. Sadly, she should be committed to a mental institution until someone can figure out how to keep society safe from her.

    11. Turd Burglestein

      2nd degree burns while very painful usually don’t result in permanent scarring. They blister up really badly and heal up in a few weeks, but there is some damage to the pigmentation…so this might be a lot worse for a black person than a white person. I had a flash fire get me on about 30% of my body about 15 years ago. It was a miserable experience and I spent a few days in the hospital under heavy sedation. When I was discharged, I couldn’t wear clothes for about 2 weeks other than underwear. I religiously put a lot of cocoa butter on the burns for the next 6 weeks while I healed up and today you could never tell I was burned. I wish this girl a speedy recovery and hope her pigmentation returns to normal. As far as the shitstain who did this, I hope one day she gets burned badly one day so she can experience the hell she put this little girl through.

    12. Sonny's Mom

      People posting here are worried about the pain she must be in. I feel confident she’s being treated for the pain. Any RNs able to comment on this?

      1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

        The thing with burns is it damages the nerves along with the skin, tendons, muscles, etc. If the burns are severe enough, no amount of meds will ever mask all the pain. And the de-breeding that is necessary to facilitate healing and prevent infection only exacerbates and prolongs the pain. There is no worse pain than that from burns.

    13. Ryan

      Good thing people are praying for her. That’ll help

      1. Me

        What can we all do that WILL help other than send positive thoughts? Don’t be a fucking asshole just to be one

    14. S.R.R

      I was certain that I had heard or seen every violent,disturbing,heartbreaking vile act that one person can do to another,but this top’s everything!! The fact that it was perpetrated by a 12 year old girl is beyond insanity, which I think one would have too be too commit such an atrocity.The physical and psychological damage and pain that the eleven year old girl this happened to is unimaginable. I pray she will make a full recovery and that God will Bless the family, they must be suffering horribly watching their daughter in so much pain.
      The demonic 12 year old spawn of satan should be removed from society Permanently for the safety of everyone!

    15. teachers day messages

      When I initially commented I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and
      from now on every time a comment is added I receive four emails with the same comment.
      Is there a means you are able to remove me from that service?

      1. Really curious

        Dumbass why are you making this comment now nobody has even commented on this post for eight days? Did you just wake up this morning and think “I’m so annoyed because I checked that notify me box and I got an email 8 days ago with four of the same messages. I wonder if I can fix that?”

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