People Are Outraged That a Fitchburg Teacher Was Suspended For Posting Nude Pictures Of Herself All Over Internet

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New blogger here at TurtleBoySports. I’m basically TurtleBoy’s lackey, thus the name. Found this story coming out the Kingdom of Central Massachusetts…

FITCHBURG — A paraprofessional at South Street Elementary School has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into modeling photos that were sent to the school district late last week.

According to Superintendent of Schools André Ravenelle, Kaitlin Pearson, who had been working in one of the school’s special education programs as a full-time classroom assistant for a small group of students since November, was placed on paid administrative leave early Friday afternoon after the district received the packet of modeling photos that morning.

Several of the pictures, which can be found online, show Pearson, 23, scantily clad or partially nude, with her hands covering her breasts. She appears in one photo with another scantily clad woman on the cover of a September 2013 issue of ModelsMania magazine.

“The only comment I would make is, we would be committed to take action on anything that we’re knowledgeable of that would pose any concern of someone working with students,” Ravenelle said.

Ravenelle said he was not aware of Pearson’s modeling photos until school officials were mailed the anonymous packet. A similar packet was also sent to the Sentinel & Enterprise.

“Can you believe that this girl was hired to work with special education children in the Fitchburg schools?!!” reads a short note, typed in all capital letters, that was included in the packet sent to the Sentinel & Enterprise. “Well she was and currently is. Check it our for yourselves.”

Ravenelle said school officials have not typically “Googled” prospective employees prior to hiring them, but may start doing so given this incident.

Nude or semi-nude photographs are not something that would appear on a Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information, or CORI, query, which was performed on Pearson prior to her hiring and is standard procedure for the hiring of all school employees, Ravenelle said. He said all proper procedures were performed in her hiring.

Ravenelle declined to comment further on the matter, and said that doing so would undermine the ongoing investigation.

“We will be working with our counsel, and we will be working with the union for the investigation,” Ravenelle said.

Shortly after the first edition of the article was posted on the Sentinel & Enterprise Facebook page Tuesday afternoon, there was a flood of comments in support of Pearson. In just over an hour, more than 25 comments appeared, most of them saying that Pearson didn’t do anything wrong, and wondering what the big deal was. Others suggested that someone may have a vendetta against Pearson, to send these anonymous packets to her employer and the press.

Pearson specifies on her profile on Model Mayhem, a website for professional and amateur models, that she only shoots implied nude photos with photographers that she knows and trusts. She specifically states that she does not pose fully nude.


Well this wasn’t shouldn’t cause too much controversy or anything. TurtleBoySports is a family blog, so we’re inclined to frown on this sort of debauchery. At the same time TurtleBoySports is a firm proponent of free speech rights and the separation of workplace and leisurely activities. Here’s our two main thoughts on this one though…

  1. You can be a teacher and you can be a nude model. But you can’t be both. Taking nude pictures and covering your goodies with your hand still makes them nude pictures. Putting them all over the internet is well within your rights. We here at TurtleBoySports are big proponents of the First Amendment. By far the best one. But that’s probably gonna make it a little harder to keep certain jobs. Like ones where you work with children for instance.
  2. We shouldn’t be allowed to have anonymous whistle blowers. If you want to come forward with something that prompts an investigation like this out of spite, part of the deal should be your name is out there. Kind of seems like unfair playing field. You’re basically challenging someone to a duel. Imagine Alexander Hamilton had to duel someone with a paper bag over their head? Wouldn’t be very sophisticated.

That’s basically it. It’s getting people all in a stir though. Like this comment from the Fitchburg Sentinel:

“Thats stupid. If she doesnt come to school naked why does it matter? People are allowed to have more than one career/hobby. People are just bored. I went to school with this girl, she is very smart and very beautiful. If she is professional while at school I dont see how her modeling is relevant to anything?”

Yea. As long as she doesn’t come to school naked. Anyone who walks through the door fully clothed is pretty much qualified.


“Seriously..? She’s a model..not a porn star. You apparently have NO idea how hard it is to be in the modeling business! Demi Moore posed in PAINT on the cover of a magazine 9 months pregnant…Kate Moss posed in nothing more than jewels and a dinner jacket… do you consider these people ‘bad influences’?”

Yea if Demi Moore did it in a movie once, then obviously the next logical step you go from there is that this girl should be allowed to be a teacher and take pictures au naturel.

We were under the impression that the majority of people would agree that this PAID suspension (basically a vacation) was pretty warranted, if not generous. That’s why the comments on Facebook are so surprising to me. Let me break down some of these comments for a moment…

“Modeling isn’t hurting her students , she’s not giving them the pics or sending them to the parents”

Yea, ya see…..when you put something on the internet you ARE sending those pictures to them and their parents. You’re sending them to everyone. The fact that people still don’t understand how this whole internet thing works to me is hilarious.

“What about the school art classes that bring in 1/2 nude people so kids can paint them? She did nothing wrong!!”

I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that this probably didn’t actually happen. I’ve never been in this school before, but I just kind of have a hard time believing they have a weekly art class where nude models come in and kids magically become da Vinci.


“Personally what they do on their own time is completely up to them. Yes I wouldn’t want my child to see them but again on her own time she is allowed to do as she pleases.”

Yea, I don’t want my kids looking at these pictures, but she should be allowed to take naked pictures and post them on an open Facebook page and websites. What they do on their own time is completely up to them. Jerry Sandusky just yelled “True dat” from the state penitentiary.

“She has done nothing wrong and should not be removed from her job. She is entitled to a private life.”

Right. Because nothing is more private than the internet.

“Honestly, She is nothing wrong but the school Superintendent does wrong move for that because I know shes help the kids to smart but other side of her life as modeling, is her 2nd job but Andre’ is cross her line and hurt her job. Its wrong move. Thats all.”

Ole, ole, ole, ole….

“Everyone making comments in support of Ms. Pearson on Facebook would do far more good by calling the Office of the Super tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, until she is reinstated.”

Yea, that’ll show em!!!

“The fact the school put her on administrative leave over this is silly. If she hasn’t done anything wrong and her second job doesn’t impact her work with the kids I don’t understand what their issue is.”

Right. Because ten year old boys would have no problem concentrating in class after seeing pictures like this all over the internet:


“I wonder if this would be an issue if she was a model in an exhibit of “nudes” at the Fitchburg Art Museum?”

Wait a minute, Fitchburg has an art museum? FART? The commenter is right though. Working as a nude model at an art museum is the exact same thing as being a special education teacher. There’s almost no difference in the job description.

“It’s pretty pathetic that parents today will let their children listen to dress like and look up to these celebrities no matter how awful, self involved, rude, or crude they are. I mean Rihanna posts half naked pics of herself all the time. And they want to take a great hardworking girl like Kaitlin Pearson and punish her for being a hardworking smart woman who is proud of the hard work she does to keep her body. If anything she should be an inspiration to all the lazy fat unmotivated children that hard work pays off. She didn’t do anything wrong.”

Yea fat kids need more teachers who pose naked on the internet like this. That will definitely help their self esteem and give them a great role model to look up to. After all, young children should all aspire to potentially one day be exploited for financial gain by the next Larry Flint. The commenters logic makes perfect sense too: It’s awful that kids dress like Rihanna and other half naked celebrities when they should be looking looking up to teachers who pose in their birthday suits on the internet. And if there is one word to describe people who pose for pictures like this, it’s HARDWORKING!!

“If this was a mother that was a model. Would she be a bad mother? A bad example to her children? I don’t think so.”

Good point. What kid doesn’t want his mother to see all his friends googling their naked mother on the internet? This would be an example of GREAT parenting, and logically then it is an example of a highly qualified teacher.


“Nothing wrong with what she is doing as long as she DOES NOT BRING IT TO WORK (SCHOOL) .. How about we Google ALL Upper Department Heads and send The SENTINEL AND ENTERPRISE anything we feel that would be inappropriate for our children to around him or her. teacher.”

Yea, we all know kids don’t have cell phones in school, and cell phones don’t have internet. There is no possible way a student could see these pictures in school. And the commenter is right – there are probably tons of people out there who have nude photos of them on the Internet. Good luck with your crusade kind sir.

“I wouldn’t even care if she was doing porn as long as it’s not in class. It’s her business.”

Yup, that’s definitely the kind of society I want my kids growing up in. Teachers should obviously have the right to moonlight as porn stars. ‘Murica.

Anyway, this has obviously gotten people worked up in a bunch. It’s an interesting story. Therefore we encourage you to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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18 thoughts on “People Are Outraged That a Fitchburg Teacher Was Suspended For Posting Nude Pictures Of Herself All Over Internet

  1. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and engaging, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head.
    The problem is something not enough folks are speaking intelligently about.
    I’m very happy that I stumbled across this in my hunt for something
    regarding this.


  2. I hope they don’t pay you for this tripe. I’ll give you a writing tip free of charge. Re-title this article “Sexism is Alive and Well on Turtle Boy Sports!” Then at least you would have one accurate and insightful sentence in this article.


  3. It’s genuinely very complex in this active life to listen news on Television,
    therefore I simply use internet for that purpose, and get the most up-to-date news.


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  7. If a parent is allowing his/her ten year old to freely look up pics on the internet without their supervision then they have seen A LOT worse than these pics already.


  8. Joey G makes a great point. If she weighed 250 pounds, would anyone be coming to her defense on the online message boards? Of course not. They’d say she was obscene and should be ashamed of herself. On a side note, how many Fitchburg boys are going to tank their grades to get into her SpEd class?


  9. My big question is… would it be this big of a deal if the girl was unattractive? Like… imagine if it was… I don’t know… Miss Norton or Elizabeth Warren. Would it be the same level of distraction? Wouldn’t schoolchildren go out of their way to focus on their studies simply to avoid stumbling across such pictures on the internet?


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