If The 73 Students Arrested At Blarney Blowout Come To Mullins Center, UMass Will Destroy St. Louis

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It’s already BS that UMass students get a NCAA Tournament basketball team, while I had to root for Jackie Rogers, Kyle Wilson, Jameel Pugh, Shannon Crooks, and a plethora of other terrible nobodies that never even came close to approaching NIT consideration. Now I find out there’s this magical party call the “Blarney Blowout.” Check out this video. 

Yea, several of those people are going to lose their jobs in ten years after everyone they work with finds this video. Girls yelling “Fuck the police, we don’t give a fuck.” Someone’s gonna marry her someday. LOL. Well as you saw it got pretty bad. Here’s the article from the Herald:

AMHERST, Mass. — An early St. Patrick’s Day celebration around the University of Massachusetts’ flagship campus known as “Blarney Blowout” spun out of control Saturday as police officers in riot gear arrested more than 40 people while dispersing massive crowds, including unruly students throwing beer cans and bottles.

At least 43 people were arrested by late Saturday afternoon and four officers suffered minor injuries after police spent the day attempting to disperse “several” large gatherings, said Amherst Police Capt. Jennifer Gundersen. Gundersen said in a statement that police remained busy through Saturday evening handling numerous reports of fights, noise and highly intoxicated individuals.

“It is extremely disturbing and unsafe. Perhaps one of the worst scenes we have ever had with drunkenness and unruliness,” Gundersen told The Republican in Springfield. “It is extremely upsetting. It is very dangerous.”

Most of the arrests came at an off-campus apartment complex, where large crowds began gathering Saturday morning for the annual event, which was started by bars to allow the students to celebrate the holiday before their spring break begins this week.

Police from the city, university and state troopers in riot gear converged on a crowd of about 4,000 people at an apartment complex shortly after noon, police said in a statement Saturday night. Police said party-goers were involved in destruction of property and, as officers began to disperse the crowd, they were pelted with glass bottles, beer cans and snowballs.

After handling the disturbance at the apartment complex, police say several thousand people assembled near a frat house and near an intersection. Authorities said they determined that the gathering became dangerous and out of control, and when officers tried to clear the crowd they again faced people throwing bottles, rocks, cans and snowballs.

Police say pepper spray was used to disperse the crowds because of the size and “assaultive behavior.”

Three officers were hurt when they were hit by bottles and one was injured while attempting to make an arrest, Gundersen said. None of the injuries required serious treatment.

Police say charges ranged from inciting to riot and failing to disperse to disorderly conduct, liquor law violations and assault and battery on officers.

UMass denounced the “unruly behavior” Saturday and spokesman Ed Blaguszewski said students who were arrested will be reviewed under the school’s code of conduct and that sanctions could include suspension or expulsion.

Amherst Capt. Christopher Pronovost described the day as “mayhem” to the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

“This can’t be in any way, shape or form be characterized as a party,” he said. “This is destruction of property (and) assaultive behavior.”

Collecting bottles and cans around the scene of the mayhem Saturday night, Amherst resident Raul Colon told the Gazette that the day’s events looked like “a revolution, like in the countries that have revolutions between the students and the government.”

Gundersen said that numerous participants in the revelry were also injured.

Other colleges across the country have gone on high alert around St. Patrick’s Day to deal with alcohol-fueled students. At Penn State, the school paid licensed liquor establishments to stay closed this month during the unofficial drinking holiday known as State Patty’s Day for the second year in a row.

State College, Pa., police Chief Tom King said that the strategy, along with a fraternity ban on parties, helped lead to a 75 percent decrease in arrests and citations this year compared to 2011 — the fake holiday’s heyday.


So we can all agree that the real winner in all of this is the can man right? This is like Thanksgiving for Amherst bums, who all of a sudden are apparently in abundance.

Ummmmmmm, so where the hell was the Blarney Blowout when I was at UMass? Yea, this doesn’t sound very fun at all. I got robbed of the Hobart Hodown my final couple years at the Zoo. I felt like something sacred was being snatched out of my cold, dead hands. I don’t know when this thing started, but the fact that I wasn’t a student when it did feels like a kid whose parents blew their Christmas money betting on the ponies.

It looks like a fun day at work for the Amherst Police:

Is it possible to watch this video and not want to see the kid who won’t stop yelling “get inside” have an anvil drop out of the sky and land on his face? Maybe that’s too harsh. Duck tape ought to do it.

Joining a mob at UMass is an annual right of passage. I feel like you can’t possibly have graduated from there without encountering some sort of unruly mob. Most people in it are just going with the flow. Funneling beers, passing dubies, and using foul language simply because a camera is turned on them. Even though the cops are right there you don’t fear them for one bit. Because there’s thousands of you, and like 30 of them. You just stick to the middle, and enjoy the fact that you’re at a mobile party during the middle of the day and you’ll be back to Southwest when it’s all done.


So that’s why I have ZERO problem with what the cops did. None. Look morons, this is how the game is played. They come out in full riot gear and give you the impression that you’re some sort of hooligan. But then you idiots started yelling “fuck the police” even though at least 20% of you will end up as cops. Then some stumbling drunk throws a snowball, and his dingleberry friend throws a bottle. The cops HAVE to get someone and make an example out of them. They just have to. Why? Because 4,000 rowdy drunks aren’t gonna go home because the cops asked nicely. Stop complaining about police brutality. You idiots outnumber them 100-1, so you don’t get to complain about how they defend themselves.

You know why I really don’t feel bad for the kids who were pummeled by the fuzz? Because this is your classic case of Darwinism. When I watch a lion hunt a pack of wildebeests, I always think to myself, “no freaking way I’m getting caught by the lion. It’ll definitely be this idiot next to me whose wandering in the lion’s direction for some forbidden grass.

I’ve been to many of these types of gatherings, and never once have I ever been on the fringe of getting nabbed. I let other idiots do that. Have fun cementing your legacy as that guy who stood up to the man and then got pepper sprayed and beaten with batons. I’ll just run and keep enjoying the debauchery that is UMass. Thanks for the free entertainment.


Seriously though, if you just keep to yourself and don’t bother the police they’re not gonna get you. You know who gets caught? These nudniks:

21577261_BG5 21577261_BG4 21577261_BG3 21577261_BG2

Darwinism. I’ll tell you who’s not getting arrested:

Blarney Blowout screen shot

Keystone Light. Hot.

You know how else we were screwed at UMass back then? No social media. Now you have one party, it gets busted by the cops, and the next thing you know there’s a Facebook page about where the new party is. Back in my day we just had AIM. Check some status messages. See whose online. That was about it. Kids these days don’t know how good they have it.

My question is, why wouldn’t any college senior go to UMass if they had the grades? It boggles my mind that people choose to stay in New England and not go to UMass. I can understand wanting to go far away and go to a big school. But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity thing here. Hartford, Assumption, Quinnipiac. They don’t HAVE Blarney Blowouts!!!

There’s this myth that you’ll get lost at UMass because it’s too big. Guidance counselors used to love to throw that one in there at me. Everyone made it seem like it was gonna be this madhouse where you’re just constantly drunk and when you did actually make it to class there were 5,000 kids in a giant mega lecture hall. Then you get there and most of the time you’re supposed to be doing work. And people go to class. There’s like people all over the place with books.

McMurphy's 3-10-12

You ask your buddy if they he wants to drink screwdrivers and play NFL Blitz all day, and then he tells you he has a project due in Accounting. So you ask his maniac roommate Rick instead and he’s down. The party is there at UMass, but if you’re normal and have self control, it’s totally doable. The idiots in the video who got arrested obviously just don’t have what it takes.

Stooges like this are why UMass is a great school though. They keep things entertaining. And they’re perfect for basketball. You need loud drunken boobs to berate the officials and offend the wine and cheese crowd. I’ll tell you this much, these knuckleheads better be bailed out of jail post haste, and get lit all over again before bringing the PAIN to the Mullins Center. We get a chance to beat our second ranked opponent this year, and send a message to everyone in college basketball: UMASS IS BACK BABY!!!!!

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5 thoughts on “If The 73 Students Arrested At Blarney Blowout Come To Mullins Center, UMass Will Destroy St. Louis

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  2. you are bad at writing… from pretty much every aspect… grammar, concepts, sense of humor…. jesus christ you’re stupid. you’re like if fietleberg had a kid with his brother somehow… you’re that unfunny and retarded. i’m sorry dude but you’re just not supposed to do this, and especially don’t spam your shit like you are, you are bad at everything.


  3. My question is, why wouldn’t any college senior go to UMass if they had the grades? It boggles my mind that people choose to stay in New England and not go to UMass. I can understand wanting to go far away and go to a big school. But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity thing here. Hartford, Assumption, Quinnipiac. They don’t HAVE Blarney Blowouts!!!

    They didn’t go to Umass because they got into URI…enjoy the woods of Amherst I’ll take the shores of Narragansett any day of the week.


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