Deval Patrick Thinks Teachers Are All Child Molesters, Makes Them Pay $55 To Get Finger Printed To Prove Innocence

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In January 2013, Massachusetts became the last state to require a national criminal background check for all employees who work closely with children including teachers, clerks, teaching assistants, early childhood educators and employees at after-school programs. Up until that time, the state only required Criminal Offender Record Information checks, known as CORI, that focused on Massachusetts records.

In March of this year, after a pilot program concluded, the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Department of Early Education and Care, working with the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, announced it was ready to start fingerprinting.

In addition to the more extensive background check, the fingerprinting process costs certified school staff $55 and non-certified staff, such as a cafeteria worker or instruction assistant, $35. The CORI checks are free.


So let me get this straight….in the United States…..of America….you have to pay $55 to prove that you’re not a child molester? Because nothing says freedom like an assumed guilt of being a child molester. And not just a regular child molester either. It’s assumed that all teachers are interstate child molesters who have somehow managed to alter their identities for years. Thank goodness Governor Deval Patrick signed this law so that this HUGE problem is finally resolved. There is absolutely nothing blatantly fascist about this at all.

Guess the state needs the money. Those new drapes in his office don’t pay for themselves.

What a fucking joke this is huh? I know some people that are teachers and I think you all are literally insane. I mean, you kind of have to be right? Don’t get me wrong, I respect the shit out of you all, but I just don’t know why you’d do it. You have a college degree. You can get a job where kids don’t throw chairs at you,

publicly humiliate you,

or smash your computer in front of the class.

As terrible as the kids in these videos are, the worst part about teaching has to be that you can’t take a giant smash whenever you want to. The ability to let it all out whenever you feel like it is what defines what it really means to be an American. I couldn’t imagine what it feels like to get that grumbling in your stomach while suppressing farts throughout third period.

So yea, Deval Patrick, has decided that you teachers have been getting a free ride for too long. Sure, when criminals are arrested they get finger printed for free, but that’s besides the point. You greedy teachers have it easy.

The funny part is every time I open the newspaper I read some bullshit from politicians about attracting quality teachers into education. Ummmm, and you idiots think people are gonna wanna go into a profession where kids run wild like that, politicians blame you when they fail, and then make you give up your fourth amendment rights in order to prove that you are not a child molester? Oh yea, and you have to pay for it. But only $55, because $60 is just way too much. Yea, I’m sure America’s best and brightest are lining up to take the teacher’s test now.

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