Feminist Washington Post Writer Ann Hornaday Blames Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen For Santa Barbara Shooting Because Average Men Shouldn’t Get Hot Women in Movies

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You might’ve heard about the shooting that took place in Santa Barbara this past weekend. Elliot Rodger, the privileged 22 year old son of a Hollywood schmo, went on a rampage and killed 7 people, all because he couldn’t make out with a bunch of girls who don’t love him. The 22 year old virgin made this video before he went on his rampage, explaining why he was going to target good looking women. In a nutshell, it’s because none of them would sleep with him and he felt he had the right to deflower all of them:

First of all, that right there is not a straight man. Am I the only one who thinks this is the most obvious thing ever? Yes he is clearly mentally deranged as well, but to have never even kissed a girl before, despite the fact that he owns a BMW? Sorry, there’s more to this story.

Obviously the kid is an asshole. Obviously. But did you know what is the primary cause of this senseless rampage? Lack of gun control? Nope. Mental health issues? Nope. The correct answer is Seth Rogan and Judd Apatow movies. Some dumb fuck moron named Ann Hornaday, who the Washington Post actually pays money to, published one of the most disgusting things you will ever read in the Post in which she gets to the bottom of this mass murder.


Here’s what this wonderful human being had to say….

As Rodger bemoaned his life of “loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desire” and arrogantly announced that he would now prove his own status as “the true alpha male,” he unwittingly expressed the toxic double helix of insecurity and entitlement that comprises Hollywood’s DNA. For generations, mass entertainment has been overwhelmingly controlled by white men, whose escapist fantasies so often revolve around vigilantism and sexual wish-fulfillment (often, if not always, featuring a steady through-line of casual misogyny). Rodger’s rampage may be a function of his own profound distress, but it also shows how a sexist movie monoculture can be toxic for women and men alike.

How many students watch outsized frat-boy fantasies like “Neighbors” and feel, as Rodger did, unjustly shut out of college life that should be full of “sex and fun and pleasure”? How many men, raised on a steady diet of Judd Apatow comedies in which the shlubby arrested adolescent always gets the girl, find that those happy endings constantly elude them and conclude, “It’s not fair”?

If our cinematic grammar is one of violence, sexual conquest and macho swagger — thanks to male studio executives who green-light projects according to their own pathetic predilections — no one should be surprised when those impulses take luridly literal form in the culture at large.

Oh wow she used a lot of big words so I guess that means this isn’t the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever read in my life right? I love how these idiots try to mask their moronic thoughts with a thesaurus. What kid of fucked up and deranged individual sees these images on TV and thinks to themselves, “Look what you did Seth Rogan.” The two villains obviously weren’t happy about this and responded in kind on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 8.12.19 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-27 at 8.12.42 PM

See that? This is yet another example of why people don’t take feminazis seriously. It’s because people like this are your spokeswomen. Sure yesterday in Pakistan a young girl was stoned to death by her family for marrying someone she loved instead of someone she was betrothed to. Sure feminists did jack shit when Hirsi Ali, the bravest women’s rights activist in the world today was banned from Brandeis University for being “Islamaphobic.”

But those aren’t REAL women’s issues. The real women’s issues revolve around movies where nerdy guys get the girls they’re in love with. Sends the wrong message. Guys who can’t get laid should NEVER get the idea that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


I actually have to agree partly with this moron. I used to watch movies like “Can’t Hardly Wait” and I too was dumb enough to believe that the dorky nice guy got Jennifer Love Huge Tits. But obviously I found out that this was not even remotely close to something that happened in real life. Quite frankly there should’ve been more movies where the protagonist was an asshole who always got the girl. There also should’ve been more movies where the dorky guy ends up wrecking four computers because he went on way too many porn sites. That would definitely be a lot more realistic.

But guess what? It’s a fucking movie. It’s not real. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is a fucking psycho like this kid. Millions of people have watched Knocked Up, Anchorman, 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Bridesmaids, and to my knowledge this kid is the first one who went on a shooting rampage. His father helped produce The Hunger Games, so I guess it was his fault too right? Or is it Suzanne Collins fault? After all, she’s the misogynistic asshole who wrote the ending where Peeta gets Katniss Everdeen. Obviously she should’ve ended up with Gale since Peeta’s the underdog. Didn’t she realize that by writing the ending like she did she was inadvertently causing this kid to shoot up the school?


If I’m a hardcore feminist then I’m down at the Washington Post right now picketing the place until they fire this idiot. A bunch of people die in California and what does she do? Finds a way to get a million people to click on her blog by writing something so fucked up you just can’t resist clicking on it. The message for journalists is pretty clear – write fucked up shit, get published, make money, fuck everyone else.

Sure any person with a brain looks at the shooting and points out that Eliot Rodger was an overpriveleged kid whose parents gave him an iPad and a BMW instead of spending time with him. Sure the kid was obviously mentally unbalanced and is further evidence that America has a serious mental health issue. Sure he comes from a broken Hollywood home. Sure his access to guns was easier than cooking a hot pocket.

But none of that is why he REALLY did it. The real cause of this senseless tragedy is Judd Apatow movies where fat bastards like Seth Rogan actually get laid.

Does she have a point though? I mean I just watched Breaking Bad the other day and since then I’ve already purchased an RV and started cooking up a storm. Then I watched The Wire, and now holding down West Side corners like a champ.


What’s really amazing me is that feministos actually have her back. Countless other idiots have written articles defending her. This sentence right here is one I’ve heard more than any other:

“Girls are not a thing you get.”

Oh yea, V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling were dating because they’re in love. Right. Nothing in our society suggests that men who work hard will be rewarded with hot women. It’s all Judd Apatow’s fault. Newsflash to the feminists – if you want women to stop being treated like trophies to be won by the alpha males, then women have to stop having sex with disgusting old men because they have money. Until that ends this attitude will continue.

One of the idiots defending her is a vile creature named Sasha Stone. Here’s some of her genius comments:

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 8.19.00 PM

See that right there? She thinks, therefore she’s smart. That’s the ideology of every idiot member of academia who lacks common sense. I don’t give a shit how obtuse her vocabulary is. If she thinks Forgetting Sarah Marshall contributed to this shooting then she’s a dingleberry.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 8.29.10 PM

Yea, profit wasn’t her intent at all. Sure she profited off of a bunch of dead people by saying the most moronic thing possible. But that’s just a complete coincidence. She has “integrity” after all. We know this because she knows big words.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 8.29.59 PM

Yea, she didn’t “attack” Seth Rogan and Judd Apatow for suggesting that they were partially responsible for this mass shooting. Nothing offensive about that at all. How dare they use their free speech rights to defend their honor. NARCISSIST!!

She actually responded to one of TurtleBoy’s Tweets too:

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 8.21.05 PM

LOL. You got that? Misogyny is a one way street. Obviously it’s OK to use words like “dudes” when you’re a politically correct liberal. But you can’t call women “babes” or else World War 3 will break out. Because men are the devil. Poor Turtleboy.

Finally she spouted this gem:

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 8.40.42 PM

Yea, welcome to reality. When’s the last time you saw a good looking guy in his 20’s with a decrepit old woman? I’m waiting…..Yea, it never happens. But yet every time you turn on a Lakers game there’s some 70 year old dude with a smokeshow by his side because he drives a Lamborghini and takes Viagra. So yea, terrible, terrible analogy.

Anyway I’m done with this. Let’s hear what you have to say. Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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12 thoughts on “Feminist Washington Post Writer Ann Hornaday Blames Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen For Santa Barbara Shooting Because Average Men Shouldn’t Get Hot Women in Movies

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  2. Yeah she’s a total douche. A real retard.
    My problem with this (predictably) is the spin the leftist media immediately threw on it by even mentioning gun control. It’s NOT EASY to get a gun in Cali.

    After hearing reports the first 2 days I thought it was another mass shooting. I hadn’t heard 1 report that mentioned that 3 of the 6 people he killed was with a knife.
    Just typical.
    Obvious psychopath that proved he wanted to kill and didn’t NEED a gun to do it.


  3. I don’t get it… in the Hunger Games, was it supposed to be the girl getting the guy at the end? Like she is the proverbial Prince Charming? I mean I guess the guy was kind of a princess, but I feel like he would have been better looking if that was the case. Wasn’t Brad Pitt or Matt Damon or Jude Law available to be saved by Jennifer Lawrence?

    Also, does Jennifer Lawrence get naked in the book version of the Hunger Games?


  4. Sasha Stone @AwardsDaily · 22h
    Also the reverse is never true – women who aren’t deemed “hot” never get the hot guy. Just saying.

    Yeah, apparently you didn’t see She’s All That. That ugly slut got the hot guy.


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