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  • 35 Year Old Wangstas Maintain Strict No Snitching Code For Chicago Bulls Hat Bandits On Rochester NH PD Facebook Page

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    Our Facebook page is suspended again, so make sure you to LIKE THE LOST BOYS OF TURTLE Facebook page to keep up with our latest blogs.







    We need more Police Departments to run their Facebook pages like the Rochester, NH Police Facebook page, because this is hilarious:



    So we all agree that whoever the cop is that posts as this Facebook page, they HAVE TO BE a turtle rider, right? Because the flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat routine is a Turtleboy original schtick. Wouldn’t surprise us. Turtleboy is the guilty pleasure of law enforcement everywhere.

    This genius accused them of discrimination against the flat brimmed hat community:


    He sounds like fun.

    Newsflash – if you don’t bend the brim of your hat, you look like a fucking idiot. It’s a bad phase in fashion. It’s up there with bell bottoms for chicks and skinny jeans for men. You’re gonna look back 20 years from now and hate yourself. Do the right thing and bend the brim.

    It’s just too perfect. Even though that might be a Houston Texans hat, we’re gonna assume it’s a flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat, because it’s way more fun that way. Either way, the Michael J. Fox puffy vest in the middle of January is such a bad ass move for this Granite State muffbasket.

    I’ll tell you why more police departments need to do this – because it works. There is no more effective way to identify a local boob than by using Facebook. Everyone’s on it, and people can’t wait to be the first one to play “name that hoodrat” with their local police. And it took all of two seconds for this magnificent slugpump to be identified:


    Oh yea, he looks like a Billy Morse. He writes like one too.


    Gotta love Mark Leblanc and his disdain for snitches though. I mean, lots of grown ass men are still going through their “fuck the police” stage. And in the least surprising turn of events ever. Mark is also a fan of that flat brimmed hat. He doesn’t seem to own a Chicago Bulls one (yet), but he’s got plenty of others in the reserves:









    Those pants:


    Bros, the 90’s called. They said you’re embarrassing them.

    He wasn’t the only one either:




    But those all appear to be kids. If you’re saying that shit as a kid, you’re still a dipshit. But you have time to grow out of it. Unfortunately the “fuck the police” phase is all too common these days. However, if you look like a 40 year old man who’s seen some shit, and has a recovery meeting later this afternoon,


    and you’re still doing, then it might be time to reevaluate your life choices. Just sayin.

    Billy Morse appears to be your average millenial dumbass suburban white kid who thinks he gets to say the “n” word because they say it in his favorite rap videos:


    But he’s totally not racist.


    Glad he cleared that one up. Because apparently you can just call black people the “n” on Facebook, and as long as you follow it up with “I’m not racist but I thought it was hilarious” you are absolved from allegations of racism. Smart man.

    He’s really into selfies



    Chucking the bird


    And posing for strange, homoerotic selfies with his fantastic friends, all of whom also rock the official hat of choice for ding-dongs everywhere:


    Like I said, more PD pages need to start doing this. You just need to be careful and make sure the comments section doesn’t turn into the Salem Witch Trials:


    Then you can go back to playing “Most Wanted Monday,” and everyone leaves happy.


    Except for Billy Morse, because his dumbass is going to jail.

    Anyway, check out the Rochester, NH PD Facebook page when you get the chance. Almost as entertaining as the Bangor, ME PD page. It’s fun, and a great way to catch the bad guys. Hope to see the Worcester Police doing it in the near future.



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    1. Duke Westwood

      Mark Leblanc looks like a Make a Wish kid who’s wish was to visit a meth lab…

      1. wabbitt

        Now, now – be nice. He clearly has advanced stage AIDS.

        Dude’s wilting like an unwatered plant.

    2. Scary

      The old man, looks like he escaped from the state hospital there.

    3. Buck Futts

      Man, those kids are real methed up.

    4. Turd Burglestein

      Speed Kills, but not quick enough in this case.

    5. Dick Dover

      New England incest in full display. Hub of culture and higher education my ass.
      Your white trash rivals the the poorest areas of the south. A few more generations of these ghetto snow-hicks on welfare and your boat is sunk. They’re unemployable, you’ll be paying for them with cradle to the grave entitlements for decades to come.

      1. Rochambeau

        Us Yankees don’t like it, though. That’s why we publicly shame them on TBS. On the other hand we do like these hot takes; It’s like watching COPS during the nineties. There’s like one, old Boston episode and they still play it on occasion. The cops have mullets for crying out loud! We’re craving for decent production value nowadays. TBS fills that gap.

    6. FiestyLawyerLady

      Wow, the junkie dude is minutes away from death if he doesn’t get help. He can’t weigh more than a buck twenty!

      What a bunch of losers…

      1. Turd Burglestein

        That bitch is so skinny he could hang glide off a dorito.

    7. Buck Futts

      Thank God for the Public school to Prison pipeline. If they get locked up early enough and long enough it really slows their reproduction down some. Plus some of the older harder convicts get some fresh young skull to fuck.

    8. Kevens pink sock

      Those two twinks in the mirror need a real man in their life. I know that they’ve been “tampered with” already, but I’d still knock the taper out of their turds.

    9. DJ Trump

      Just your typical white niggers, quite common in the region. Salts of the earth if you ask the townies.

    10. Stu Pidazzo

      I take back my comment from yesterday. This guy has the most punchable face ever!

    11. Bill P.

      Mr. Leblanc has a no snitching policy because he stole the ‘One Ring’ and doesn’t want anyone finding out about his ‘precious’. Who’s with me?

    12. Joe Shmidlap

      That guy Mark looks like he has done meth one too many times in life. He is weighing in at a whopping 105 pounds. He actually had to create another 3 belt holes because he couldn’t get the belt tight enough…. that’s if he is wearing a belt… not wearing a belt and letting the pants drag on the ground is usually a prerequisite for being ghetto trash. Just hard working people should tax money good at work. Supporting this pigeon shit through his entire life.

    13. Olde Salt

      Funny that you mention the McFly puffy vest yet miss the obvious resemblance between Mark Lablanc and Doc.

    14. Joe Shmidlap

      I apologize for my grammatical error in my post… I meant to say ” just hard working people’s tax money hard at work”… that’s what I get for trying to post while tending to a screaming savage baby named Vincent.

    15. Publius

      Old wangstas are scarier then the young ones.

    16. Your all dick riders

      Whoever comments on this, and whoever really made this you are all losers and need to get a real life you retarded was low life’s.

      1. You're welcome...


        “you retarded was low life’s”? Huh?

      2. Dj Trump

        Go fuck a spic you mulatto mutt

      3. Buck Futts

        Learn to read and write before you post with your 4th grade education. Reading is fundamental, and it’s never too late to learn asshole.

    17. Dj Trump

      If you hit these wiggers hard enough in the mouth, they start to act like white boys.

    18. Dawn

      Just wanted to out this out there Billy turned himself in and jail isn’t even In the cards it was shoplifting.

      1. Fuck yourself turtleboy

        Whoever took the time to make this ma is fucked lol do they know me? No and they seriously stalked my page for a bunch of dumb as shit to do what? Make me look like an idiot to feel better ab themselves?? I find it hilarious how they have no idea what im doing to change my life around

        1. Duke Westwood

          What are you doing to turn your life around?

          SHUT-UP… You’re right… Don’t know. Guess what? Don’t care!

          What we do know is… You’re a shoplifting asshole. Shoplifting is a thing that spoiled little pussies do because they want something and don’t want to be a responsible person and do what needs to be done to be a productive member of society and procure it responsibly. That tells me all I need to know about your character. Loser.

        2. LLC

          “Make me look like an idiot”…Lol.

          Asshole, you already did that all by yourself.

          “Changing my life around…”


    19. LLC

      Kid looks 45….

      and special needs.

    20. Wtf

      Keep reading mark leblancs FB. Meetings with ma and gramma. Helluva gardner group. Theres a circle of them along with a few super fab dumpster twats. These twats get passed around like a joint at a dead show. Check out Tiffiny Chase and julie anna norton. Classy classy taco twats that live off the government , one has multiple drug babies -that she does not take care of and they change phones, dudes and facebook accts more than a normal person changes their tampon.
      And they post it for all the FB world to see and then get pissed when called out.
      It is a fun hobby to read and follow the snatch crumbs.

    21. Tanya

      Wtf. Why’d you have to put a pic with me in it? you got all the fuck boy pics you needed of mark. I’m not even with this loser anymore. Smh.

    22. Tanya

      Mark LeBlanc is 31, he has been clean and sober for over 2 years. He has had open heart surgery and has had health issues. I know because I am the girl in his pic. How much of a life do you have to make a bullshit article about this topic. You claim that these guys are childish, yet you go out of your way to write an article strictly talking shit. Straight losers. Get a life, and get your facts straight before talking shit you know nothing about. You got a problem? I suggest you settle it like a real man, and maybe grow some balls but too bad your over grown clitorous is in the way. Only a loser would make an article putting other people down, but it won’t make your dick bigger. 🙂

    23. Tanya

      When I find the dirty cunt who fucks her dog, who wrote this, bitch you better pray you have back up.

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