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  • Another Bridgewater State Professor Shows True Colors: Dr. Mark Kemper Regularly Wears Stuff Like This Trump Jackass Shirt To His Political Science Class

    Another Bridgewater State Professor Shows True Colors: Dr. Mark Kemper Regularly Wears Stuff Like This Trump Jackass Shirt To His Political Science Class

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    This is Bridgewater State Political Science professor Dr. Mark Kemper:

    Here’s what he wears to class:

    What the hell is going on at Bridgewater State? How many of these professors are there? Look, Turtleboy is not a big Trump guy. Never have been, and we call him and his diehards out all the time. But the fact of the matter is that 63 million people voted for him, including plenty of kids at college campuses. You just wouldn’t know it because they’re petrified to say that out loud due to the climate of fear created by professors like this. When you see that the “adult” in the room is wearing a shirt with the President, who you voted for, and it says, “JACKASS,” how could you ever possibly think you’d be graded fairly if you shared your political opinions in class?

    Shit needs to end. This is a public university. Our tax dollars fund this garbage. It’s perfectly fine for professors to share their political views in class. They just need to make it clear to students that this is their opinion, and what makes America great is that others can have different opinions and we can all get along. But it’s not OK for them to tell kids who believe differently than they do that their views aren’t welcomed. It’s not OK for “adults” to wear shirts like that.

    The kid who sent us this also said that Mark Kemper has worn these shirts too:

    So he was nervous as shit because he didn’t want what happened to Alyssa Hood, the girl who bravely exposed professor Garrett Nichols for this Facebook post,

    to happen to him. She’s being called a racist and SJWs are demanding she apologize for voicing her objection to a teacher who made it clear on Facebook that people like her are no longer welcome in his class. Fuck ANYONE like her as a matter of fact.

    Get rid of these professors. They have no business being in front of a class of impressionable students who are paying good money to be there.


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    1. Steven Stover

      Political Science is supposed to be about how the three branches of government work. How laws are enacted. The Constitution. The Bill of Rights. How we are a Republic. Not this morons views. These kids are getting screwed if this asshole thinks it’s a stage for his views. He flunks.

    2. Bill Realist

      Donald trump is not a politically ideological and that’s what drives these hacks on all sides totally crazy. I love it!! This coming from someone who NEVER EVER voted republican until trump.

    3. Ozzy

      Maybe he should take a knee.

    4. Strata

      The job of an educator is to teach our children and foster an environment of honest discussion and exchange of facts and ideas. How despicable for these professors to intimate a subset of their students. To purposely place their own agenda before the student is beyond selfish. What I find more disturbing is the lack of leadership from the University that knowingly allows this to be happening.

      I work in a private Technology company. Do you know why I don’t wear shirts like this or spew my political beliefs upon my co workers …… because that’s not my job, and I act like professional. Shame on this college. You have been exposed.

    5. Wtf

      At least now all the students that received bad grades and thought it was them, even though paper was appropriate. nope it was only some ass hat teacher that just didn’t like your opinion.

    6. Stunt Penis

      Perhaps Attorney Richard N. Vulva, Esquire, can file a class-action lawsuit against Bridgewater State and it’s administration, both professionally and personally, for damages due to reduced employment opportunities as a result of lower GPAs caused by these asshat professors who undoubtedly grade their “politically incorrect” students lower than those who espouse the “correct” liberal/progressive doctrine.

    7. bigdaddy

      They have no business being in front of a class of impressionable students who are paying good money to be there.

      could not have said it better

    8. Cracker Jack

      Love the eyes-closed photo of the good Dr in his Jackass t-shirt. Very apropos of this dickwad who has traveled this far in life with his eyes completely shut!

    9. DuzinClams

      So,, Lemme ask you, what’s he doing to help make America great again? Being a shit stain ain’t quite up to par enough. They ask “Ladies & gentlemen, would you please stand for our national…” and some confused idiots take a knee,,, then bitch about a ‘divider’? Taking a knee isn’t going to MAGA…taking a knee isn’t enough. It’s jumping the turnstiles, and even uncle Bernie said you gotta ‘pay your fair share’.

    10. They call me Ponch

      Garrett says “F*#k anyone that voted for Donald Trump.”

      I just did!

      Gigetty, Giggety

    11. Book Worm

      Let’s be honest. It makes no difference if you’re a Professor or a student at Bridgewater State. You suck at life and nobody cares what you have to say because the school is a joke.

    12. FatFingr Lou

      This kind of BS should enlighten students. Take your and your parent’s hard earned money and walk out. That money could start a business, put a down-payment on a house or jump start a retirement fund. What’s the return on investment for a BA/BS from Bridgewater State?

    13. Independent Thinker

      Most political science and sociology professors are extreme-left radicals. In particular, I remember Howard Zinn at Boston University.

      However, the English teacher who says he doesn’t want Trump supporters in his class is the worst one of the bunch.

    14. Mark

      A few weeks back I posted the actions of Avila-Nichols appeared to represent a systemic problem for the University, based upon this instructors careless and open display of profane and disparate language to describe the POTUS. Here’s the proof.

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