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  • Another Worcester Dumpster Slug Is Selling Food Stamps On Facebook And Seems To Think That’s Normal

    Another winner selling food stamps on Facebook. Shocking.

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    Every day a turtle rider seems to send us a screenshot of another ratchet trying to buy or sell food stamps on Facebook. Here’s a winner from Worcester:


    The best part about Googling these slug rakes is that 99% of the time the first thing that comes up are the Worcester Courthouse Records:

    screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-5-14-25-pm screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-5-14-09-pm

    Strangulation, suffocation, threatening murder, and violating prevention orders. Good thing our tax dollars are going to this able bodied, law abiding citizen. Because clearly he can be trusted.

    Apparently this guy just had a baby (which you can see on his Facebook page), so he’s selling the taxpayer funded free shit the government gives him to take care of the child. Because you can feed your baby with food stamps, but you can’t feed your habits. I know, I know – who would ever think someone like this would be dumb enough to publicly post about fraud he was perpetrating at the taxpayer’s expense?



    We’re all shocked. But please, keep telling yourself that EBT abuse isn’t rampant because no one’s getting caught. It happens right in front of your face every single day. We’re pro-food stamps at Turtleboy Sports because we believe in helping needy people get back on their feet during tough times. But when dumpster slugs like this start profiting off of them, which takes food out of the child’s mouth, that’s when we have a problem. And since the government isn’t doing shit about it because it’s easier to pretend that these problems don’t exist, I guess it’s up to Turtleboy to showcase these fools.


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    1. MommaH

      If they aren’t depriving their kids, then they are at 7-11 afterschool buying candy and chips and whatever kind of junk food to feed them. That’s why so many kids teeth are rotting out. Maybe that’s why most kids are diagnosed with ADHD.

    2. Fatfingr Lou

      How in the hell in the age of cryptocurrency can out morons in charge not require ID and make this UUUUGE benefit transferable?

      1. Mirror Mirror

        They don’t want to clean it up. The Dems are just buying votes with all this BS.

    3. Mirror Mirror

      Thank a lib.

      1. Jim McGovern

        You can show your appreciation with a donation to my campaign. 100$ minimums only please. You never know. Someone might bother to run against me next election.

    4. Turd Burglestein

      You’re gonna have to come up with a new tag just for these scumfucks.

      1. Hughbo Mont

        Stamp Tramps (and some may even have Tramp Stamps).

    5. Justice


    6. Ms. SNAP User

      I receive SNAP benefits because I need them to help feed my family. We both work but after all the bills there’s not much left for food. That’s where SNAP helps us. I honestly don’t understand how these people have “extra”?

      1. wabbitt

        They don’t. But you can’t buy drugs, scratch tickets, and beer with SNAP. And they’d rather feed their vices than their kids.

    7. Jon

      They dont give them out like they used to. March 2016 they kicked everyone off that didnt have kids under 18 or mentaly ill. All the hoodrats that said they didnt have a job and were collecting the free 198 $ on a ebt card got axed. There very hard to come by today you have to buy them off mothers with kids. Whose the shitbag the parents selling them so they can go get a pack of butts and a 40rock or the working guy paying 50 cents on the dollar?

    8. Hahahha

      Him n his girl are dope fiends. She sells herself. Has none of her kids n her man lets her do dope. Its not just for him..
      Get a life

      1. Reality

        Hahahha- so she sells herself? So…..what’s her handle on backpage? Will she do car dates for $30? Just asking for a friend.

        1. wabbitt

          Don’t pay for $30 crack whores. Save up and treat yourself to an expensive courtesan a couple times a year.

        2. Hahahahaha

          She is one of the biggest hoes. Has 3 kids has none of them. Cheats on all her boyfriends. Fucks anyone. U wanna know about backpage? Ask her fauve wiggins. Hahaha stupid hoe n everyone knows it.

        3. Haha

          She is one of the biggest hoes. Has 3 kids has none of them. Cheats on all her boyfriends. Fucks anyone. U wanna know about backpage? Ask her fauve wiggins. Hahaha stupid hoe n everyone knows it.

          1. J

            Your rotten

      2. A bunch of liars

        If you really knew then you would know that isn’t true. Your just talking out your ass.

    9. Wwy

      Add America to the list of countries the kikes demoralized,feel bad for people who live near a synagogue of satan.

      1. Joel Cohen

        Hey, look – you left a little patch of hair on your head when you shaved it. Try a head blade, or a machete.

        1. Wwy

          Yea but are u gonna get a nose job? They wear the curse of desolation on their faces.

      2. NoTimeForRacists

        Hey, fuck off, dude! You’re proving here again that all hardcore conservatives are racist pieces of shit!

        1. KJDS

          One asshole proves all people in a group are assholes and racist? OK – that makes sense.

    10. Jon

      Massachusetts probaly had saved 100million since they kicked all the free loaders off collecting the emergency 200$a month in stamps since last march. Im guessing atleast 50,000 bums and crooks collecting 200 a month on the ebt card equals 100mil why we never here about it. Half the guys i went to south with had no problem going down walnut street sign a frew forms and a get free food for years untill the shit stoped last march. Only people on ssi or kids under 18 everyone else had to work a part time job or go to school and do 20hours community service. Bums were like fuck that goodbye free stamps.

    11. Stacy

      This pisses me off so flippin bad!. Im a single mom, work full time and my damn fridge is usually empty. According to the state i make JUST over the income guideline for any help but dont make enough to make ends meet. The state refuses to acknowedge that i have a damn car payment and insurance so i can get to said job so i can pay for this shit. So there goes $400 per month that i could be using to buy something other than f*cking PB &J and pasta… wtf!!!!

      1. yes im judging, you suck

        If you don’t earn enough to feed your family , you shouldn’t have a 400 month car budget. Im a single parent, one in college one in h s .. I earn more than an above avg income and drive a 10yr old car…that’s paid for, insurance is 150 per mo, because I prefer to feed, educate and cloth my children with my own money.. Your not me, you be you, pay your own shit and don’t expect me to feed your kids so you don’t look like a hood rat driving to work at the mall…. peace out

        1. NeedBetter$Skills


          A car payment at all is just stupid while broke!

          Ugh. No wonder she cant make ends meet.

        2. Tim is that you?

          $150 per mo for insurance on a 10 year old car? WTF? Who wrote this – Tim Murray?

      2. Mayo

        Stacey, I know this is very late but you can deduct mileage to and from doctors appointments any co pays you have, including prescription co pays. If you pay health insurance premiums you can deduct those too.

    12. Steve French

      cut , paste.. email to welfare… please someone

      1. DumpsterSlugReporter


    13. SNAP is where it's at

      I need the money, could care less about your stupid state and federal laws.

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