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  • Arraignment And Arrest Video Of Two Antifa Anarchists In Worcester Is Sweet Justice

    Arraignment And Arrest Video Of Two Antifa Anarchists In Worcester Is Sweet Justice

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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – protesters are some of the ugliest people on earth:

    Fact, not opinion. I mean, just look at this thing:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 1.06.16 PM

    We’re gonna need a bigger paddywagon!!

    These idiots were all arraigned in court today and plead not guilty for blocking a bunch of streets in Worcester and assaulting Lyin Kimmy Ring as she tried to document their slum sociable.

    Guilty. End of story.

    We also have this video showing the arrest of 19 year old Rowan Weller from Worcester,


    and 24 year old Kaitlynn Heathmen of Saugus.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 12.57.31 PM

    It’s documented by a “woman” named “Diva Williams,” who looks to be from Boston and appeared to be leading the group with her megaphone as they marched up and around downtown Worcester.

    “What’s your name and badge number? You’re legally obligated to tell me that.”

    HAHHAHAHAHA!! Gotta love when social justice warriors magically transform into legal experts.

    Diva is also everything you dreamed he or she would be and more:





    My favorite part happens right around the 6:50 mark when this jogger runs by:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 12.27.34 PM

    Diva is NOT feeling that one.

    “Really? Jogging is cool, but walking on the sidewalk? No go. OK. That’s fine.”

    It’s almost as if there’s a difference between one guy jogging peacefully and a group of masked and armed self described anarchists blocking the streets while covering their faces with bandanas. The jogger could’ve run on the sidewalks, but, ya know, it’s filled with dirty hippies wearing black skinny jeans.

    On Diva’s Facebook page her fans are not happy with the WPD:

    Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 12.12.50 PM Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 12.12.55 PM

    Wait…..the cops are racist? Looks to me like people like they arrested seven white washed honkies from the North Shore, while Diva stood on the sidelines and watched.



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    1. Sloppy

      I was gonna go to the protest, but my steamroller broke down on I-190.

      1. Keen observer

        Diva? Killing me, she looks like she’d fit right in at the upcoming freak fest BDSM convention.

        1. Hannah

          SHE SEXY AF

    2. TheRealZephyrCat

      I hope some of those police batons end up bruising some rectums.

      1. BobnMic's Gaping Anus

        I’d like to see the police bruise this rectum with their nightsticks. This thing takes a licking and keeps on ticking. It will take a beating and keep on….um what’s a good word that rhymes with beating?

    3. Don

      That video warmed my heart. Listening to her pathetic brain failing to understand the situition, followed immediately by the biggest valley girl accent was pure gold.

      1. lolwhut

        Diva needs a baton upside her head for that fucking whiney-ass voice.
        I HATE SJW, bunch of pansies who loathe work and SUPER loathe the folks they pretend to “fight for”
        I work with the very poor and LOVED to take SJW-type students with me when they had to actually get out there for classes- they pissed themselves the whole time due to my driving, my cursing while driving… and they SHIT themselves during home visits. hahaha!
        My clients and I laughed our asses off the whole time.

    4. Barry

      Someone’s mom will be needing a new cellphone number real soon!

    5. Johnnyb

      Say “sidewah” again..One more effin time…

      1. LMAO

        She had trouble pronouncing sidewalk due to the piercing in her lip and her extremely low IQ. Funny she says “We don’t like natzi’s and the KKK” Yet they were chanting “No cops No KKK” Someone is a big fat fibber! SIDEWAHHHHHHHH

    6. Talisman

      Q: Where are they taking them?
      A: Unfortunately, they aren’t going to the nearest port facility and loaded onto a garbage scow bound for Cuba or Venezuela. It would be most beneficial for them to be lashed to a future fishing reef so all their environmental concerns could be fulfilled by their demise, win/win. It would be advisable for anglers to avoid any catch from the reef for awhile and skip the SJW taint.

    7. Jack Haddad

      I love when the cops tell the one weirdo on the pot to go away and they know his name. “Go away Keith”. WPD did a damn fine job with these commie fascists

    8. Sterlingsilva

      Love the Wachuset bag on the ground, very Worcester. And what is with the car that escaped the body shop?

    9. Wtf

      They should also have to pay for all those cops that were there, I couldn’t even tell how many state and local police were there. The video on TBS showed cop cars as far as you could see down the street AND it was a Sunday so the overtime pay was likely extreme. As well as the fact that it took all those valuable police away from real crime and real emergencies at the time. I personally don’t know why there were so many cops there , but clearly that’s a good response if masked , armed morons are roaming the streets.

    10. BobnMic

      That one chick in the 2nd picture in the orange dress is so hot. She looks just like my wife, only thinner.

    11. BobnMic

      I’m a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells and…I like to kiss my own butt.

    12. Abbie Hoffman

      Reminding of the SDS and other Vietnam protesters years ago. All of them that I know, not one has been in any type of political activism, since their middle or late twenties. Now, it’s minor league .

    13. Fucking Fed Up

      My name? Sure, it’s Go Fuck Yourself. My badge number? Sure, it’s shut the fuck up. Any more questions asshole? The only one of the sperm donor rejects to have a job is the the ducking bridge troll and she lists herself as a teacher. Glad my kid isn’t in her class listening to her progressive anarchist bullshit. By the way, I can’t remember the last time I saw a Nazi or KKK in Worcester Fucking idiots

    14. JP

      Can some one tell that thing to put a bra on? Looks like two sunny side up eggs hanging on nails. They hang lower than my balls in the summer.

    15. FatFingr Lou

      The wheels of justice move slow, but grind fine. Slainte to the Judge!

      I hope they wear masks and fly commie flags all the way to the court house on ST Pat’s Day

    16. I melt snowflakes.

      Just had the best idea EVER. Round up these SJWS put them all on a spaceship and send them off to the nearest habitable planet, or the sun. Either way it’s a win win. They die because they have no skills and can’t build a society or they burn up in the sun.

    17. bigdaddy

      That cheesehog in the orange dress looks like she is anti salad

    18. True Reality Speaks

      Video is gone from the blog.

    19. NotYourAverageMillenial

      These guys are going after Marduk, the metal band now. At this point “Social Justice Warrior” doesn’t cut it. They should be called TGW’s…Tipper Gore Warriors.

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