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  • Bootleg Movie Star Is Reporting Turtleboy To Facebook Police Because Her Winchentucky Friend Was Hacked And Made Fraudulent GoFundMe Shared By Hacked FB Page

    Bootleg Movie Star Is Reporting Turtleboy To Facebook Police Because Her Winchentucky Friend Was Hacked And Made Fraudulent GoFundMe Shared By Hacked FB Page

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    Our Facebook page is suspended again, so make sure you to LIKE THE LOST BOYS OF TURTLE Facebook page to keep up with our latest blogs.





    Yesterday we wrote this blog about a Winchentucky woman who started a GoFundMe to get other people to pay for the $5,000 down payment on a non-existent house she hasn’t even put an offer in for yet. But according to her, she was hacked. She is now claiming that she never created the GoFundMe, AND someone hacked into her Facebook and shared the GoFundMe on her behalf (in order to make her look bad) on the Discussing Fitchburg Now FB page.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 7.32.16 PM

    I hate when that happens.

    Well, evidently some bootleg “actress” we’ve never heard of before didn’t like this particular blog and has aired her grievances on her fan page:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.12.37 PM

    I hate when people hack into my Facebook page, start a GoFundMe in my honor, and then my Facebook page and the GoFundMe immediately get deactivated 15 minutes after Turtleboy writes a blog about it. Happens all the time.

    But wait – if someone created a GoFundMe in order to make her look bad, then why would they take the GoFundMe down after we wrote about it? Wasn’t the whole point of it to smear her good name? Oh wait, there Turtleboy goes again using logic. Big no-no. Only meanies use logic.

    And according to Misty Lockheart, who may or may not have played dead body #28 in a Lifetime movie, she is reporting us to Facebook for “physically putting people in harms way.”

    Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.14.45 PM

    Sounds pretty serious!!!

    And as you can see from her IMbD page, she’s a HUGE celebrity in her own mind:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.13.56 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.14.05 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.14.19 PM

    Who hasn’t seen “Sterling: The Secret of the Lost Medallion?”

    Although she was one of Pit Bull’s groupies one night:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 2.26.25 PM

    So obviously that makes her a star.

    Oh well, we had a nice run while it lasted folks. But apparently this Facebook Nazi, who works in the arts and ironically wants to limit free speech, is shutting us down for good.

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    1. Cracker Jack

      Don’t question her resume’, TB. There is a huge calling for plus-sized actresses ever since Melissa McCarthy hit it ‘big’.

      1. wabbitt

        Meh. She’s not heavy, just a little thicc.

        I’d throw her the bone, if only to shut her up for a few minutes.

        1. Bobby

          ^Would you let her play with your carrot?

    2. ZephyrCat

      That shot in the bathroom with all the stalls in the background, sweet! Who needs a professional photographer to take your headshots when you’ve got that? She’s big time!! C’mon, she’s touching Pitbull’s shoulder (much to his visible disgust). No no, she’s right. All the people here…very dangerous. And the ads….Oy….I’ve never seen more annoying ads.

      1. ZephyrCat's Gaping Anus

        Speaking of taking shots in bathroom stalls, I’ve taken quite a few shots in my backdoor.

    3. Talisman

      Must be the Debbie Gravel or KAOS DIESEL poster from the original story. Nonsensical excuses abound on this story.

      I do hate when hackers try to raise money for me to buy real estate though, shameful and embarrassing. It’s always better if they set the gofund me up for unlimited nudie bar funds or a killer weed and ice cream binge with rehab and fat farm included.

    4. The Executioner

      Didn’t Elie May die years ago?

      1. Cat Vomit Tango

        I met Donna Douglas (aka Elly May Clampett) many years ago on a flight out of LA. This was long after the Beverly Hillbillies had ended. We chatted for a little while. She was a real estate agent at the time and working on other projects. What a very kind and gracious person. Wikipedia states she passed away in 2015.

        1. Six Grade Education

          Exactly, Ellie May died in 2015, but she JUST finished making a non-existent movie with her. OK.

          1. Sixth Grade Education

            I stand corrected. Just found clip of film with her and Donna Douglas (Ellie May). Not recently obviously but its there. “Just finished” was misleading.

    5. Kevin Blackmer

      I’d do her

    6. Cat Vomit Tango

      From her official webpage…”Misty Lockheart is a wholesome actress based out of Boston…”

      Wholesome as defined by Dictionary.com…suggestive of physical or moral health, especially in appearance.

      So…what’s the over-under on how many days before she takes off her clothes for “artisitic” reasons.

    7. Lt Dan


      1. paul

        It was the Russians

        1. wabbitt

          Obama did it.

    8. pitbull

      Ummmm that’s not me FYi

    9. wabbitt

      Series regular for three years n a series I’ve never heard of. I think my IMDB page is more impressive; and I don’t have one.

    10. MrSmiley

      I like the part where they act scared like we’re going to put time and effort in to do physical harm to anyone that is the subject of a story. Only Weymouth’s softest does that. I’d like to see them show us where that’s actually happened. Can’t wait until facebooks fake news reporting feature kicks in, that’s gonna be a shitshow.

      1. brian albrecht (the real one)

        Motherfucker you talkin to me? Who you callin Weymouths softest? Bitch, everyone knows dats me! What Kobe Bryant say? YEAH, I’m soft as charmin FUCKERS! Muscles soft, dick soft, mind soft! I’m BRIAN ALBRECHT and I approve of this message sayin I’m one soft pussy!

        1. Brian's Crackwhore Mom

          Brian, you’re a disgrace to our family. I wish I could go back in time so I could have taken it in the ass instead that night.

    11. wOO hOO


    12. Dick Hertz from Holden

      Nice tits, other than that, another waste of oxygen

    13. gov. assistance too ?

      Another poseur, if she had anything going on. She’d be in L.A. , that’s where it’s at. Would fail out-there guaranteed, probably end up in porno, filming in the valley. Almost Hollywood anyways !

    14. Edward Lyle

      Misty Lockheart is quite a sweat hog. Hubba, hubba!

    15. Wtf

      These people are hilarious!!! And once again if i want to sound serious and appear intelligent i woul make sure all of my words were spelled correctly , my grammer was correct and i actually knew what i was talking about. How in the fuck is TBS putting people ” in harms way”. I am confused. Morons , all morons.

      1. Turtlegirl Groupie

        Pot meet kettle.

    16. FatFingr Lou

      Cumdumpster-By-The-Pond won Best Actress?

      The clip: “Hey lady, I’m jus he-ah to clean the pipes”

    17. Turd Burglestein

      Riddle me this batman…if this was a hack to begin with and she didn’t create the GFM, then why was she defending that post in the FB comments on the Discussing Fitchburg page instead of denying it was legit then?

      1. Talisman

        Not only that, but if she didn’t create the account, how was she able to have it shut down as soon as she found out about it? as one poster claimed. Either she set the account up, or someone she knew did…that is, unless you can just contact gofundme and have some stranger’s account disabled.

        “She has her down payment and the GOFUNDME page was a FAKE not put up by her at all. She posted recently that she was house hunting and someone else put that page up without her permission. As soon as she became aware of it, it was taken down.”

      2. Turd Burglestein

        Hey, anybody else see the news? 3 people got arrested at my address for heroin distribution. Lotsa cash involved too. Guess which one was me!

        1. Turd Burglestein

          Trick question. None of them. That’s because I am always 1 step ahead of the game. I didn’t lose shit either. I always have a fall guy and I am untouchable when it comes to the law.

    18. Paul Larson

      Peter the Great (Russian: Пётр Вели́кий, tr. Pyotr Velikiy; IPA: [ˈpʲɵtr vʲɪˈlʲikʲɪj]), Peter I (Russian: Пётр I, tr. Pyotr I; IPA: [ˈpʲɵtr ˈpʲɛrvɨj]) or Peter Alexeyevich (Russian: Пётр Алексе́евич; IPA: [ˈpʲɵtr ɐlʲɪˈksʲejɪvʲɪtɕ]; 9 June [O.S. 30 May] 1672 – 8 February [O.S. 28 January] 1725)[a] ruled the Tsardom of Russia and later the Russian Empire from 7 May (O.S. 27 April) 1682 until his death, jointly ruling before 1696 with his elder half-brother, Ivan V. Through a number of successful wars he expanded the Tsardom into a much larger empire that became a major European power. He led a cultural revolution that replaced some of the traditionalist and medieval social and political systems with ones that were modern, scientific, westernized, and based on The Enlightenment.[1] Peter’s reforms made a lasting impact on Russia and many institutions of Russian government trace their origins to his reign.

      Paul Larson

    19. White Pride White Power


    20. hahahaohreally

      I’m surprised there was no mention of the girl, Sasha Moore, commenting about how she knows multiple people who have been publicly shamed on TBS. Who would admit to that information? If I knew some moron who got roasted on here I would NEVER tell a soul.. never-mind more than one!

    21. XYZAffair

      It’s too bad comments are disabled on IMDB. We could have flooded her profile page really good.

    22. WhereDidFiestyGo????

      Really, where did she go?

    23. Masshole Mama

      I’ve been waiting for a moment like this. Justice and honesty have been served.
      Mom of 2, wife, masquerading as a good Christian girl who’s now in her 30s but still thinks Hollywood or Sports Illustrated will come knocking on the door any day now. Not only did that ship sail, it never even came into the damn port!
      Hang it up, sister and find something else to do.

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