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  • Bridgewater Mom Uses Daughter’s Scoliosis As Front For $5K Rent GoFundMe But She Has Plenty Of Cash For Booze, Cats, And Rent For 2 Nigerian Dwarf Goats

    Bridgewater Mom Uses Daughter’s Scoliosis As Front For $5K Rent GoFundMe But She Has Plenty Of Cash For Booze, Cats, And Rent For 2 Nigerian Dwarf Goats

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    Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.14.48 AM



    Here’s a GoFundMe scam from Bridgewater:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.49.18 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.49.01 PM

    Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.50.25 PM


    So this chick Rachel Kadis sounds like she’s raising money for a pretty legitimate cause. Her kid has scoliosis, and that sucks for sure. But the money isn’t for the kid’s medical needs, it’s going to her. Because allegedly she can’t work as much due to the hospital visits, and as a result she can’t pay her rent. I guess it doesn’t sound bad on paper. But the fact of the matter is that she does have a baby daddy paying child support, and she seems to have plenty of money for other extracurricular activities. Ya know, like buying a new cat:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.44.41 PM

    Because you can never have enough cats:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.45.47 PM

    Or paying to have two Nigerian dwarf goats stored for the winter in a stall or barn:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.45.18 PM

    So let me get this straight. She can’t pay her own rent, but she can afford to pay rent for two Nigerian dwarf goats. Sounds legit.

    And even though her landlord will probably get stiffed this month and she’ll play the “single mother with a disabled child” card to avoid eviction, she has plenty of expendable cash to purchase booze

    Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.44.24 PM

    Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.44.34 PM


    Anyway, it looks like some poor sap already forked over $50. Hate to see anyone else fall for this chiselers moonshine.


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    1. Turd Burglestein

      Nigerian dwarf goat??? Damn, did that get my dick hard! Not that anyone would notice. The only way I noticed was because my dog came up and nudged my groin. He notices the slightest movement.

      1. Turd Burglestein

        Of course he could have just smelled the mofongo I dropped in my lap.

    2. MrTightJeans

      Precocious one year old learning to walk all over again.

      1. LLC

        Lol. Exactly.

        And “life has changed how she knew it”… seriously just fucking stop. She’s been on the planet 12 mos.

        Scoliosis sucks but it isn’t childhood cancer. She’s milking this to the hilt.

        Not enough dough for food & rent = let’s spend on animals and booze. Dummy.

        1. Z-Cat

          Or booze for the animals.

        2. Lala

          Oh please! my daughter has Scoliosis. She had a 10 hour surgery to attach Harrington rods to her spine. She was 12. C2 to t9 btw.
          A year later a rod broke and the entire surgery, all 10hours repeated!
          Guess how many gofundme’s I created? None! I lived at the hospital for two weeks each time and months of care at home.
          People are pathetic.

    3. Brian Albrecht

      I’m a gimp and I like it in my ass.

    4. Not a chudmuffin

      This makes me fuckin sick! My daughter has scoliosis and is about to go in for surgery in April! I never once asked anybody for anything because that’s not how I roll. I take care of my house! I do whatever it takes! I have missed a lot of work but I keep going and ALWAYS pay the rent and other bills because you have to as a parent. And yea that might mean I don’t to go out to dinner or have a drink after work with the boys and most definitely means no fuckin goats, you stupid ass hat! On top of which I would never extort her for financial gain! Maybe it’s that white male privileges I enjoy! Or maybe it’s I do what’s right for her! I would like to point out that Shriners Hospital is the best! It’s free if you can’t afford it, but they bill my insurance and they waive the co pays and deductibles because it’s a charitable organization! I give back in other ways like volunteering at Shriners for whatever they need. I fuckin hate people like this!

      1. ZephyrCat

        Bless you. I know some people think it doesn’t mean much but prayers for your daughter. Keep doing it your way. Karma comes back around. Might take a bit but I really believe it does.

        1. Not a Chudmuffin

          Thank you, much appreciated.

      2. Court ♡

        Not A Chudmuffin,
        I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. As a parent it’s heart wrenching to see your baby in pain. Is Shriners specific to what they treat? Or do they cover Neurology along with Orthopedics? My 11yo goes to Tufts in Framingham on the 3rd. Pediatric Neurology at Umass literally REFUSED to see my daughter because of her CRPS diagnosis . We will keep your daughter and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

      3. Twat tickler

        I hope your daughter gets well soon!!!

        1. Not a chudmuffin

          Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

          Court, they treat mostly physical ailments, like spinal cord injuries, cleft lip, acute burns, orthopedic, club foot, things like that. I could be missing some things but you get the idea. I am not sure if they treat things like CRPS or not but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to ask. My thoughts and prayers to you and yours though. It is painful to watch your baby go through this, as a parent I am supposed to make it all go away, and I can’t so you feel helpless at times.

    5. Court ♡

      I just don’t get it. I’m amazed at the size of these people’s balls. The term “single mother” is used as an excuse WAY too much, and makes TRUE SINGLE MOTHERS look bad. There’s a difference between a *Single, Mother* and a *Single Mother*. The first one is single, but collects child support, the father is involved (even bare minimum), gets welfare, food stamps, WIC, etc. The second one is the real MVP. (I’m a former of the second). You get ZERO CHILD SUPPORT, no welfare, no food stamps, no WIC, sperm donor is GONZO because YOU made the choice to do right by your child. You don’t expect a hand out, you put on your big girl panties and get shit done. My kids, MY RESPONSIBILITY. I have bone tumors, but I’m still pushing. My youngest 2 have severe asthma and my 11 year old daughter has CRPS, Excessive Femoral Anteversion, Excessive Tibial Torsion, Juvenile Arthritis, Patella Instability and possible EDS. She’s in for a long intense journey of surgery, procedures, PT ect. But we keep pushing. We soldier through. I don’t have anything against those who have GoFundMe’s for the good/right intention. I just hate those who take advantage. Everyone has a story. Everyone is struggling. Not everyone is willing to fight though

      1. ZephyrCat

        I wish life were different for you too. I know it ain’t shit but keep doing it this way. In the long run life will be richer for you than these dirtbags. I know it doesn’t mean shit now but you obviously have a conscience. That’s worth a fuck of alot more than anything these scumbags can get in the short term.

        1. Court

          Thank you ZephyrCat, That means a lot. It just breaks my heart, because as a mother I obviously want to help this little girl. However, I don’t know if the money will be used to treat or even benefit the child in any way shape or form. Once you hit CONFIRM, you never know. There have been people that I donated to in the past, BUT I knew where it was going to. Anything to do with Children, Elderly and Animals pulls at my heart strings. Grrr lol

          1. ZephyrCat

            I hear you. I’m torn because I want to help but I’ll also be damned if I’m gonna get played by someone. I’ve learned it’s a really bad idea for me to judge another person’s intent. Impossible. So I lean towards things I can verify as legit.

            1. Court ♡

              The amount of money that I’ve let people ‘borrow’ would pay for this girls rent for a month and then some. Have I seen any of it back? Mmmm $20. It’s crazy, because these are people who KNOW I have 4 kids. Yet, I’ll get a sob story, and next thing you know I’m either buying them groceries, helping keep their electric on because they have kids too, gas, etc.
              It’s okay though. Someone is always in a tougher situation then you are. You just have to follow your gut. Don’t let the bad apples spoil the bushel.

    6. wabbitt

      Nigerian dwarf goat? Sounds like Brian’s Saturday night date.

    7. Hahayousuck

      She’s still posting on MA craigslist sites sharing this fake gofundme smh stupid Bitch

    8. Ya nasty

      I went to school with Rachel. Was one of the nastiest girls I’ve ever met. Last I knew she was a druggy. I’m surprised she even has custody of her kids. Absolutely disgusting human. I wouldn’t donate a penny to this fraud.

    9. Court ♡

      So annoying. This blog had me fighting with someone and now, I’m in Facebook Jail for 24hrs.

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