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  • Chicopee DCF Grundle Queen Sends Us Felatio Pics, Mails Herself Copies Of TB Blog About Her Arrest For Pulling A Knife On A Guy In Front Of Her Kids

    Chicopee DCF Grundle Queen Sends Us Felatio Pics, Mails Herself Copies Of TB Blog About Her Arrest For Pulling A Knife On A Guy In Front Of Her Kids

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    Earlier in the week we wrote about this Chicopee grundle queen who got into a fender bender at the Big Y, pulled a knife on the the people she accidentally hit while her kids were in the backseat, drove home, dropped them, returned to the scene of the crime with the knife, and got arrested by the CPD.

    Her name is Andrea Villegas of 199 Broadway in Chicopee. She immediately deleted her primary Facebook page after we shared some of her post-crash reactions:

    Luckily we found out afterwards that she does not have custody of her kids:

    They’re also very young. So she pulled a knife on strangers right after getting into a car accident while they were in the backseat. Awesome mother right here.

    Anyway, today she came back with a new Facebook page and started sending us crazy shit. She apparently printed out multiple copies of the blog about her, put them in envelopes with stamps on them, and pretended to mail them to herself. Then she opened them up, spread them across her salvation army brand couch, and claimed that we mailed them to her:

    Then she posted the letters she sent to herself on our Facebook page with a disclaimer:


    “Turtle boy even waste money on stamps to harass people get a life turtle boy the hood don’t care we pull out knifes where ur punk ass at hiding in ur shell this just proved turtleboy boy has no life who the fuck lives in units lol u had the mailman fucked up ringing doorbells lmfao good job turtle boy watch out now he might have another trick up his shell go get a life pussy we don’t need your fan mail come over I’ll cook for u we can hang out n talk.”

    “Bout how much u hate urself you tryed it try agian pussy like I told u I don’t care hahahhaha u gotta watch porn u so lonely the person who sold u the stamps didn’t even like u like who has the time to buy envelopes write the same address on them all only a loser man get a life any you people are sick for even entertaining the retard who just mailed my neighbors like who does that where they got units at lmfao the hood don’t care turte boy gotta mail people for attention don’t u know the hood stick together I just made u spend money on me n I aint even fuck u and I got u spending dollars get at me oooo turtleboy u so nice.” 

    Two sentences. Amazing.

    After that she started using the Facebook page of someone named Wiz Garcia to literally send us hardcore pornography:

    It should be noted that Wiz Garcia’s Facebook profile picture appears to be his or her three children. Naturally this would be the ideal account to send Turtleboy felatio highlights. Wiz also sent us this message:

    Oh man, she must’ve been the star pupil at the Salter School.

    Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Andrea the Chicopee DCF grundle queen.



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    1. The Rant Queen

      Look, I know it’s wrong to make fun of mentally challenged ppl, but this bitch is retarded.

      1. Narcanista

        Not retarded. Far worse. Borderline Personality Disorder.

    2. 2wEntEe

      Turtle boy seems like a color printer owing kind of guy

    3. Lala

      Did she really say a “bomb fire” lmfao I can’t!!

    4. Bill Clinton

      Those titties are made for motorboating and a great titty fuck! What’s her phone number? Asking for a friend.

      1. Sue

        She has her address on the envelopes in the pictures. Just write to her and I’m sure she will let you give her some raspberries.lmao. Just be ready for when she charges you. And they probably drop to her knees the minute that push up bra comes off

    5. Publius

      what a filthy hoe. and ghe ghettospeak.

    6. RR

      Liven Learn, you ain’t learnt nuffin.
      Stupid twunt.

    7. AYUH

      You know I generally regard people who talk/type like this as simpletons. After reading those nearly indecipherable posts I wonder if there’s really a hidden genius in their words. Maybe it’s not really a corruption of what I consider to be proper English, but perhaps an evolution into a new dialectal form beyond my understanding. Or maybe she’s just another ratchet bitch, Iunno.

    8. Girl in NH

      Wow! That bitch is bat shit crazy. Thank God she doesn’t have her children.

      1. Phil collins

        She from chicopee tlkn about the hood lol
        And why are so many white girls writing post saying nigga on fb?? You suck a couple black cocks and your allowed to say it, that’s how it works ?

    9. Rondel

      Id slap my dick around between the titties

    10. That girls dad

      I smash her…. little ghetto slut…whos the chick in the lower pics…def not the same how as the one in the top pic

      1. Ethyl

        i will never understand why people like the Grundle DCF Queen of Chicopee think they can do and say whatever they feel like with reckless abandon and with no conesquences. Good citizens are getting fed up with the bad behavior displayed out in public and then bragged about on social media.

        I like how tough she talks ghetto-tough and then appears in the police photo as though she’s been crying her chubby little eyes out for days. Not so tough now, are you fatso??????????

      2. Carl

        There old Facebook pics before she got real fat

    11. wabbitt

      She’s mentally unhinged and as stupid as a sack of dildoes. But she does have a nice set of tits.

      Ashamed to say I would. But I’d give her a fake name and the number to a Honey Farms in Brighton.

    12. Neil Entwhistle

      She is the perfect poster girl for the new “why I’ll never go to Chicopee” campaign.

    13. Jeff

      I saw her sucking off Niggers in the ally behind her house a couple of of those dudes said she sucked and swallowed real good for 10 bucks, not a bad deal as long as she don’t stab you.

      1. ANTON

        She blows me real good for free and swallows every drop and leaves my dick nice and clean But she is a terrible fuck her pussy is wrecked its dry and all stretched out wicked it’s like fuckin a dirty gym sock

        1. Ray

          Her ass feels pretty good if you clean her out good lube her up nice and bend her over and keep her legs together it feel pretty good that way she likes it kinda hard and makes this funny moan when I cum in her…… it’s kinda cute

          1. Jose

            I’d like to lube up those bit tits and fuck the shit of them and shoot my load on that rican smirk of hers or maybe shoot my load up one of those big nostrils of hers and see how she likes it

        2. BIG ROD


          1. Jizz on her face

            Fuckin those big ass tittys is the safest way to go with that whore

            1. nate

              Her vag is so messed up her last baby almost fell out but she does suck really good dick

            2. Dick

              fuck them big tits and cream on her face yeah

          2. Stan

            I banged her last week and ya it was pretty wrecked i ended up skull fucking her till i came but she did suck me dry and didn’t stab me so i think it was worth the ten bucks

            1. TurttleBoy

              Ya her cunt is a total mess of stretched out flab a this point but i don’t mind her blowing me at least i don’t have to listen to talking. I hope she’ll come blow me after work and i can gag her with my dick and shoot my load down her throat…….

    14. poopfest

      Girl, get off the meth.

    15. Hihaterz

      Get off Andrea shit for real until u walked in our shoes then hop off it u have nothing better to do then bash ppl u must do it to boost ur self esteem. Loser . At the end of it my homegirl still shining .

      1. ethyl

        you can try all you want to justify grundle queen’s bad behavior but in reality, she’s an overweight, foul mouthed, bad-acting hood rat. she deserves to be called out on her actions.

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