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  • Claremont Fake Lynching Mom Continues To Use Her Child As A Cash Cow By Making Him Cry On Bootleg Version Of The View

    Claremont Fake Lynching Mom Continues To Use Her Child As A Cash Cow By Making Him Cry On Bootleg Version Of The View

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    The Claremont Mom who’s made over $52,000 off of a GoFundMe by exploiting her child who was injured in a backyard accident playing with some older kids and a noose, just can’t stop trying to use her kid for financial gain. As we’ve shown already, the GoFundMe for 9 year old Quincy Chivers didn’t take off until two weeks after his accident, when Mom made up the lie that the incident was a racially motivated lynching. She then embellished it by adding new elements, such as the older kids calling him racial slurs and throwing shit at him earlier in the day. But as you’ve seen, the kid is clearly white, and would never be subjected to anti-black racial slurs.

    Today she made poor Quincy go on national television and cry about the traumatic accident where he could’ve died had the older boys not saved him. And he cried, and cried, and cried…..

    Unfucking real. First of all, what the hell is this show? The JV View? They’ve just replaced a coffee table with couches, but it’s a bunch of SJW hags sitting around virtue signaling.

    What kind of guttertrash meat wallet lets her child get exploited like this so she can continue to milk the GoFundMe? It’s infuriating watching these idiots on TV eat it up. Are they that desperate to victimize this child? He’s clearly white. He’s sitting there crying, which I don’t fault him for at all since he’s a 9 year old child being used by his money grubbing trashbag of a mother. And the woman next to him, who’s actually biracial, tells him it’s gonna be OK from one biracial person to another:

    Except she looks NOTHING like him. That’s what a biracial person looks like on the left. That’s what a white child looks like on the right. Jesus, this isn’t that hard to figure out people!!

    Plus, the second you see his mother

    you immediately should figure out what she’s all about.

    Even if it was true that this was a racially motivated attack, which it’s not, there’s still no reason to make him relive it over and over again.

    But there’s Carol Shady, up front in center, watching her son breakdown, and all the while just thinking….


    We see you Cassandra. Keep milking this cash cow and we’ll keep exposing you to a larger and larger audience. Come on Turtleboy Live Sunday night. You won’t.


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    1. hahahaohreally

      That’s one of the Mowry twins from Sister Sister!! I’m not sure which one, not that it matters. It’s been really tough being biracial and incredibly rich and famous her entire fucking life, man!!

    2. Ozzy

      Wow. This is unbelievable! There isn’t much to say here but.,wow.

    3. Malcom Y

      Amazing. NOW the girl had dirt thrown in her face, and they other kids yelled “White Pride” at the mother?

      This story changes faster than the revolving door on the other side of this chick’s bed.

    4. Hate Ho-bag mothers

      This dirt bag of a “mother” is going to continue to suck money out of people because she is getting away with it. Probably promised the kid a new Playstation for his acting ability…”the more you cry the more games I will buy you!” . I am SO glad someone had the balls to say something about this whole fake shit of a story. I live near by, I am right in the middle of all this bullshit and I cant say or do anything about it but I watched this unfold before all these news stations ran with the story and I never believed it from the beginning! Why are the parents of the accused not talked about more and how their lives have changed and about the death treats they receive and the bullying their children get every day or about the vandalism happening to their home? This ho-bag “mother” is a typical scum, welfare receiving piece of trash Claremont is known for! I hope the police are investigating her and can expose her soon! The trash needs to be taken out!

      1. Sue

        This is getting out of hand. We have enough racial issues going on in this world without making up shit. If this woman was actually watching her son instead of playing hop on pop and got out of bed to be a mother, this probably wouldn’t have happen. I am glad this little boy is okay, but the lies are getting out of control. The family of the accused are the ones that I feel bad for. They are going through hell over her bullshit story. The home being vandalized, death threats, tires slashed. And the liar gets 50 grand. SICK

        1. Mike

          “We have enough racial issues going on in this world without making up shit.”. That’s where I’m going to disagree with you, Sue. We don’t have serious racial issues going on, so that is why stories like these get picked up. We all really really want to believe we live in a racially divided Country, but we don’t. We all really really want to believe that hate crimes in the U.S. are happening all of the time, but they aren’t. We all really really want to believe that minorities and “people of color” deal with racism on a daily basis, but they don’t.

          1. Thank a Lib with a Throat Punch

            If by “we” you mean scumbag libs and other Lefty traitors, then Yes.

    5. Brian

      The Real is the black version of the View. They spend all day talking about race and the oppression that they have. They saw this kid and ate it up even if he is white. My guess the kid may not even be biracial as the mom just assume it because in the list if 20 man that could be his dad half of them were black.

    6. Get Real

      C’mon now! 50k is not a lot of money and I highly doubt any of it is being put away towards lil Quincy’s college fund.

      The trash mom will burn though any and all sympathy money spending it on herself and she’ll be broke again in less than a year. They are sick fucking animals.

    7. Ron Mexico

      Finding a birth certificate would break this wide open…

      1. Gina

        They have pictures of his dad on the first Turtle Boy article

    8. Oscar Meyer-Weiner

      Man it would be a shame if someone emailed the show’s producers links to the TB Articles, so they could do a follow-up episode. It would be a shame if she got put on blast from a “nationally” televised show. lol

      1. True Reality Speaks

        You’re assuming someone associated with that show has any integrity.

        If the producers actually had any integrity – they would have researched and vetted the incident and then would have decided not to put this lying lowlife on TV.

        But the MSM has no integrity – so if they can’t find willing scumbags like this to tell their lies then they just make something up. Ya know – like the whole Russian thing.

    9. Troubled Nostrils

      That couch now has cooties on the spot where that mom sat. Eeewwww!

    10. Disgusted

      I can not believe that ANY show on TV would want to pick up this story WITHOUT checking the facts! oh wait, I mean “FAX” (lol).
      Why was this 8 yr old kid not being watched? So he went over, on his own, to some teens yard, the same teens that yell racial comments to him and target him for being “biracial” (according to the mother) to hang out with them and play… first of all, I dont know any teens who want to play with an 8 yr old! and…Why are the parents of the accused not being interviewed about the harassment, vandalism and attacks on their family since this bullshit story started?
      Where is all the money from gofundme going? Besides her new nails, clothing and probably a new vehicle. When I first heard of the gofundme it said money was being raised to help pay the cost of “therapy” for the “biracial” kid, well she has state medical for her kids which pays 100% of Drs, therapy and whatever the kids need.
      ONLY reason why this skank of a mother wanted to play the sympathy card was because she saw an opportunity to play people and get money. I sure hope the truth comes out soon!
      I cant wait until the police finish their investigation! I hope it gets as much publicity as this skank is getting when shes found to be a complete fake!
      Her and her whole family are nothing but a bunch of inbred welfare sucking pieces of shit! I hope Karma works quickly on them!

    11. Joe Shmidlap

      What the fuck kind of show
      Is this?! “The Real” I bet all the SJW broads up there become Uber drivers after taping episodes since they make shit for money. This kid is going to grow up being bullied constantly. This is the pussification of America and the kid and everybody up there are as soft as a marshmallow. Christopher Reeves wouldn’t stand for this..

    12. Courtney

      Where can I see the full segment? This shit is ridiculous!

    13. Heather

      When I first saw this on the news, I was outraged. Until I saw the grandmother. That’s all it took for me to question it. I’ve been following the story since.
      I remember this family quite vividly. There’s no way in hell you could ever forget them.
      I guess I’ll start with grandma.
      Lorrie Slattery was the apartment manager at Jovanna Villa and she was shady as hell even back then. She would chain smoke outside her door and wait and watch for who left for work. As soon as the coast was clear, she would let herself into apartments and scope out what people had. God help you if you fell behind in your rent (by even a day) and had something that she liked. She’d show up with an eviction notice in hand and “willing to cut a deal” to “help you out” if not. I watched Lorrie (well, not her personally. I never saw her lift anything but countless cups of coffee, cigarettes or pills) take a bunk bed set AND TOYS out of an apartment right in front of the crying children she was ripping off.
      Moving on to Faxodouche. I don’t know where the “Lynn” came from, but back then, she went by Donna and she was Lorrie’s sister. She smoked twice as much and was at least ten times louder than Lorrie. I shit you not, they sounded like cackling witches when they laughed. They had really thick Boston accents too, so they became known as the Salem Twatsters. She didn’t live there very long because she found some dumb ass on a sex site and moved with him back east.
      Moving on. The cousin in all the interviews? He’s Lorries nephew, Donna’s son, and an all around winner. He lived there for awhile and then popped up again after Lorrie and family left. That is, until a shit ton of cops showed up one day, had us all stay in our apartments and told us to lock our doors until further notice. I don’t know why he was picked up, I only heard rumors, and as we all know, rumors are not facks. However, based on the number of cops that were here and the fax that I saw the bruises on the back of one of the girlfriend’s when she jumped in the pool after her little boy, and witnessed him backhand another girlfriend in the parking lot, I’m going to assume that Donna’s parenting was about as “on fleek” as her niece’s eyebrows.
      Moving on. As far as Lorrie’s children? From a mom standpoint, I can’t bring myself to say anything bad about them. I still remember them as kids. I still remember Lorrie running out of the apartment cradling her infant son with second degree burns and admitting that she “didn’t test the water before she put him in”. I still remember how the story changed when CPS was called and suddenly, it was 10 year old Cassy that was supposedly bathing him. I still remember her coaching her own children how to cry on command. I still remember thinking “these kids don’t stand a chance”.
      Thank God this little guy is physically ok & and hoping like hell that the Gofundme actually goes toward therapy. They whole damn family needs it.
      P.S. You’ve really outdone yourself this time Lorrie. Was your cut worth it?

    14. wabbitt

      As I’m sitting here thinking, “isn’t that one of the chicks from Sister Sister? Is she biracial? Google… oh, I guess she is!”

    15. Kim

      Your site is a heaping pile of excrement and what you’re doing in this case is absolutely disgusting. You’r trying to stir the pot, and get people worked up, while minimizing what happened to this boy, so you run your mouth and try to get your site attention. You obviously have no emapathy and you most certainly have no couth, in any way, shape, or form. I hope you get sued for slander and defamation of character.

      1. Sue

        Kim every person has said that they are very thankful that this child is okay. No one has said that they wish anything bad happened to him. The problem is that this family has taken a horrible accident and made it into something much bigger to gain attention and most of all to make mommy some money. This woman does not watch her kids. If you have been following this story that little boy was far from home, and unsupervised from 10am to 5pm which is around the time the incident took place. If these teens had been so mean to Quincy then why was it that Quincy himself went to this teens house and asked him to come outside. Why did no adult check on Quincy from 10 am till 5pm? Don’t children need to eat lunch? Ohh that’s right mom spends all day in bed, so that means no lunch for the kids. She is making this story about race because the truth is to much for her to admit. If she watched her son and did what a responsible parent does and actually got up out of bed and cared for them instead of just herself maybe all this could have been avoided. Nobody wants to see any harm come to this little boy. What’s really sad is that nobody seems to care about what’s happening to the “accused” child. Everyone wants to blame the teen. When does mom step up and own her part? Not gonna happen cause you can’t make money off being a shitty mother!

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