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  • Connecticut Corridor Crackie Robinson Wore His Favorite DUI Shirt For A Drunken Stroll Through Danielson

    Connecticut Corridor Crackie Robinson Wore His Favorite DUI Shirt For A Drunken Stroll Through Danielson

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    Here’s another winner out of the Connecticut Corridor who has become WINY Radio famous:

    I know, I know, who cares, right? Some lush mongrel driving around drunk in Danielson running into curbs with a machete in his car? Sounds like you’re average day in Killingly.

    But the shirt……



    If beer plus beer equals shenanigans, you don’t wanna see what beer times beer looks like. It involves mounting the mushroom and a dumpster though. Not pretty.

    Personally, if I was planning on drinking, driving, and making bad decisions, I’d probably go with a different shirt. Just seems like it’s not exactly gonna help you in court.

    He’s got a pretty good excuse for the machete. I mean, just look at this guy:

    That right there is the kind of guy who finds a plot of land in the woods to sleep in, and needs a machete to clear a bed. Charge dismissed.

    The real miracle is that he’s only 38 years old. Although that’s closer to 72 in Danielson years. This dude is like, my age though. Pretty sure I don’t look like that. But that’s largely because I don’t eat meth sandwiches for breakfast. This is why under no circumstances would I ever get off I-395 before the Foxwoods exit. Because this is what’s out there. Beer, plus more beer, which of course makes shenanigans. It’s Newton’s Third Law Of The Connecticut Corridor.



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    1. Lisa

      Even at the Foxwoods exit and beyond will you find the “Shenanigan” crew. They’re out there, like Walmartians on a “Clearance Sale” search. I have lived in this state, pretty much all my life, save a handful of years that I braved the south. I can tell you that they are truly a site to behold, machete and all.

    2. They call me Ponch

      Steve Buscemi’s rocking the shorty-longback!


      1. chrissy


    3. wabbitt

      He looks like some sort of ratchet superhero with that pose.

      It’s a bird!

      It’s a plane!

      No, it’s Heroinman!

    4. Sully

      Someone told me about this site on twitter, not sure where it’s out of but I’m a Boston guy so it must be new around here. Anyways not the worst blogs, not funny yet but maybe that will come but I will say these 387 ads on the page have to go for me to come back. Horrible flow.

    5. Bob E Lee

      Wait? You mean you can’t drive around with a machete in your car??? What kinda yankee bullshit is that?
      And WTF is a 12inch machete anyways.
      Kinda punie , as machetes go.
      A Bowie knife most likely, machetes are 18″-32″ thereabouts.
      Poor prick got caught by a hard charger. Hope he hires a lawyer.

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