• David Price Is Making Up Lies About Boston Fans Calling Him Racial Slurs To Hide The Fact That He Sucks In The Playoffs


    David Price Is Making Up Lies About Boston Fans Calling Him Racial Slurs To Hide The Fact That He Sucks In The Playoffs

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    WEEIThink David Price wants out of Boston so badly that he’s counting the days until he can opt out of his contract following the 2018 season? Think again.

    In a wide-ranging interview with the Boston Globe posted on Friday, Price guaranteed that he would play out the remaining six years of his contract, a statement that could come back to haunt him if he changes his mind.

    “I’m staying right here,” Price told the Globe. “There was a reason I signed here and there’s a reason I’ll stay for six more years. I came here to win and we’re going to win. If I go out there and pitch well, they’ll support me. I’m not trying to prove anybody wrong. I want to prove myself right. I know I can handle Boston. I know I can be successful in Boston. I’ve been successful my entire career. Going to Boston ain’t going to change that.”

    Part of the reason Price couldn’t smile? Fans in Fenway Park let him hear it before starts, requiring bullpen catcher Mike Brenly and even ballpark security to stand up for him, he told the Globe. Making matters worse, some of the taunting was racial in nature, the Globe reported.

    “I got it all,” Price told the paper. “It’s all right. I don’t care about that. My mom is white and my dad is black. I’ve heard that since I’ve been in school. There’s nothing you can say to me that I haven’t heard before. Your ignorance is not going to affect what I’m trying to do. But I feel sad it’s still out there.”

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    I am so done with this idiot. What a passive-aggressive gutless piece of garbage David Price is. Dude makes $30 million a year and sucks in the playoffs like clockwork. And what does he do? Changes the subject by playing the race card. There’s no more gutless move than that.

    And make no doubt about it – this was calculated. Racism in Boston is hot again, thanks to idiots like Jon Tomase (who wrote this article for WEEI) and Trenni Krusnierek perpetuating the myth that Boston is a racist city, which ended up getting them destroyed by Turtleboy. He brought up race because he knew it was a distraction from his repeated failures in October.

    Meanwhile Boston embraces one thing and one thing alone – greatness. We are colorblind when it comes to our love and our scorn. You know why David Ortiz, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ty Law, Deion Branch, Ray Allen, Bill Russell, and Pedro Martinez were beloved in the same way that Tom Brady, Gronk, Curt Schilling, Patrice Bergeron, and Larry Bird were? Because they all showed up when it counted. They all performed in the postseason, and every single one of them was won at least one championship. Meanwhile David Price is 0-8 in the playoffs, and trying to mask his own suckyness by hiding behind the race card.


    Hey David, remember when Jackie Robinson got death threats by entire stadiums full of fans at every single game he went to, was hated by some of his own teammates simply for being black, but still was a five tool player that always produced in the clutch? Good times. I’d trust Jackie Robinson’s corpse pitching in a big game over David Price any day of the week.

    What makes it worse is he tweets out shit like this:

    WAKA – WAKA!! Get it? Because he always loses in the playoffs. It’s funny because he’s not losing any sleep over it. What a winner!!

    And I’ll tell you right now, I think he’s making it all up. I don’t think anyone was dumb enough to yell racial slurs at him in public. Been to Fenway a million times before. There isn’t a more wine and cheese crowd in sport than the Red Sox have in Boston. They’re a joke. They go there to sing Sweet Caroline and take duckfaced selfies. No one yelled racial slurs at David Price, and if they did they would’ve gotten their asses kicked out and everyone would’ve called them a racist. Didn’t happen.

    It really sucks we have to root for this guy. It’s the ultimate conundrum. We need him to win, but I genuinely enjoy watching him fail, just as I enjoy watching the Colts and Ravens miss the playoffs every year since deflategate.


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    1. Wwy

      Boston fans are the worst they think they’re Boston strong like the Remy family,I love my teams but the fans here are the worst in the country.

    2. juror seven esq.

      TB, figure out a way to correct the hoodie Priceless is wearing. It would more appropriate if it said Take October Off, I do !

    3. White Pride White Power

      Would love some custom Turtle Boy Sox jerseys that say PORCHMONKEY on the back instead of Price.

      1. Jack

        Yeah sure, wait for that in the mail… it’s on the way.

      2. PorchMonkey4Life

        It’s ok… I’m taking it back…

    4. Kid's game

      Overpaid, arrogant and a liar.

    5. Dick Dover

      Too many white guys with bats is a trigger. Thats a micro-aggression. $30million please.

    6. BobnMic

      Great analysis TBS on this topic. Price better live up to his very own name. Price. That unfortunately I doubt will happen however. Why the front office signed him for so much fucking money knowing his track record in the playoffs is mind boggling. That could be because the Red Sox needed quality starting pitching so fucking bad and there was not a whole hell of alot out there to grab at the time.

      Can’t wait to see Chris Sale tear it up. That I cannot wait to see!

      On the mound – mound moun mou mo….. Number 49 nine nin nin n… Chris cris cis….. Sales sals sas……

      And the crows goes – huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………………………………………..

      1. BobnMic

        *Crows and the crowd for God sake… LMAO

    7. Wwy

      Ortiz was a roid addict thought we don’t promote drug use here,lol Ortiz. Thank GOD that fat fuck is gone,time to win a clean title Red Sox nation,after manny and Ortiz dirty roid titles and the Vaseline ball for Lester in the (lol) Boston strong season. We need a real title in baseball.