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  • Dianne Williamson Pulls A Kathy Griffin: Blames Turtle Riders For Saying Mean Things To Her After She Shared A Picture Of A Two Truck Driver’s Bare Ass On Facebook

    Dianne Williamson Pulls A Kathy Griffin: Blames Turtle Riders For Saying Mean Things To Her After She Shared A Picture Of A Two Truck Driver’s Bare Ass On Facebook

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    Editor’s Note: A turtle rider has started a GoFundMe for the tow truck driver. Normally we wouldn’t share a GoFundMe like this, but it’s father’s day and literally every penny the guy makes goes right to his daughters. Whatever money is raised for this we are going to use to buy gift cards from whatever local businesses would like to show him and the girls a good time. All proceeds will go through us directly. Here is the link.

    The other day when Dianne Williamson publicly shamed a tow truck driver who came to fix her flat tire by secretly photographing his bare ass and posting it on her Facebook page for the purpose of public humiliation, we predicted she’d offer some bullshit apology and find a way to victimize herself.

    And in today’s Turtlegram and Gazette this is exactly what she did. Dianne’s nonsensical ramblings are in italics followed by Turtleboy’s rational and dignified response in bold…..

    Wednesday night, I was driving on Flagg Street when my front right tire blew. Just as I exited my car, an incredibly nice woman pulled over and offered to help. She asked if I had Triple A, which I had foolishly allowed to expire. So this woman used her own account to call roadside assistance and waited 40 minutes with me for the guy to arrive – the best of Worcester on display.

    Translation – I committed fraud and I’m dumb enough to put it in print. 

    The tow operator was also a good guy. But when he bent down to change my tire, I chuckled to observe a naked expanse of backside cleavage in all of its unapologetic glory. (By expansive, I don’t mean that his backside was big. I refer to the size of the, er, view, which was rather breathtaking in scope.) So I snapped a quick picture with my phone. 

    So she sees this guy’s ass, and instead of telling him that his drawers were falling down, she grabbed her phone, took a picture of him, and uploaded it to Facebook so her and the rest of her “love Trumps hate” patrol could have a laugh at his expense. 

    I can’t say it was the most mature action I’ve ever taken, but I wanted to capture the moment as a lighthearted slice of a summer night in Worcester, when a good Samaritan came to my aid and a tow operator displayed a working-class badge of honor.

    Translation – I am en elitist white liberal woman, who is three rungs higher on the social ladder than “working class” people like tow truck drivers. Then he showed me his ass, because generally this is what working class people are known to do – show their ass to strangers. It’s their “badge of honor.”

    When I got home, I examined the picture to make sure the man’s face was in no way visible or identifiable. Then I posted it on my Facebook page under the heading, “I blew out a tire tonight on the west side and a stranger called Triple A and waited with me for 40 minutes. And then this happened. I love the Woo!” The post initially attracted about 75 “likes,” along with many good-natured puns about plumber’s butt. That was pretty much the end of it. Or, so I thought.

    See? Seventy five of my progressive wine and cheese friends joined me in this public humiliation by liking my post before Turtleboy shamed me into taking it down. Therefore it was OK. 

    On Thursday, the blog Turtleboy Sports latched on to my post and weighed in with its own take. According to the anonymous blog, I “fat shamed” and “body shamed” this man. I and my liberal Facebook friends “mocked and humiliated” him, and I’m a disgusting hypocrite because I write about the rudeness of Donald Trump. The irony of being taken to task by an incendiary blog known almost exclusively for shaming people did not go unnoticed by my defenders.

    Turtleboy shames people who are doing terrible things, like posting people’s bare asses on Facebook. Dianne shamed a guy who was trying to help her out. Smart people understand this. Dumb people like Dianne have to have it explained to them. 

    Nor can I resist noting that, had the blog not written three indignant posts about the issue last week, the tow operator for whom such concern was expressed likely never would have seen my Facebook post in the first place. (I created the post assuming the man didn’t read my Facebook page, and I was right.)

    Dianne had a publicly viewable Facebook page and she is a public figure. Regardless, there is no such thing as private on Facebook. Once you put it out there it’s no longer just for you and your “resisting” friends. Regardless, her attempt to blame this on us for calling her out on her shitty behavior shows that she only wrote this shitty excuse for an apology for one reason – to blame it all on Turtleboy. As if it was OK to do this so long as the guy never saw it. This is how a child thinks. 

    Next it was time to play the victim:

    Regardless, Turtleboy readers have responded with great fury and ferocity, bombarding my message board and other social media with suggestions that I kill myself or undergo various painful forms of demise, and never has the C word been used so ubiquitously and in such creative combination with other curse-laden slurs about my weight, age and appearance, all intended to express heated objections to body shaming. One belligerent woman bombarded my private messenger with claims that the man I pictured was her “dying” uncle, a poignant tale that happened not to be true.

    Poor Dianne. She’s the victim here. People said mean words to her after she acted like white trash on the Internet. What she fails to point out are the many dignified and respectful comments she received from people telling her she was wrong. She mentioned all the hate filled posts against what she did, but she never cited a single nice objection that politely encouraged her to apologize. And there were many. This woman won the Internet for today with her comment:

    Boom. Roasted. 

    Next up it was time to diminish the danger involved with being a tow truck driver:

    As I write this column Friday afternoon, the messages of hate continue, with people I’ve never met claiming with moral certainty that my backside is much larger than the one displayed by a man “who risked his life” to help me. I was certainly grateful for the assist, but the guy was a paid tow operator, not a soldier leading me out of Saigon.

    Yea, the guy was on the clock. Therefore it was OK to humiliate him. I’ve done nothing wrong and his job isn’t the least bit dangerous. 

    I must stress that I hardly consider myself a victim. I own what I did and possess a thick skin, albeit one riddled with cellulite. I accept the consequences and I’m not trying to pull a Kathy Griffin here.

    You hardly consider yourself a victim? You just spent four paragraphs victimizing yourself. You have thick skin? Cleary not since you’re hung up on all the mean things people said to you. You’re not pulling a Kathy Griffin? You just did exactly what she did – victimized yourself after doing something terrible. The only difference is that she actually apologized at first. Dianne still has not apologized for her actions. 

    Next it was time to mention all the people who supported her:

    In trying to explain my rationale for the photo, I quote a Facebook post from a reader I’ve never met:

    “I took it as a kind of gentle ‘working class hero’ humor, typical of the Woo, rather than a mocking of the guy who helped you out. This ‘plumber’s butt’ humor is used in lots of advertising and televised humor without provoking any teeth gnashing … ”

    Wrote another Facebook friend: “I saw the post and smiled, not laughed, because I knew how you meant it. You WANTED us to smile, not laugh and point.”

    She’s literally quoting her friends on her Facebook page and pointing it out as some sort of evidence that she didn’t do anything wrong. She is a narcissist who can do no wrong. She is incapable of any sort of self-introspection. She needs serious help. She’s not OK. These are not the thoughts of a normal, well human being. Probably why she’s friends with Joe Petty’s campaign manager Paul Giorgio (far right)

    – a man who has plead guilty to voter fraud and was accused of statutory rape against a 14 year old boy before settling with the victim out of court. That’s who Dianne rolls with, so I guess it’s not surprising that she has no morals whatsoever. 

    Yeah, that was my intent. I truly believed that a stereotypical picture of an anonymous plumber’s butt was fair game. But the post backfired, with no small help from an opportunistic blogger. Had I ever imagined that this innocent and affable guy would see it or be publicly shamed, I never would have posted it. So yeah, I’m sorry. And that’s the last crack you’ll hear from me.

    Translation – It was funny until Turtleboy wrote about it. It’s all Turtleboy’s fault. I take blame for nothing. Had he not come along my book club friends and I would’ve just had a joke at this man’s expense and he would have been none the wiser. So I guess I’ll end this rant by saying sorry and making another joke about his ass. 

    I used to think Dianne was a decent human being. Clearly she’s not. She’s a sick and twisted individual who belittles innocent people and then pretends to be the victim when she’s called out on it.

    The bottom line is that the Turtlegram and Gazette has the ability to fire her, or at the very least suspend her. Their failure to take any action in regard to this means they condone it. Here is a link to their Facebook page. We encourage you to post on their page and let them know how disgusted you are that they would condone such behavior from their employees.



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    1. Walter Crotchkite

      Two wrongs make right for her, notice she hides her chins in every pic.

      1. Melissa

        Hahaha best comment ever cause it’s so true!!!

    2. Savage Squaw Bitch

      Can’t trust a liberal broad in the public spotlight.

      1. True Reality Speaks

        Can’t trust a liberal, period.

    3. jfk

      How is this any different than what Dani Mathers did? And she’s going to jail.

      1. KayD

        It’s even phrased the same–“If I thought people wouldn’t like it, I wouldn’t have done it.”

    4. Can I punch this fat broad in the face, and wipe the arrogant smirk off of it?

      Reflect upon what you have done, and ask yourself, if the tables were turned, would you want your ass crack hanging out for the world to see? You just DON’T GET IT!!! You thought it was funny (and your small circle of friends thought so too), but what you did was NOT RIGHT!

      I pray to God that you are put into a vulnerable situation, and someone decides to mock you!


    5. johnnyb

      You didn’t re-up for AAA because you thought You were above flat tires..Karma, the still undefeated bitch!
      P.S. Learn how to change a tire….

    6. Woo26

      I consider myself a liberal, but you nailed this one TB. i am not going to make any comments about DW’s appearance bc frankly it’s irrelevant as it’s her actions that make her ugly.

      She exploited a man who was going out of his way to help her. While this type of behavior would never be justified, it seems even more callous when the victim was being so kind.

      Whatever you choose to call it, fat shaming, body shaming, or whatever term du jour, it’s a dick move.

    7. wabbitt

      I hope she doesn’t sprain something patting herself on the back.

    8. Realist

      Hey Kettle, Meet Pot!

      1. Mirror Mirror

        Welcome back!

        Did you make a friend in the HOC during your absence? Or was it rehab? Maybe involuntarily committed? Mandatory, in house re-education with the Scientologists? So many possibilities!

    9. BobnMic

      Dianne – I have more hair on my head than you. Weird huh? Although your 1970s bush more than likely makes up the difference. #weedwackerneededstat

    10. MyrtleTheTurtle

      My husband is a Tow Truck driver, it is a hard thankless job.The worst part of the job surprisingly is not the freezing cold in the winter, having cars almost slam into you at 60 miles per hour, or picking up and lugging heavy chains, its dealing with inconsiderate ungrateful cheap fucks like fat ass here.These people are so far up their own ass they call and beg for free tows, discounted tows and free tires, they have no shame.Some people who are in a tight spot and need our help, like an elderly woman or the guy who busts his ass and still can’t afford a new tire, my husband would without question will help, but never for a twat like this.

      Hey Dianne, the next time your jalopy breaks down or you get a flat, get out of your car and change your own tire.You are a not attractive enough to be an asshole, I hope he sues your ugly stocky ungratefull ass.

    11. Mr Butthurt


    12. LivesinWebster

      Yes, this “LivesinWebster” person, wrote to her personally, kept my comments wonderfully “clean & respectful” (yet she blocked me). I also commented on her T&G post, indicating (respectively, of course ==== no hate), that her “apology was kinda bogus & she was, AGAIN, playing the victim. I have to say, I was very optimistic, excited, etc that she started her column with…”I Goofed….

      I wanted to really swear……..my site won’t let me

    13. LivesinWebster

      AND, she focuses on the “HATE” comments, not the REALLY nice ones……..yep, keep on playing the victim, QUEEN DI!

      FUCKING FUCK YOU!!! (just seeing, if this posts, but, then again, REALLY, REALLY MEAN IT)
      AGAIN, it won’t let me swear!!

      1. LivesinWebster

        Guess it did!! YAY!

    14. Steven Stover

      She claims she has thick skin. BS. Her FB page was closed to comments because she is a liberal wuss.

    15. BobnMic

      Just read that “So called apology” Dianne with all sorts of justifications thrown in there. That ranks right up there with my “so called apology” to SSTG. Lame shit attempts don’t work. Trust me I know from experience. People ain’t that stupid. And the writers here definitely are not.

    16. Rosalie

      Georgio and Crockett. What a pair of nasty looking pervs. Oh, and is the nastiest.

    17. Mike Green

      Diane looks like an alcoholic. Truth be told, she is.
      Asked at work, never in our collective driving years (like 134 years) has anyone had a tire blowout.
      Smells like another DUI. Fact is, Diane hit something. Maybe another pedestrian?

    18. ME

      How come every time I see this cunt she has a drink in front of her?

      1. Feisty Turtle Lady

        Because her 7 cats aren’t giving her the love she desires.

    19. rumham williamson

      TB…. I knew you only wanted me to chortle and smile but not a full lauffff….. so I only chortled and smiled in the precise amount prescribed by my good turtle sir or madam. After all it was sooo Wootty of thee!

      A man’s hairy bottom and crack leading to his anus and balls, it seemed such a opportune and trifling Wootty gesture yet these in-noble peasants lack such wit as my dear perverted cohort and their senses have not been inured by fine spiritis.. ha ha ha

      Now let me dance! Donce I say around and around in a brilliant ballroom gown displaying my fabulous jowels to all in attendance…. I am Diane “rum ham” Williamson, queen of Wootty land!

    20. Sterling Turtle Rider

      When caught in the wrong, just lie, deflect, and double down… classic strategy

    21. What a Skank!

      What a horrible person.

    22. WHAT?

      Honest to God, if you were making a movie set in the sleaziest bar in the sleaziest part of town, central casting could not send four better “bar patrons”. As a matter of fact, that looks like the bar scene from star wars, especially Giorgio.

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