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    1. Talisman

      You’re right TB, the time for partying is after the season ends. Where was Eli Manning on this same day off? Reports are he was going over film and checking with staff on matters. You know, doing the things that professionals do when they want to succeed. Any and every little thing can count. Of course, no rational person thinks that just going out on a yacht affected the receivers ability to catch a football, but why invite the scrutiny? Not to mention, taking the chance that Marine Patrol would show up and arrest everybody on the boat because of drugs being present. As far as being associated with Beeberturd, I sincerely hope he jinxed them out of a playoff win.

    2. KJDS

      I don’t care why he was so craptastic yesterday – I’m just glad the Packers beat them 🙂

      GO PACK GO!!!!

      1. Talisman

        Agreed. Another perfect example of the fact that white privilege doesn’t exist is Johnny Football. He can’t make it a week without cramming his head up his ass and getting in trouble. You’d think he’d at least make an attempt to play nice and make bank, but no, he’s incapable. Everybody climbed on him from day one, but it wasn’t racist if any black sports figures said anything about him. The guy is an idiot and a complete fucking train wreck and Charles Barkley is right.
        So I guess we’re all the way down the road where, no matter what a protected minority does, if you’re white you can’t:
        report it
        comment on it
        look at it
        think about it

    3. JoeMomma

      Somebody watched ESPN?
      Must be the first viewer in years.

    4. wabbitt

      You know why Gronk does his partying after the season is over? Because he respects the game, and Belichick would release him in an instant. Bill gives zero shits.

      Maybe Jamele is just pissed because the Gronk Star parties with sexy college girls, while Odell partied with a bunch of shirtless guys. African Americans ARE notoriously homophobic, after all.

    5. Babalooey

      My heart felt ripped from my chest when OchoCinco retired. He did put the FUN into football, or was it disFUNctional ? I’m absolutely ecstatic that OBJ has the crazy train back on the tracks with a full load of water and coal.

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