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  • Evil Fitchburg Police Caught Terrorizing Children With Pickup Basketball Game, SJW’s Nowhere To Be Found

    Evil Fitchburg Police Caught Terrorizing Children With Pickup Basketball Game, SJW’s Nowhere To Be Found

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    Editor’s Note: When we first published this blog we included a ridiculously dumb thing someone wrote under the post, and gave the person who said this dumb thing the full Turtleboy treatment. Turns out he’s legitimately special needs. So we’ve taken him out of it. Honestly, how is anyone supposed to know who is and isn’t special needs on Facebook? The man in question made 10 times more sense than most of the people we blog about. 

    Saw this post on Discussing Fitchburg Now and it tugged at the heartstrings:

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    Oh good, more community policing. Ya know, the type that black lives matter and the rest of the outrage patrol claims they want more of. Building relationships with inner city kids and showing them that the cops are their friends. And it’s not staged for the cameras either. These cops had no idea people were taking pictures of this. It probably happens more times than anyone realizes. I think we can all agree this is a good thing, right? Naturally social justice warriors and cop haters are nowhere to be found when stuff like this happens every single day in this country. Don’t worry though, they’ll be armed with hashtags the next time some asshole gets shot trying to kill a cop.



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    1. Mark D

      I saw this guy at my last MENSA meeting

    2. IwantIneedIhavetohave

      Remember that song from the Beatles? I think was called.. “I’m a loser”

    3. Dan

      Good job guys. Making fun of a mentally challenged person. He was beat as a kid literally into retardation. He doesn’t know any better. But if this is what helps you sleep at night, go right ahead.

      1. Not Dan Margolis

        The only mentally challenged person it is OK to make fun of is Dan Margolis.

      2. Britney

        Def mentally challenged I took care of him

    4. Rightwinger

      And TBS calls the T&G a rag??? Pathetic!


      Fitchburg police have come a long way. Chief Martineau has done a great job.

      Now for th article, of course community policing is sjw goal and yes sjw are very happy about this incident.

      Now turtlebitches like corrupt lying police and sjw like honest good police who practice community policing.

      This incident will help the community of Fitchburg to become stronger and healthier. It will go a long way in keeping our streets safe.

      Good job FPD.

      1. FuckoffKevin

        Leave us Kevin.

      2. Turd Burglestein

        I hope the next domestic incident the FItchburg police get called to is at your house after you & davey get in a fight over who needs to leggo of that eggo and that they take the time to play a round of golf with your head.

      3. Agent Smith

        Kill yourself, you fat Irish prick

      4. Tim Leydon

        Who would know more about the police than you Kevin? Numerous arrests for assault and battery of police officers and then for the MURDER OF ANDREW MCDONOUGH and then for more assault and battery of police officers? Not many people here have gone to prison – unlike you, Kevin….

      5. Hat rack

        Kevin if chief martineau is taking to you he is a moron and should be fired

        If he even answers you stupid email or phones calls send the proof so his stupid dumb fat ass can be fired

    6. Turtle faggots

      Oh, Turtleshit, still at it with your shitty blog and your loser followers

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