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Exposing Off Leash K9 Training Part 4: An Irresponsible Business Model That Basically Ensures That Animals Are Going to Get Hurt And Not Immediately Receive Medical Attention

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Hey guys, welcome to part four of Exposing Off Leash K9 Training LLC. Today we’ll be taking a look at their business model which seems like a good idea in theory, but in practice is a true shitshow and putting animals in danger. If you need to catch up, here’s part 1, part 2 and part 3.

From one client, I learned that she had paid $2,600 for two weeks and from a former trainer, $2,800. That’s the price range of the packages you can purchase from OLK9. So, what do you get for your money? To basically have zero overhead, these people board dogs at trainers homes for two weeks of training with an e-collar and shoved in a crate. As you saw in Becca Hammond’s video, some dog crates are stacked on one another.



And often stuck with a fucking sociopath with zero training in training dogs, because that makes sense.


About the e-collars: They aren’t shock collars that straight up zap your pup like a stun gun to the throat or some shit, but rather a collar designed to use a small amount of electricity to stimulate the dog’s throat. It can be a useful training tool when not in the hands of friggin’ psychos and is often recommended by vets. Where you stand on the usage of an e-collar is your own business, I’m just here with FACKS (personally, I’m not a fan). I’ve been receiving stories from clients of the trainers misusing the collars, even some allegations that Becca Hammond went and strapped the e-collar to a dog’s balls on numerous occasions. Surprisingly there aren’t any manic, sloppy jawed videos of her complaining about how dogs yelp as their balls are getting zapped. Kinda shocked actually, no pun intended.

Now, while they charge a client around $2,800, typically the trainers only get about $850 of that cash and the business itself gets the remaining $1,950 or so. That’s a sweet deal for a business with virtually zero overhead, really the only thing they have to pay is a small amount for cheap insurance which they so very obviously need because JFC, man these animals are getting fucked up. Just stick a dog the size of a Great Dane in a chihuahua crate, strap an e-collar on him so he learns not to bark or whine from being so fucking miserable and call it a profitable day. Look, this is America and America is a capitalist nation. There’s nothing wrong with a business making money, however at this point ethics has come into play in a major way.

Now, where the trainers themselves are getting $850 per dog every two weeks, I can see why they’d want to take more than one single animal. How the fuck you justify having ten in your home, as a lot of these trainers do, is wayyy beyond my understanding of greed and complete lack of ethics. While some trainers aren’t the problem with not really having a choice how many dogs they have to care after, they’re not completely off the hook either. At some point, a bell should ring in your head that maybe, perhaps having an insane amount of crated dogs in your house isn’t a good thing. As you saw with the Laughlin Kennel saga which ended with them being shut down and becoming part of the Turtleboy Sports  Graveyard, when you have many animals in a confined space they tend to get wicked sick. Dogs who have health issues are coming into contact with healthy dogs, and the next thing you know they all have kennel cough and other shitty puppy illnesses.

So, why have ten  dogs in your house? I mean, aside from being straight up fucking cruel, the puppy accidents (Like the Great Dane pissing and slashing in it) must create one hell of a smell. The noise must be absolutely deafening! My current pup isn’t a barker, but I’ve had dogs my entire life and frankly, the whole barking thing can be fucking maddening at times. I wasn’t about to put an e-collar on them, though because they’re dogs and dogs bark, I knew that getting into this. So it’s really no wonder why a lot of these poor pups come home with some form of puppy PTSD (I don’t know if that’s a real thing or not, but they have a pulse and a mind so I’m going to go ahead and assume it is) or come home scared and/or aggressive. Yes, you read that right. Dogs who were sent to this company’s trainers for behavioral issues came back worse than before. So did they get a refund or anything? NOPE, no they did not. So trainers get pushed by the company to take in more dogs than any one person could handle, all while the trainers are also doing outside lessons for customers who don’t want to board their animals. That’s how Knox died. Amelia was out doing private lessons and came back 4 hours later to a dead dog. You guys starting to see how this is a really terrible idea for running a business that boards and trains dogs?


Another point to bring up is how these dogs are boarded with the personal dogs the trainers already own. I’ve gotten so many emails and messages about dogs who’ve been attacked or otherwise injured by the trainer’s dogs, which loops us back to Amelia. Again. Ugh…sorry. A while before Knox died but while he was being boarded there, one of her own dogs viciously attacked another dog she was boarding and training. Chantel Mayo obtained the photos and she posted them to her IG and gave me the go ahead to use them. Not that I couldn’t either way, it’s just nice when a nice lady lets you use her shit. Thankfully these photos are of the dog, a German Shepard, after treatment and on the way to recovery instead of gruesome shit.

That poor baby! Can anyone else see the look of “WTF!?” in his eyes? How the hell can a dog be so vicious to be able to take on a German fucking Shepard? I know doggies sometimes fight, I know they do their roughhousing puppy stuff, but to straight up attack another dog to the point that he needs medical attention? That’s not cool. If this trainer has such an aggressive dog herself, how is she going to be able to train your dog not to be? This isn’t just happening at her place, but all around the country.

When you introduce new animals who will be living together, you have to do so slowly and carefully, you have to observe them at all times and introduce them over short periods of time, each time getting longer until they’re cool with each other. You can’t just toss a bunch of dogs into your house and think everything will be hunky dory. That’s how shit like this happens. I’m pretty sure this is the worst part of their shit business model. It puts all animals involved at risk for being injured and/or killed. And what happens if they are injured? Well, when I asked a former trainer she said that there’s literally no protocol for scenarios like this, or having a dog die in your care. OLK9 operates with a “monkey see, monkey do” training for the trainers system…a system that doesn’t work. So no trainer is prepared for the situation of having to deal with an animal that is sick, injured or otherwise unwell. In the event of an emergency, most reputable companies have a credit card on file for each dog so that you can quickly take them to the vet to get  help. Not OLK9, when trainers need to take an animal to the vet they are expected to pay out of pocket at that moment and will later be reimbursed. I’m 100% positive this is why so many dogs don’t get immediate care when sick or injured. Even though they’re pulling in $850 per dog, we don’t know that they have that money on hand for whatever reason.


It is the responsibility of the company to ensure the safety of the animals they board and train, and they’re not living up to that responsibility. They  don’t offer the safety net of a credit card or anything else on file to be able to get these dogs immediate care when needed. That’s  a really shitty business plan when you’re cutting corners to assure zero overhead costs by boarding too many dogs, most with behavioral issues, with trainers who have their own dogs. This is intentionally putting animals into dangerous situations, overloading poorly trained trainers and not ensuring that they have the immediate means to provide medical attention when something inevitably goes wrong. People see that price tag and feel confident that their dog will be safe, paying that amount of money gives folks a false sense of security. In reality, that price tag ensures nothing but lining pockets and potentially putting your beloved dog in danger.

As I stated earlier, there is nothing wrong with making money in America, it’s how successful people become successful and that’s the American dream. However, when your profit comes from intentionally putting the safety and well being of animals at risk, that makes you a greedy shitbag of a company.

In part 5 of Exposing Off Leash K9 Training LLC, we’ll be exploring more cases of neglect in many different states and discussing the owner and “operator”, Nick White. See y’all soon.


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18 Comment(s)
  • Whinycunt
    August 30, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    Maybe she learned all of her animal skills from OLK9 school of fucking morons. I just watched one of their training videos and it just occurred to me how stupid the concept is. I don’t want to walk my dogs without a leash. Why take a chance. Out in public you can’t control things that can happen. But with a leash at least the dog would be safe. I think.

  • Jim
    August 22, 2018 at 2:26 pm

    I’m not interested in a relationship right now 

  • Will Crusher
    August 22, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    Wow, hard hitting stuff. “That poor baby! Can anyone else see the look of “WTF!?” in his eyes?” LOL. How many abortions have you had, sweetheart?

  • Heather
    August 22, 2018 at 12:37 pm

    Hey Jim
    Let me put an electric collar on you and train you to do what I want you to do.

    • Xxx
      August 22, 2018 at 1:32 pm

      What crawled up your cunt?

  • Heather
    August 22, 2018 at 7:33 am

    What about pet tracker?

  • Heather
    August 22, 2018 at 7:31 am

    I mean this as nicely as possible.

    Let Uncle Turtleboy this over. By the way- those are SHOCK COLLARS. Look at the mini french that came out and her neck was torn up.
    Everyone should email Uncle Turtle and tell him to take over.

    • Stunt Penis
      August 22, 2018 at 9:12 am

      Ecollars, when used, will not “tear up” a dog’s neck.

      What can happen, though, is the dog will get pressure sores from the contacts pressing on their skin.

      This only happens if the e-collar is left on for a prolonged period, or, is not rotated to different positions on the dog’s neck so the prongs are not always pressing in the same place.

      The manufacturers of e-collars are quite explicit about this in their use instructions.

      Millions of eCollars are in use around the planet these days — invisible fence is a great example of a common use of eCollars.

  • Jim
    August 22, 2018 at 12:01 am

    I was expecting a bit more on this blog.  It’s so short and The wait for the next part has taken forever.    May as well just write one blog on it and be done.  Or please make the wait worth it  

    • Stunt Penis
      August 22, 2018 at 7:14 am

      99% of each blog entry is just rehashing the other 23,238 parts of the series, with one or two paragraphs of “new” (and nothing surprising) information.

      This series is a joke, and is a pathetic excuse for the type of investigative journalism TB has done in the past with series such as Genduso.

      Instead, this series seems to be geared to dragging out a story which can be summed up in twelve words: “scumbags set up unregulated dog training business and kill dog through negligence”. It is nothing more than a fluff piece designed to pull of the heart-strings of readers who hate seeing the cute fuzzy doggies abused, blah blah. It isn’t even funny amusing the way the crazy cat lady Purrrrrrrrr was.

      Do us all a favor and give it a lethal injection and put us out of our misery

    • Heather
      August 22, 2018 at 12:36 pm

      Let me put an electric collar on you and zap you to do something on command.

      • Stunt Penis
        August 22, 2018 at 12:57 pm

        Your statement demonstrates conclusively you are completely ignorant of how eCollars work and the training regiment associated with them.

  • Alec
    August 21, 2018 at 11:50 pm

    STANDING OVATION Screw you haters that blog was fuego … expose these cruel people & their greed. Makes me sick when people prey on the vulnerable especially pups. Anytime I babysit or pet sit I always go out of my way to make the child/pet overly comfortable to make up for any potential home sickness they feel. Who could torture confused , scared fur babes???? Rot in hell

  • People suck
    August 21, 2018 at 8:01 pm

    I had an aggressive rescue dog that needed to be trained because I couldn’t do it myself (after training a few others myself, this dog just didn’t respond like the others I had did). I had a trainer come to my house. It really doesn’t do a lot of good to send your dog away and have it come back if the owners don’t have a clue what to do with the dog after. Most times there’s an issue with a dog the owner needs to be trained as much as (if not more than) the dog does.

  • Stunt Penis
    August 21, 2018 at 6:27 pm

    I’m still not seeing the culpability of the national organization; they certainly have next to little oversight over the local operations. In this case they just happened to hook up with scumbags, which, unfortunately, in this section of the country, there seem to be more of than decent folks. The “train the trainers” business model is used in many industries, and it does work — assuming you’re dealing with normal people with a sense of morality and decency (e.g. not Brockton rejects like these people in RI).

    For a “board and train” to work, the dogs in training have to be with their trainers almost 24-7. For example, it is difficult to crate-train a dog if the dog is in a kennel 8-10 hours per day. In this sense I can see why the dogs go home with the trainer… but certainly not 10 dogs, perhaps two or three at most, depending on the breed, temperament, etc.

    However, all that said…

    Nobody has answered yet why “Providence Dog Trainers: Off Leash K9 Training, LLC”, according to the RI Secretary of State’s office’s corporate database, is owned by people who live at 1239 Minerva Avenue, West Islip, NY 11795. A property which is owned by, according to the West Islip tax collector, a Michael Bynes and Carmilena Zitarosa, the latter of whom, if you type her name into Google Images, you see a picture of woman at a dog training facility in CA, which would be hard to do considering she appears to be a Spanish teacher at the Commack, NY high school (according to Mr. Google). Just saying. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Finally, by far the most important outstanding issue of all: we are still waiting on a link to Becca’s pornhub account… asking for a friend, naturally.

  • Emily
    August 21, 2018 at 5:06 pm

    I have to say I was a bit scared to read this one because I myself am owned by a German Shepherd. She is my life and the thought of someone hurting her would send me into bitch mode for sure. I once brought my girl to a K-9 training place. Was there with her for 1 lesson and left and never went back. The man hit my girl and that was it for me. She was only 11 weeks old at the time. I want her to respect me and trust me not fear me so I have to sleep with one eye opened. I am so glad that the German Shepherd isn’t a casualty because they really are awesome , intelligent,loving dogs if treated with respect and love. Positive reinforcement works. My girl just turned 9 this month and I love her to the moon and back. Thank you for staying on top of this one.

    • Aunty
      August 21, 2018 at 5:55 pm

      Well said Emily.

  • Y
    August 21, 2018 at 4:20 pm

    blown away by the findings

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