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  • Fall River Guttermuppet Returns – AGAIN – Now She’s Running Scams On Yardsale Sites By Selling Broken Tablets Then Blocking People When They Try To Get Their Money Back

    The Fall River Guttermuppet is BACK AGAIN and this time selling broken electronics to people who’ve never read Turtleboy.

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    Cassandra Bossworth, Brittany Merlino, Guttermuppet, whatever name she’s going by these days… is back for part four. You guys remember her from crazy shit part one, two, and three. Here, feel free to relive the saga:

    She’s begged Fall River to co-sign a loan for her car that was repossessed, started multiple GoFundMe pages because she’s a single mom and can’t work, she’s made the craziest videos we’ve ever seen, including one where she is scream-crying at Turtleboy for calling her out.

    She’s mentally unstable, actually believes the lies she tells, and has had her oldest child removed because of abuse. She gave the kid up for adoption instead of getting put on crazy pills. 

    Her own mother, Carole, sold her out to Turtleboy because the Guttermuppet didn’t have heat or electricity in her house and has two kids still living with her. She’s in the process of being evicted because she doesn’t think she has to pay rent. 

    A month ago she was looking for her estranged husband, Josh Bossworth, who went to jail for raping a three year-old, because he may or may not have been hit by a snow plow and died. He was probably holed up with his sixteen year-old girlfriend.

    She’s got a new boyfriend, a guy with a criminal record as long as my arm, because he’s hooked on heroin. She’s got him around her kids. 

    She’s even made the Urban Dictionary!

    Tell me again how she still that those kids? HOW?

    Seems she’s made a reappearance because my inbox blew up.

    She sold someone a broken tablet, under the guise that it was working, and then blocked them. Another woman chimed in saying that she did the same thing to her.

    I’m not usually one for victim blaming but if these chicks, who bought the tablets, couldn’t figure out just by meeting Guttermuppet that she wasn’t trustworthy… I’m not really sure what to say. What would you do if THIS came at you? 

    I’d fucking run. She’s also hocking VCR Disney tapes. 

    This is the fourth piece we’ve done on her. The only person that she’s rivaling in terms of numbers now is Lynch.

    So, I will say it again, STAY AWAY FROM THIS GIRL. I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is an neverending saga. She’s going to keep being a diabolical skank and I’m going to keep blogging about her. At this point she’s going to put my little turtles through college and it’s all because we’re offering a public service.


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    1. Brian Albrecht

      I’m a gimp and I like it in my ass.

      1. South Shore Turtlegirl

        You were first! Turd will be so jelly!

        1. Brian Albrecht(The REal 1)

          Dont worry SouthShoreSquirterGirl, that was just an imposter. A lot of people want to be me. We live on the south shore these mouth breathers from western mass would do anything to be us. Southshore people gotta stick together, thats why I always keep some lube for that dry vagina, dont want those lips sticking together when daddy goes to slay that dragon and make it rain 😉
          You shouldn’t have been so rude to that girl who just got out of jail. I thought that was out of character. We’re better than those people, dont sink to their level babes. Can I get your snap?

          1. Brian Albrecht(The REal 1)

            I’m for REAL a gimp and 4 REal like it in my ass.

          2. South Shore Turtlegirl

            That wasn’t me. That was Deskie.

            1. Brian Albrecht(The REal 1)

              Listen Squirtergirl, lets just not let it happen again. Thanks, you see all these clowns tryna come at the king? haha its like the dont know who I am.

            2. South Shore Turtlegirl

              What’s your address? I want to send you some of my roast beef drippings.

            3. Lillian Irizarry

              Hey Brian, you sound sexy!! Turd ( I know him as Ed) shouldn’t have told you my address in Florida. Heehee! C’mon down. I’ll take my false teeth out and slobber on your little pole. At least it’ll be bigger than Ed’s little weiner! Oh, I mean turd!!

            4. wabbitt

              Roast beef drippings.

              I don’t know whether to be hungry or aroused…

            5. South Shore Turtlegirl

              It’s kind of the same feeling either way.

            6. wabbitt

              I don’t know, I think the feeling of dropping a big log is closer to arousal than hunger.

          3. Turd Burglestein

            You seem to run across dry vaginas alot. Maybe it’s because women find you so repulsive that their ovaries climb up into their stomach at the thought of your shriveled dick being in the same zip code.

            1. Lillian Irizarry

              Oh Turd, you would know about that. Honey, don’t drag me into your conversation.

    2. I Hate Stupid People

      Who the hell owns a VCR now a days? I have some BETA tapes for sale 5 for $10 lmao

      1. KJDS

        That’s nothing – I’ve got some old VideoDiscs that I will pay YOU to take off my hands! 🙂

    3. Turtlerider for Life

      Chick looks like Gollum’s twin sister

    4. wabbitt

      Who wants to tell this skank that those are VHS tapes, not VCR tapes. Also, who the hell still has a VCR? You can get a Blu-Ray player from Wal-Mart for like eighty bucks.

    5. Turd Burglestein

      Who would be dumb enough to buy a tablet and not even turn it on to see if it worked before handing over cash?

      1. Stalin

        That’s a good question.

    6. Gloria P.

      Guttermuppet Fall River. 1st Samsung tablet with red cover she stole from her a family member was only 1 1/2 yrs. old, 2nd the movies were given as a gift to the children with the person asking her to promise not to sell them to let these children grow up with them. 3rd her landlord is not selling the apartments, finally 4th she’s on heroin and was seen in Metro PCS with kids and they were filthy.

      1. Lt Dan

        Boom roasted

    7. Del Griffith

      Sorry Turtleboy but you just lost a follower. I remember the good old days when the articles were at least somewhat amusing and the comments equally amusing or at least relevant to the article. Immaturity now reigns supreme while thought and wit are lost. I’m out.

      1. South Shore Turtlegirl

        Bye Del!

    8. Itsjustme

      Never trust an adult who has duck lips pictures. Trashy.

      1. Emily

        Never ever trust the duck lips!

    9. Dangling Fury

      Did you see she tried begging for a car from the car donation site as well? You can’t make stuff like this up

    10. William Henderson

      Wow, ran into this scag last year, what a winner, I’ll make sure to keep a look out, being from Arizona we tend to have big mouths and like to earn others of stupid people.

      1. William Henderson


    11. Chad

      Why so mean? She looks like she can give a great blowjob, and will swallow, let you cum on her face and rub it all in, or blow cum bubbles. Everyone has their issues, so remember that when you want to trash her without taking into account her oral skills on a hard cock. Leave her alone.

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