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  • Fired Moronic CBS Executive Who Welcomed The Death Country Music Fans Because They’re Probably Republican Gun Toters Should Probably Use A Burner Account

    Fired Moronic CBS Executive Who Welcomed The Death Country Music Fans Because They’re Probably Republican Gun Toters Should Probably Use A Burner Account

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    We’ve gotten so many messages in the last 24 hours about people saying dumb shit on Facebook about the shootings in Las Vegas. Most of them are just your average run of the mill ratchets. But Haley Geftman-Gold is one of CBS’ top legal executives. And the thought it would be wise to write this on the Facebook machine:

    An executive at a mainstream media network who seems to be welcoming the death of over 50 people because they’re country music fans, which automatically makes them “republican gun toters?” Color me shocked!! I thought the media was unbiased and just here to present facts? I had no idea they felt this way when the cameras weren’t rolling. But as you know, if you are a republican or support gun rights, you deserve to die because you’re probably a Nazi.

    My favorite was the response of her friend. She doesn’t even bother trying to point out what’s problematic with wishing the deaths of so many people because you not only assume their politics, but then decide that their politics make them worthy of death. Why would her friend call her out on it? She’d just get blocked. Because at the end of the day these people would rather just live in an echo chamber than hear opinions they disagree with.

    Surprisingly she was actually shitcanned by CBS:

    A CBS spokeswoman told Fox News that Geftman-Gold, “who was with us for approximately one year, violated the standards of our company and is no longer an employee of CBS. Her views as expressed on social media are deeply unacceptable to all of us at CBS. Our hearts go out to the victims in Las Vegas and their families.”

    Oh look, a company that actually has a social media policy and enforces it regardless of political affiliation. Good on CBS. Bridgewater State should probably take notice. This is why I laugh every time I hear some idiot try to say that you’re entitled to post what you want on your Facebook page because of free speech. LOL.

    Meanwhile, out here in grownup land we understand that you’re always a representative of your company on social media whether you like it or not. Do you understand how many fake accounts I’ve gone through? There’s an entire family tree of Clarence Woods Emerson’s that go back generations. I’ve got a different account for every day of the week to troll various pages. I’ve got SJW accounts that infiltrates SJW pages. I got right wing accounts that exist just to trigger SJWs. I’ve got fake hate crime accounts that exist just to see how many people will believe my fake hate crimes. I’ve got Latino accounts, black guy accounts, hot chick accounts. They never run out.  So anyone with a real job who wants to share controversial things on Facebook and isn’t using a Clarence Woods Emerson account, is a fucking moron and had no business holding that job in the first place.



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    1. They call me Ponch

      Hope this article pops up at future job interviews and other inquiries.


      Who’s the real elitist.

    2. Itsjustme

      I knew it!! Clarence is a TB writer. What about Pam Martin? She is hysterical, I love her comments and if she isn’t a writer she should be.

    3. Elephant in the Room

      The fact that I am borderline in-shock by the fact that CBS (a left leaning news organization) fired an employee (presumably a left-leaning individual) for saying something extremely offensive about a group of country music enthusiasts, speaks volumes about the state of affairs in modern society

    4. pro trump

      lol later nigger lover

    5. True Reality Speaks

      She’s not stupid. It was either her brains or her oral skills (probably both) that got her those executive positions – so she’s at least bright enough to figure out how to get to the top.

      She’s just a typical hypocritical, groupthink narcissistic liberal lemming. All reasoning or critical thinking skills go out the door when triggered by views or opinions that haven’t been approved by the Cult. I have ZERO doubt that she believes down to her bones that she didn’t say anything wrong. These people are incapable of believing in anything that doesn’t fit in their self-imposed, alternative universe mindset. At the end of the day they are just drones of the Left’s hive.

      1. Chrissy's troll

        very true but the Right is equally a Cult

        1. True Reality Speaks

          Check your meds.

          1. Chrissy's Troll

            day and night

    6. TortugaNino

      I’m all for the shitcanning of idiots dumb enough to think they can say whatever they want on the face book machine, and I am not a user myself so please correct me if I am wrong. It looks to me like that was a private message sent from one contact to another no? If that’s the case I’m not sure I feel the same way about this incident. If she sent this message to a friend in what was meant to be a private conversation I don’t believe it is our or her employers business. We are setting a dangerous precedent if someone can take an image of a message you sent in private and make it public then we all treat it as a comment made publicly. There is a big difference between the two, and I’m sure we have all made statements in private conversations that would make us look like fools if they were taken out of context and implied they were made in public. The CBS statement even says “her views as EXPRESSED on social media”, or was it her views were EXPOSED on social media? I personally think in this case it does not matter but do believe it sets a dangerous precedent.

      1. PhilSimmsSucks

        Tortuga, that’s not a private message; it’s a public post

    7. Independent Thinker

      The fact that a high-ranking official at CBS would actually believe this nonsense and then have the nerve to post it just goes to show you that the mainstream media cannot be trusted. It also shows you just how radical Columbia University has become.

      I am pleasantly surprised that CBS did not support her.

    8. Wwy

      She’s a kike what do you expect,gas head.

    9. bb324

      She was probably fired for leaking out CBS official opinion,,,heard ESPN just hired her?????

    10. Justice

      All country music fans are Republicans? And I thought all Jews were Republicans too, but she shit-canned that theory. What a terrible person. Nothing in the Lattman Geftman-Gold Hanukkah stocking this year.

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