Free Bootlegger’s Prohibition Pub Gift Card To Best Caption Of This Picture Of Floyd Mayweather’s Pop Warner Football Team Kneeling During The National Anthem





As part of a promotion for the grand opening of Bootlegger’s Prohibition Pub on Chandler Street in Worcester, we’re giving away $10 gift cards to caption contest winners here at Turtleboy Sports. Their grand opening is slated for October 1 and the food looks delicious. Whoever comes up with the best caption for this picture of Floyd Mayweather’s pop warner team kneeling during the National Anthem gets a gift card:


Leave your caption on our Facebook page or in the comments section. If you leave a caption in the comments section then make sure to use your real email address so we can contact you if you win. Go!!

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  1. Andy

    …And Simon Says…

  2. Bowen Hardcase

    “If you actually know why you’re protesting, please stand up…”

    1. Bowen Hardcase

      And just to clarify, I’m not against these kinds of protests at all. My concern lies with teaching kids to hate before they’re really able to know or understand why. Now if they grow up and come to the conclusion that they hate America all by themselves, then so be it, but to push a negative agenda and such hate for our country on impressionable kids who just want to play football seems wrong to me.

  3. KJDS

    They said we’d get ice cream if we did this, right?

  4. Deb


  5. AJ

    “Hey Keeler, is this the same song we stand up for in school?”

  6. Peg

    Hey Coach…..I forget…..why are we doing this?

  7. Woodiculous

    I am not worthy.

  8. Cb

    Practicing for the welfare line

  9. Phong

    “I hope one of those guys clapping is my Dad.”
    “me too.”
    “And mine too.”
    “Yah, me too.”

  10. wheremypoptart

    Where is Officer Tommy Norman to teach these kids how to be kids. They are looking at different directions… “where is you Officer Norman?!”

  11. Enough is Enough

    Hey coach! Are you sure they’ll still give us free education, keep us safe, protect us from terrorism and answer our calls for help?

  12. Slaymus

    a team full of back ups #kaeperdick

  13. JL

    I did not know it was time for church

  14. Floyd Womenbeater

    Coach…”By show of knees children, how many of you have had your mom beaten by Floyd”?

  15. Jay

    Hey let’s be like our hero Colin Kaepernick! He’s the best quarterback!

  16. Reddog

    Will the real slim shady please stand up.

  17. Phong

    Meanwhile at Greenfield’s newest adoption agency.

  18. Sterling Turtle Rider

    “You have to take a knee, because we can’t sit Indian-style anymore…”

  19. Wwy

    If only we were kikes we’d have free speech too.

    1. Goldstein

      Wwy -Why?

  20. God Save the Queen

    We can kneel now and still get a participant trophy at the end of the season. Good ole Massachusetts.

  21. royakafatboy

    Do you think we’ll get ice cream after this?


    Alright guys. We have to work on proposals before we slap a ho.

  23. BobnMic

    Ladies with an attitude
    Fellows that were in the mood
    Don’t just stand there, let’s get to it
    Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it


    1. BobnMic please go away

      Please take a hint. GO AWAY!

      1. BobnMic

        How about fuck you? Am I getting the hint now?

    2. BobnMic's Gerbil

      You rap like a fag

  24. 24/7

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  25. Colon Master

    (kid with hand up) “I don’t give a fuck what he say. I’m not kneelin’ till he give me some new Nikes”

  26. Steve French

    We are TOO oppressed….. Floyd still cant read!…(pass it down)

  27. Woody

    The Blindest Side

  28. The Great Dolemite

    Where am all da white womenz at?

  29. Turd Burglestein

    Nice afroturf movement we have going on here.