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  • Free My Boi On Steroids: Someone Started A “Free Obdulia Sanchez” Facebook Page After She Killed Her Sister Drunk Driving On Live Stream

    Free My Boi On Steroids: Someone Started A “Free Obdulia Sanchez” Facebook Page After She Killed Her Sister Drunk Driving On Live Stream

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    Alright, this has to go into the “Free My Boi!” hall of fame. In this case, there is literally ZERO reason to pity Obdulia Sanchez (as if there ever is with these people). She’s the chick we blogged about yesterday who killed her sister while drunk driving, and live streamed not only the crash, but her dead sister’s body before being arrested.

    But you can never put it past the Internet to do stupid shit. Yeah, people want this nudnik “free” and on the same roads as you and I. They even started a Facebook page:

    By the way, if you want to be serious about a “Free My Boi!” page, it would probably be wise to include a picture where she isn’t holding up a gun. Just sayin. I know the people behind this aren’t exactly intelligent or rational, but a nicer picture would probably be practical in this case…

    The “blame society” move… not so fresh this time huh? Shouldn’t be the scapegoat??? She is literally the ONLY person who made the wrong moves here. 100% of the events leading up to the crash we’re caused by her. But, there’s “NO REASON” why she should be held responsible right? Incredible.

    Incredible delusion. Making a mistake is like missing your flight, making a typo, or putting on your wife’s underpants. Filming yourself driving, while drunk, with your family in the car is a blatant disregard for human life. She is going to get convicted of the vehicular manslaughter charge, there is no doubt, so go whine somewhere else, because your precious Obdulia is doing time.

    That’s exactly what I am yearning to hear! Someone who caused the death of their sister is “feeling the love.” I have no idea what “love” she is feeling, because these comments aren’t exactly showing any love.


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    1. Mexican Jumping Beaner

      The only thing she didn’t do right was not fasten her seatbelt. Then Darwin’s Law would have succeeded and the entire set of beaners would be wiped from the face of the Earth. She’s another entitled Princess…

    2. Finn

      The site is sarcastic. Thankfully. Look under the picture that has “Does this look like a murderer?”. Someone is trying to be outrageous.

    3. Publius

      The injuries were catastrophic. And she was not phased and barely seemed to care. Inconvenienced maybe. Hopefully the image and smell of the split skull and brain matter will lead to Aaron Hernandez result. Too much to ask from a narcissist like this.

    4. Mike Sicant

      Obdulia Sanchez is a typical teenager, she doesn’t deserve any of the things happening to her. This Facebook page got it right! anyone thats says different is just cold blooded and wants to see an innocent girls life ruined.

      1. Spazz

        Innocent? You’re kidding right… She ruined her own damn life making the decision to drive! How about her sister who will never see prom, have kids, get married what about her…

      2. Joel Cohen

        Dig her sister up and ask HER opinion. Oh. You can’t. She’s dead. Stone cold with a bashed in head. Deader than Monty Python’s Parrot. Terminally inconvenienced for the PC crowd. A future Democrat voter though.

        This girl deserves all the shame and guilt possible plus a life sentence as Big Bertha’s Bitch in prison.

      3. Fauxcahontas' Dildo

        Innocent? Her poor sister was innocent. This girl deserves whatever is coming to her. At least there will always be a record of her stupidity so she’ll never be able to escape the damage she has done to her sister and family.

    5. Whitney

      Do you think it’s real? Seems like a more troll like page.

    6. Rick Astley

      Come on Turtle Intern, you can’t tell that’s a troll page. I guess that’s why your the intern…Take a lap, and get me a coffee.

    7. johnnyb

      Why is putting on the wifeys underpants a mistake?

      1. SmartAss McGee

        It’s not a mistake if your name is Kevin Blackmer

    8. TurtleRiderNo6

      @Turtleboy Intern

      Just FYI here is a story you may want to cover:


      There are a couple more articles in late 2016 when he was arrested. I think this is TB article worthy.

    9. Fauxcahontas' Dildo

      “We need to take a look at society and see where we went wrong, and how we can prevent this from happening in the future.”

      Actually, the district attorney’s office is doing just that. The only thing is, the way most rational people would stop this from happening in the future is by locking your dirtbag friend up and throwing away the key. This is a tragedy for their poor family who will never see their daughter again and will only see their other daughter during prison visitation but Obdulia is certainly no victim here. Whoever started this page is not just your run-of-the-mill delusional, entitled libtard, they are certifiably retarded. Obdulia may have made a terrible mistake but to call her a scapegoat is ridiculous. This person either doesn’t know what a scapegoat is or was too high on benzos to understand what they were typing. Either way, it’s a sad story for the family and a sad world we live in to have to share oxygen with these morons.

    10. Ya mom

      Notice how most of the reactions on the fb posts are either laughing or mad lol

    11. Rosemary

      Umm it’s a troll group that was created months before any of this even happened
      They just changed the name and info to piss people off
      The same people running it also run a obdulia is guilty group…..

    12. wabbitt

      Someone should start a page calling for justice for the sister who died while this retard filmed it INSTEAD OF CALLING FOR HELP.

      She’s not a scapegoat. Society wasn’t driving the fucking car drunk while on Snapchat. Fuck – there’s been shit all over the place saying not to drink and drive since I was a kid, and I’m 37! Society knows not to drink and drive. Wastes of oxygen like this little bitch don’t.

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