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  • Gardner Chick Starts $5K GoFundMe For Lesbian Wedding/Honeymoon Days After Getting Out Of Jail For Domestic Assault And Battery

    Gardner Chick Starts $5K GoFundMe For Lesbian Wedding/Honeymoon Days After Getting Out Of Jail For Domestic Assault And Battery

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    Here’s your GoFundMe scam of the day out of Gardner….

    So Sky Babineau is gonna have a $5,000 honeymoon AND wedding. Sounds legit.

    First of all, one thing I’ll never understand about some lesbians is how they’re attracted to women who look like this:

    How can you say you’re attracted to women when you’re scissoring partner goes out of her way to look like a 15 year old boy? I get the attraction to the bride, since, ya know, she looks like a woman:

    So I get why Butchy McGee would have her eyes on this chick. Just seems like one person is getting a lot more out of this relationship. If you can convert a chick like this who already has kids, it’s a big win for the movement. But I just doubt her full time commitment to playing on this team. Seems like she’s going through a lesbian phase. You see this shit all the time. Doesn’t happen with gay dudes. Just lesbians. Guarantee within two years she’s back on bologna batons.

    Apparently these two want you to pay for their Cinco de Mayo wedding and honeymoon because they have bills to pay. As if no one else has problems like this. Sure, they could just be responsible and have a wedding when they can afford to have one. But that’s not the way things work in GoFundMe culture.

    So why can’t Sky Babineau afford to be the man of the house and pay for the wedding herself? Well, it’s kind of hard to make any money when you’re doing a stint in jail for domestic assault and battery:

    Looks like she might’ve violated that probation she got back in October for violating an abuse prevention order:

    Oh well, at least she’s moved on from the days when she used to steal thousands of dollars worth of meat:

    A GPS installed in a delivery truck led to the arrest of five for allegedly stealing $4,000 worth of meat from a warehouse. Sky M. Babineau, 23, Kendra T. Erickson, 35, Paul Hakkarainen, 39, all of 159 Baker St., and John J. Peters, 48, 19 Albee St., Fitchburg, were arrested Tuesday after police were able to trace a stolen Chair City Meats delivery truck to the Baker Street apartment building.

    Although I think she might’ve been framed for that crime. Does this look like a chick who has any interest in meat?

    Seems more like the seafood type. Just sayin.

    For someone who is struggling for wedding cash, Sky Babineau sure doesn’t mind flashing the dough!!

    And here’s a shocker – she’s a HUGE NBA fan. And you’ll never, ever, ever guess who were favorite sporting club is:

    No way!! Next thing you know you’ll tell me she uses a dog filter and takes courthouse selfies!!

    Anyway, the GoFundMe isn’t going as planned so far, but any day these two love birds are gonna get that $5,000, throw a ghettofabulous wedding at the closest Legion Post, and then spend a romantic honeymoon at the Great Wolf Lodge, where they will get drunk on copious amounts of Mad Dog 20/20 and tip the chambermaid 0%.


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    1. Stunt Penis

      That Sky broad is so ugly, if I were a lesbian, I’d go straight.

      1. JoeMomma

        The porn industry has totally lied to us about lesbians.

      2. WTF

        Photo 4….ankle bracelet. For being a sex offender or on probation?

    2. Ricky Carmichael-Louis

      Megan is a good looking broad.

    3. Don't get it

      OMG I have said the same exact thing about being a lesbian. I don’t get it either, if you’re a lesbian what is the point of finding a girl that looks more manly than Justin Bieber. Like isn’t that the point of being a lesbian, you’re attractive to women not men? You should really get someone on TBlive to explain this to us.

      1. STFU

        I suspect that is because a lot of lesbians have been child victims of sexual abuse, and turn away from anything remotely masculine because of it. (Subconsciously or not) they don’t want to appear feminine, because they don’t want to attract ‘that kind’ of attention again.

        I suspect drugs may also play a role here, as well as other general issues.


    4. ElJefe72

      My guess is that Megan has had a string of bad relationships with men, so she figured she would give women a try but can’t fully commit. Hence, Sky.

    5. Abbi

      Sky has always beat up every single one of her girlfriends and then pulls the poor me card…shes also a sex offender

    6. The Rant Queen

      Im pretty sure the lesbians who go out of their way to look like men, are actually one of those transgender ppl, and they just dont know the difference. Or they like the label “lesbian” better. Ill never understand how a lesbian can be attracted to a “butch” girl and call herself gay. Makes no sense, but God forbid you question it. They’ll cry homophobia. Anyway both chicks are gross.

    7. Stan the man

      The pic with the Ruble vodka reeks of class.

    8. B

      haheha they both deleted their facebooks

    9. Fisting Lesbians

      Ooooooh! Can you say heaven? My life partner and I want to strap on some dildos and skewer her like a skinny pig.

    10. Anonymous

      That would be such a worthwhile use of GoFundMe. Why don’t they have their own funds?

    11. They call me Ponch

      Man, oh man!

      Vanilla Ice has GOT to get off the pipe!

      Dude looks like a hardo lesbian chick!

    12. Wtf

      She is the lesbian player of Gardner from what I have seen. And in person she is waaay prettier than the weird crooked face selfies. Just kidding. I actually thought she was a 15 yr old boy. And puberty is NOT kind.
      Always a different chick on her face, oops , I mean arm at the awesome Gardner Walmart. And I am sure her and mark Leblanc are bros!
      Go bulls!!

    13. Kathy


    14. About Time

      Alot of people know this girl, I know for a fact she lives off the system and has never worked a damn day in her life but could afford drugs and alcohol! Glad the hard working tax payers can support her drug and alcohol problem and then she had the balls to ask for people to pay for her wedding! Seems like turtleboy said what so many wanted to say but felt bad if they opened their mouths.

      1. Wtf

        Exactly this girl/boy is so aweful to come and ask for money for a wedding while her mom is trying to find a new apartment because they are being evicted. This family needs to work and STOP getting free rides

        1. Abbi

          Her mom’s a free loading perc head

          1. Abbi

            And her old sister is a prostituting junkie who sleeps with cops …gardner is grimey…and lost all 3 of her children and has NO desire to even try to get help…that whole family is nasty I’ve known them my whole life

    15. Hahahahahahhahahaha

      She is a sex offender, Google it XD

    16. Tammy

      Unbelieveable this is what i see people using things that are to really help others for foolish things wtf

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