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  • Gutterpube Who Says “F All Them Crackas” Who Got Shot In Vegas, Is A Deadbeat Dad Coke Dealer Who Claims He Donated Drug Proceeds To PR Relief

    Gutterpube Who Says “F All Them Crackas” Who Got Shot In Vegas, Is A Deadbeat Dad Coke Dealer Who Claims He Donated Drug Proceeds To PR Relief

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    Obviously the big story of the day is the massacre that occurred in Las Vegas last night at a Country Music concert, where at least 50 people were killed by a man from a 32nd floor hotel room at Mandalay Bay casino. Naturally this has already been politicized, with people arguing about immigration, gun control, and all things Trump. Oh and Hillary said this:

    But yea, Trump is the only one who tweets dumb things. Good thing the democrats gave us a viable alternative in 2016 that we could really get behind. Those machine gun silencers are a real killer.

    Anyway, we have no interest in going all political about this. Maybe Jay Dub will. Just not my cup of tea. What we do is always find the worst people on the Internet and see what they have to say about this tragedy. Today’s winner is an illiterate drug dealer from Hartford named Allen Lozada, AKA AP El Titere. Here’s his initial reaction to the mass shooting:

    He might not have finished his GED, but he basically sees the world the same exact way 99% of employees at CNN do – everything is Trump’s fault. And those crackas who were peacefully watching a concert in Vegas? They deserved it. The whole thing was a big setup to draw attention away from hurricane relief in Puerto Rico.

    He was just getting started though:

    But he’s one of the good guys because he admits to donating his profits from drug transactions towards disaster relief:

    Oh yea, he’s a winner. And you’ll never guess who his favorite bouncing ball team is…..

    There’s gonna be a lot of talk in the days and weeks ahead about banning whatever guns were used in Las Vegas. But I think we can all agree that what REALLY needs to be banned are flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hats and anyone who is inclined to wear them. There are plenty of responsible, law abiding gun owners out there. But there has never, ever, ever been a decent, law-abiding person who has chosen to wear that thing on their head. If you know anyone that owns that hat, disassociate with them immediately. They will only bring you down.

    He even rocks the Chicago Bulls winter hat when he’s pouring out some Henny for the homeys in the January:

    Easy on the Henny Allen – it’s not good for your bowels:

    I know when I die I want people to come to my headstone and drink copious amounts of Red Bull and Henny, the nectar of the hoodrats.

    He really misses his boy, who I’m sure lived a noble and worthwhile life, because now that Sito isn’t around, he doesn’t have anyone to come scoop him up to he can “turn up on these fuck n words”:

    You can also find Allen Lozada on Deadbeatdirectory.com, with his own profile:

    Oh good, he’s a cokehead deadbeat “dad,” who allegedly threatened to choke his baby until she turned blue. Shocking. Especially considering his overall philosophy on women:

    When he eventually gets killed by a cop and SJWs pretend like his death is an actual loss to the community, he wants you to commemorate him by burning Hartford to the ground:

    He’s very familiar with the inside of a courthouse:

    He lives the good life by cashing in his SSI check for stays at the Marriott:

    Last year things were beginning to look up for Allen. He was trying to stay out of the police logs, and gave himself one Internet cookie for going a full month without stabbing, shooting, or running over someone with a car:

    He gets another Internet cookie for going four days sober:

    And he’s going legit because the “feds out here snatching everybody”:

    Also this:

    I have no idea what that means, but it sounds important. VERY important.

    Anyway, it is gonna be interesting to see what the killer’s motivation was in Las Vegas. He shot at a country music festival. A place that more than likely was filled with people who voted for Donald Trump. Not saying that’s his motive, but he could’ve shot up any large group of people and he chose this one. Just sayin.

    Either way, Allen Lozada is a useless sack of gutterpubes, and the 50+ who died in Las Vegas are much, much bigger losses to society than he could ever be.


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    1. Steven Stover

      What a ASSHOLE.

    2. Maggie the Cat

      That’s a fascinating glimpse into the “culture” of certain types of losers in our society. And they’re all ugly, too. Stupid losers.

    3. Brian

      Now that is one pathetic piece if crap. Look at him. Looks like loser that gets picked on too much and decided to be a wannabee tough guy until he is getting his ass rammed a dozen times a day behind bard for being a little bitch

    4. Sidney

      99% sure this one is an undocumented democrat

    5. Chip Striker

      Flat brimmed Bulls hat with sticker = check

      Saggy pants = check

      No job/drug dealer receives gov’t assistance = check

      Drinking Hennessy while driving with the seat reclined back.= check

      Writing skills of a first grader.= check

      Every other word is either the F or N word. = check

      Contributes nothing to society. = check

      This is why your lives do not matter.

      1. STFU

        “Writing skills of a first grader.= check” – That is offensive to first graders.

    6. They call me Ponch

      Do those Bulls hats only come in “one size fits nobody”.

      Freakin’ looser.

    7. Wwy

      American terrorism is and always have been the worst kind,that was awful reminds me of Israelis bombing gaza.

    8. Yuck

      His fingernails make me cringe

    9. STFU

      Dumbass should watch a few videos of the police attacking Catalans and then report back on how bad the US, white police, etc. are.

      Pansy boy. GO face down some EU thugs in riot gear and get back to us.

      BTW – what exactly does ‘blessings’ mean in ghetto slang? This guy, the Claremont brow pencil queen, all ‘counting blessings.’ You EBT warriors might be ‘counting blessings’ but you aren’t acting too grateful for anything.

    10. STFU

      BTW – guy is GAF. Thots!

    11. Sig Sauer

      The 50 people who died in Las Vegas is a tragedy.

      In unrelated news at least 50 scumbags will shoot and stab each other this week in Chicago but the news won’t cover any of it because it’s considered normal behavior there and it makes blacks look bad.

      1. pro trump

        blacks r worst than whites but msm wont cover it

      2. Chip Striker

        News doesnt report thugs getting gunned down in the ghetto because nobody gives a fuck. What happened in Vegas is what they call a Holiday weekend in shit holes like South Chicago, East Baltimore etc…

    12. fuck lozer-ada

      Can anyone tell me where Sito’s grave is do I can take a mean old shito on it? Preferably filled with taco spice and corn nibblets…

      1. pro trump

        smear blacks w fesces

    13. Street Sweepa

      This dude is one tough hard core motha!!

    14. Irishcurse

      Do they get the Bulls hats as a GED graduation gift along with their “class of Tuesday at 345pm” certificate?

      1. Cracka my ass

        Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa

    15. Cracka my ass

      Anyone surprised nobody is really actively giving to PR relief? The ones we have here make it impossible to want to donate. They are on their way folks. Hold on to your hats. PR rejects any association with the U.S. until it comes to handouts. Then they “are U.S. citizens.”

    16. wabbitt

      Henny, shitty chin pubes, flat brimmed Bulls hat, and a deadbeat dad. I’ll bet there’s a dozen ratchet hoodbunnys beating down his door.

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