• Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse Taking Picture With Drug Dealers We Wrote About In August On A Voter Registration Drive Is The Funniest Picture We’ve Ever Seen

    This picture is everything.

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    A few months ago we wrote this article, about the oldest looking 28 year old ever from Holyoke, who was arrested for selling heroin and looks like someone took an etch-a-sketch to his face:




    Seems like a nice guy. I’m sure all that jewelry he’s wearing was purchased with reported and taxed income that he acquired in legal business deals. Just as I’m sure that he’s putting three fingers up because the Warriors blew a 3-1 series lead. I’m sure none of this has to do with gang affiliation whatsoever. Definitely.

    Well a turtle rider sent us a picture this morning. Take a look at it and see if you recognize anyone in the photo:



    It’s just such a perfect picture that describes what Alex Morse is really all about. First of all, can we talk about the shoes? Fresh Jordans as far as the eye can see, and Morsey is rocking the loafers. Priceless.

    You think Alex Morse is gonna direct the police to get tough on drug dealers and gang bangers? Nah. That’s racist. Plus, it would be showing support for the police, which is racist in and of itself. You can’t climb in the Massachusetts Statehouse if you’re on the record supporting “get tough on crime” policies when it comes to drug dealers.

    Because the fact of the matter is that politicians like Alex Morse are not interested in reducing crime or taking violent offenders off the streets. It’s not a priority of their’s. The most important thing Alex Morse can do as Mayor of a dumpy city like Holyoke, is to hold rallies against hate speech. Everything else is secondary. This is followed in importance by boycotting states that won’t allow men in the girl’s locker room at the YMCA. 

    Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 1.08.29 PM

    The best part about this picture is it was taken during a “get out the vote” door to door registration campaign. This is who Alex Morse is counting on as part of his voting base. Known drug dealers.

    It’s just a classic SJW diversity photo op, and there was no way in hell he was turning it down. Because people like Alex Morse so desperately want to show people who don’t look like them that they’re one of the good guys, that they will inadvertently pose for a picture with drug dealers. But making sure a much needed fire engine is readily available in a city full of old and crumbling residential buildings?

    Nah. That’s not nearly as important as the obligatory diversity photo op.



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    1. me1333

      Not a big shocker..who else is going to vote for him. It’s also why democrats love that repeated felons can vote in Massachusetts. You have to have a little sympathy for the over grown drug dealer. ..with a face like that his options are barber or tattoo artist. He’s probably not skilled enough for either of those careers

    2. KJDS

      If you were on the fence about his douchiness before now, the tassels on his loafers should definitely convince you.

      Say ‘No’ to tassels.

    3. WTF

      That dude is wearing a gold Rolex Daytona! I could never get one of those on MY wrist even if I had the money. There is a waiting list for them. Even the ones that arent gold

      1. Stu Pidazzo

        Fugazi- guaranteed!


      yes Alex, that’s how you get nigga votes, keep up the good work

      1. KJDS

        Drug dealers are renowned for their voting power.

      2. Gee Gonzalez

        Unreal!!!! Smdh!!!! Kill yourself!!!!

    5. Kevi bashed in my skull

      Guaranteed they call him Opey behind his back.

    6. WHAT?

      They are giving the jail house sign that this punk is owned by them, warning off other predators. They are signalling that his mouth and ass are their property.

    7. Shawn

      1st off get your facts straight before you post a post and make yourself look dumb this clearly states drug dealers when I only see one drug dealer the one person who was committed the others in this picture are a group of great people who are in a music group called drkalli this was at a music video shoot so any 1 who was there could of easily been in the picture so pls don’t say drug dealers categorizing all of them together and as far as the mayor of Holyoke he was just walking down the street working and was stop to take a picture simple as that that’s like saying Obama took a picture with a murderer and now he’s a murderer that’s how this sounds lol

      1. KJDS

        Punctuation is your friend – really.

      2. Steven Stover

        Aspiring rap artists?? I heard Snoop Dog changed his name. Now called Doggy Poop.

      3. John

        Are you talking about the rap group who put out a music video called “Dope Game.”? One of the lyrics; “coke dealin’ with my cousin.” Oh yes, and the scene in the video where one of the “artists” is at a table with guns and a bunch of white powder spread out on it.

    8. True Reality Speaks

      Looks like the undocumented Democrat is perfectly positioned to give Morse his “endorsement”.

    9. Pasi

      Mayor was just im a video they were making i past by wen they were doing it its not wat it looks like people always talking stuff with out knowing the true

      1. Llc

        Say what?

        Go back to school. WTF.

    10. Gee Gonzalez

      Ya folks need a life posting this BS!!! Have some damn respect!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Writing BS articles!!!!

    11. Worcester County Trap Queen

      Holyoke is just a dump, period. It’s getting worse because of residents
      like the men in the photo who do nothing all day, steal, sell drugs, put
      property values down, and play gangster.
      Towns like Athol, Gardner, Greenfield etc. are all next.
      Mayors like him are the worst because everything is just a photo op and
      nothing of substance. A real mayor would be out offering men like that jobs,
      not a “look at my minority supporters” publicity shot.

    12. Kevin is Holyoke bound

      “He who shall not be named” should move to Holyoke and run for Mayor. It would probably be an improvement. Poof vs Murderer. Heads would explode while they tried to decide which one to vote for.

      1. BobnMic's Gerbil

        Actually they’re both poofs.

        1. Kevin is Holyoke bound

          Damn, I keep forgetting he’s a poof+murderer. Then it should be no contest. They can have their cake and eat it, too.

    13. Alex Should Resign

      This guy has single handedly ruined Holyoke. Holyoke always had problems but now it’s just ridiculous. Even the fucking schools are in receivership. If he gets in four more yesrs, it’s sunk.

    14. VC86

      Actually, there is only ONE drug dealer in this picture; the one who was arrested. This picture was taken, while the group of guys were making a music video. They’re aspiring rappers, and since the mayor was out trying to get votes, they were able to snag a picture. My cousin, is one of the men in the photo and he is NOT a drug dealer.

      1. John

        According to one of those aspiring rappers, he can get me kush heroin cocaine or crack.

        1. Mlg

          Go listen to any other rap song anywhere and let me know if ya find one without drugs are stealing talked about in it. They rap what will sell and it this generation thats what sells. As messed up as it is the music world is fucked up. Just because they rap about it doesnt make them drug dealers or shitty people. The only shitty person I see here is you.

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