• Human Art Project Begging For Eviction Money After Several Previous GoFundMe’s, Even Though She’s Going Out To The Club Every Weekend And Has Plenty Of Tattoo Money

    Human Art Project Begging For Eviction Money After Several Previous GoFundMe’s, Even Though She’s Going Out To The Club Every Weekend And Has Plenty Of Tattoo Money

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    Here’s your GoFundMe scam of the day out of Taunton. Although it’s really not a GFM. More like a “feel bad for me and PayPayl me” scam of the day. It comes from this human mosaic:

    So you just know it’s legit.

    Quite the sob story there. This “stay at home Mom” with a million kids, a grandbaby, and a bunch of other dependents she’s inherited, is getting kicked to the curb by a greedy landlord. I’m sure that’s the whole story too. No information is being left out of this.

    First of all, if she was telling us the whole story here, she qualifies for every possible form of government assistance that has ever existed.

    Secondly, this ain’t her first begging rodeo. She decided to start her back to school shopping a couple days before school started last year:

    Then it was the “my friends family is struggling” GoFundMe:

    And by “friend” she means herself. Apparently this GFM did not go too well, so she threw herself a pity party about people not caring about her…

    And she’s wicked jealous of other ratchets who use GFMs to get free shit for themselves…..

    Hey Amanda, here’s an idea – get a job. Or better yet, stop going out and getting wasted all the time at the gay bar:

    So she went out clubbing the night before Christmas Eve, as well as the weekend before that, and pretty much every weekend since she turned 21. This was her in 2013:

    Yea, that urban renewal art project on her face and body? That’s all new. She could afford to pay for that stuff, but she can’t afford to pay her rent, buy Christmas gifts for her army of dependents, or buy get her kids the basics for back to school. Oh, and she’s more than likely getting TONS of government assistance. But it’s all your fault for not donating to her GoFundMe. Why should she have to reevaluate her priorities or adjust her lifestyle?

    Some people were suspicious of her constant begging and always being the victim. So she clarified what went wrong:

    So her 17 year old brother is robbing her. Twice. And this is acceptable somehow. Yea, I’m sure we’re getting the whole story here.

    Anyway, I cannot stand these human pity parties. You’re a 37 year old woman who chose to have children. You intentionally chose to make yourself look like a circus freak, which pretty much disqualifies you from ever having a chance to get a job that will enable you to be self sufficient. Here’s an idea though – take some responsibility, have some pride, and take care of your of your family. And if you are gonna beg for money time and time again, you might wanna stop posting about the glamorous life you’re living at the club every weekend. Because it’s not gonna help your cause. Just sayin.



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    1. Jerry Rig

      What a set of knockers!

      1. Bill Clinton

        Fat girl titties don’t count

    2. Stunt Penis

      Look, she has to “go clubbin'”. How else is she going to find the next sperm donor to ensure the flow of EBT card replenishments continue?

    3. Ralph

      Halloween is coming up, maybe she could get a job at Spooky World?

    4. Stinky

      37 and and grandmother already, Oof
      She’s the type of chick that’ll fuck you behind a dumpster at the gay bars in Taunton ….for $$$

      1. Transplant

        Not for $$$.
        For ¢¢¢.

    5. Ryan

      She can sit on my face for an Andrew Jackson.

      1. Bernie

        Wait for my single payer plan to pass… then we’ll cover the Valtrex for you.

      2. DJ Trump

        …while you’re bullshiting, she used to work off of backpage back in the day, outcalls only.

        1. open lesions

          100% Herpes

    6. wabbitt

      A lot of times I see one of these circus freaks and think, “She was probably attractive until she decided to let a toddler with down syndrome doodle all over her.”

      This is not one of those times.

    7. Maggie the Cat

      Do not despair, Turtle Riders. A study from Britain shows that tattoos cause cancer. We just have to be patient and this stupid excuse for a human being will die.

    8. The Rant Queen

      Her brother supposedly steals their rent money, yet she hasnt done a damn thing about it? Call the cops on his ass, Idgaf if you’re my brother, my mama, or my dog, you steal from me, you pay it back one way or another. But who knows if it’s true. It probably went to those hideous tattoos and earlobe holes. Fucking gross man. Grandmas just arent what they used to be.

    9. They call me Ponch

      Thinking of shitty X-mas, no new school clothes and living with grown losers makes me sad for the kids.

      I was having a good day.

    10. PatMiaz

      Too bad tattoos aren’t transferable. She’s got at least $5k on her titties.

    11. Patti Gucci

      “I wouldn’t fuck that c**t with Chaz Bono’s dick!” – Kaitlyn Jenner

    12. John Galt

      She’s been robbed, graffitied, and now evicted. Court evictions are an accumulation of months of non-payment. Several months. Another victim of bad life choices.

    13. FatFingr Lou

      Maybe a Kilroy downstairs looking over the curtain?

    14. Stan the man

      Braintree to Taunton.
      The American Dream.

    15. Cooper

      Trick or treat….

    16. hardyhar

      “First of all, if she was telling us the whole story here, she qualifies for every possible form of government assistance that has ever existed. ” – Bingo!

      PS – Can you imagine having a grandmother that looks like that?

    17. Dis-panic

      She has a healthy arrest record too. Shoplifting, fires etc

    18. KELSEY

      Are you serious? This website is getting worse by the day. I’m all for informing the public of scammers and potential thieves, but this has gone too far. It’s sad to see just how judgemental this website has become. You slam this women for not telling the whole story, but yet you only know the fraction of her life and couldn’t possibly know the whole story via a couple of status updates. Instead of using this platform to embarrass and degrade for entertainment, you could be doing some good regardless of your opinion. She’s a bad person for going out? God forbid she gets out of the house with all those kids or drinks from time to time. Should every moment be published, no. But you don’t know the details or her financial status and that point. Not to mention I myself am covered in tattoos and am only so because I have a tattoo artist in the family. I read your articles a lot and I agree with most of your standpoints. But this one just seems like your reaching and for the sole purpose of entertainment and degradation.

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