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  • Last Night Was More Proof That It’s Pointless To Try To Work Together With Social Justice Warriors

    Last Night Was More Proof That It’s Pointless To Try To Work Together With Social Justice Warriors

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    Last night we only got to watch part of Trump’s speech in front of Congress because we had a very important Facebook Live show to run. But according to Van Jones and most of the other left leaning talking heads at CNN, it was Trump’s finest moment. Particularly when he spoke directly to the mother of a widow who had just lost her husband in a raid in Yemen. I always wondered if Trump had the ability to be serious, because his entire campaign was basically a joke. But last night I was actually shocked to see how he handled this obviously emotional moment:

    And if Van Jones can even admit that he thought it was good, then you’d have to be a pretty big asshole to say otherwise.

    But I guess not everyone liked it.


    When I saw this, I noticed all the people in white not standing. Thought it was the Supreme Court or something. Turns out it was just a bunch of self-righteous congressman who didn’t want to acknowledge the sacrifices of an American hero.

    Holy smokes, it’s Ku Klux Klan!!

    So they’re suffragettes, which is why they’re wearing white. In a country where women have had universal suffrage for 100 years. Because that makes sense. The only person in that picture old enough to remember when women didn’t have the right to vote was Nancy Pelosi. Luckily she traded in her ticket on the Titanic to some street rat and she lived to serve in Congress until the end of time.

    What else are they wearing white for? Reproductive rights? Yup, they have those too. Equal pay? Oh yea, we have not one, not two, but three federal equal pay laws on the books which guarantees equal pay for equal work. Paid maternity leave? Yup, Trump supports that too. So…..what are they protesting? Oh yea, nothing. Because it’s what they do best. Whine about injustices that don’t exist.

    Katherine Clark is quickly becoming the most narcissistic, look at me social justice warrior in Congress. She’s the same scary looking broad who threw a hissy fit and sat on the floor of the House of Representatives to protest the fact that she didn’t get her way on a political issue.


    Seriously, this is the kind of face that wakes me up in a cold sweat at night.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 2.53.21 PM


    Oh yea, and these people LOVE to hold rallies against “hate.” It’s their favorite thing. And one of the first things Trump did last night was condemn hate, particularly with the recent amount of anti-semitic incidents that have happened across the country. This is a good thing right? This is what they wanted him to do, wasn’t it?

    LOL. Because it’s never enough. When will people learn to stop trying to please these idiots? Haven’t you figured out yet that they have no intention of getting along? They have no desire to work together. The don’t want Trump to condemn “hate speech” because then they won’t be able to complain about him not condemning hate speech. Then when he finally does condemn hate speech, they condemn him for not condemning it fast enough.

    Meanwhile, here’s what the hens over at the The View had to say about the grieving widow:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 2.49.28 PM

    Exploit the woman? Her husband wasn’t drafted. She wasn’t forced at gunpoint to attend. Plus, look what Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey did last night:

    It was bring your refugee to work day. But yea, that’s not exploiting them.

    Here’s a thought – maybe the woman was there because she wanted to be there. Maybe she didn’t feel exploited. Maybe she actually felt honored to have all these people stand and clap for her.

    Anyway, this just goes to show you that 90% of politicians who claim they want to “work together” really have no intention of doing so. It’s all about them, and drawing attention to themselves, which is why they wore all white, criticized Trump for doing what they wanted him to do, and brought their pet refugees.


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    1. Lightning bug

      Ugh. Stop posting pics of Liarwatha.

      1. Strata

        Please encourage these people to continue what they are doing. The Democrats have consistently lost seats in all areas (President, Congress, Governors, State Reps, etc). The majority of people that are so “sick & tired” of the hyper-partisan, lying, disingenuous Democrats that prefer to side with – criminals over cops, illegal immigrants over US taxpaying citizens, status quo bloated Govt over real change ……. will help Republicans get a bullet proof majority in the next mid-term.

        Democrats & blatantly biased Media have been the best thing to happen to Republicans & the “Right” in the last 10 years!

    2. ZephyrCat

      True. But what do you do? It’s estimated that psychopaths make up 4% of the population. Guess what jobs they’re most drawn to? Politicians, educators, clergy. They prey on the weak as they crave power. They’re evil.

    3. Joe

      Warren is using this refugee for her political gain. Progressives are such suckers for her.

      1. Troio

        Our senators are the sleaziest anti American hackbags in the free world. Oh and throw in rat face rep McGovern in that dirty diaper bag as well. I know things are gonna start changing even in this politically brainwashed state.

    4. brian albrecht(the real one)

      INCASE ANY OF YOU FUCKING SIDEWINDER PIECES OF SHIT STILL FEEL TOUGH. I WAS JUST AT DUGGANS HOUSE ON BUCKLEY STREET. his house is a piece of shit too…. I was knocking on his door and this PUSSY wouldnt answer. I kept knocking and kept knocking ringing the bell and this nigga wouldnt come out. so i found a nice lil rock and tossed it through that faggot ass glass door. HAHAHAH what a fucking pussy! I’m out all day today if anyone wants to meet up or have a nice little chat at their house. I”M NOT PLAYING TODAY.

      1. KJDS

        What the fuck is wrong with you? Where did you even come from?

      2. Duggan

        Your a real piece of shit for that. I didnt think you would have one of your junkie friends give you a ride to my house. Im debating calling the cops right now you heroin addict. Dont you have a son to take care of? or does Courtney not let you see him anymore? You better hope i dont get my hands on you you dirty motherfucker. go re use a needle a few more times.

        1. ZephyrCat

          Oh, so that’s you Brian. Old post of you and Courtney registered at BabieRUs? And you make fun of everyone on here. You couldn’t even keep your girl! What, she find out about your gay lover who you drive around with trying to be tough? Don’t tell me you have a kid! Oh, they’ll be so proud to have you as a father!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA> NOTHING CHANGED! YOU’RE STILL NOTHING BUT SHIT!

        2. ZephyrCat

          Duggan, if all this shit’s for real, call the cops. Why wouldn’t you? You have an electronic play-by-play here. Also, no offense, but if you weren’t prepared for the possibility of him coming then maybe you shouldn’t have posted your address. Something to consider dude.

          1. Duggan

            I didn’t call the cops. Yes he has a son, and his baby’s mother left him. He’s a real piece of shit. I’m sure gen pays nothing in child support. Literal heroin addict. If he wasn’t with a friend I would have beat his ass. He knows that. I didn’t call the cops because I’m not not sure this is proof enough? It probably is. Idk

            1. ZephyrCat

              Don’t doubt he’s an addict but he sounds plenty crazy without drugs being added. Steer clear unless it’s obvious you can put him down. Otherwise don’t invite the dude over thinking he won’t come. Be glad he’s fucking stupid enough to think tossing a rock made him a big man. Peace bro, good luck.

            2. MrSmiley

              Yea it is. Call them. He stated here he did it and it happened. Clearly a special breed of loser we’re dealing with.

      3. brian albrecht (the real one)

        FUCKING WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW HOW TOUGH I AM. My boyfriend drove me to someone’s house so I could throw a rock at the door! I let out a little squeal when I threw it. Sorta sounded like a cross between a little girl and a retarded goat. Because I’m a TOUGH MOTHERFUCKER!!! I gotta go. My boyfriend’s pushing my head back down to his junk. Like a turkey homos. GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE THAT COCK!!!

        1. Tarbash The Egyptian Magician

          Chickenhead that shit Brian.

      4. Tarbash The Egyptian Magician

        SHUT DE FUCK UP YA MORON!!! Post a video of the damage and prove you’re not a lying sack of monkey shit.

        1. brian albrecht (the real one)

          YEAH! I see you like that dick you homo! I’m coming for you next. Gonna be 4 dicks around your head. I LIKE THAT GAY BUKKAKE!!!! BITCH!!!

      5. Lyle "chip" chipperson

        Fawk yeah, you fawkin rule Brian.

      6. Wwy

        Brian what are you doing here I thought I told you to go fuck your mother.

    5. KJDS

      For the record, the raid in Yemen was planned under Obama’s watch. He approved it. The first opportunity that they had to run the mission after presidential approval under the cover of a New Moon, as requested by the military strategist, was after Trump had been inaugurated.

      The mission was doomed before it started, because the terrorists were tipped to the raid – possibly they were aware of the drones that reconned the area, but they may have found out another way.

      The fact that everyone is blaming Trump for the failure of this raid and the death of Ryan Owens is really quite despicable. That being said, Trump has owned it because he is the President, and because that’s what grown-ups do.

      1. Fatfingr Lou

        Well said.

      2. Talisman

        Exactly. And all the fake news sites refuse to report on that point of the story and instead opt to pin his death on Trump. All all the while ignoring the deaths in Afghanistan under Barry’s watch.

        1. Talisman

          And all the while, that is

        2. Realist

          They ignored the deaths in Afghanistan? Sounds like alternative facts to me!

          1. Talisman

            Under Obama, the casualties increased in Afghanistan to almost twice that under Bush, which some in the military attributed directly to Obama’s ROE policies, and there was no outcry from the main stream press. So yes, they ignored it.

          2. Talisman

            And just so we’re clear, I was no fan of GW Bush. He wasted many an opportunity to stomp what needed to be stomped in favor of pussing out. I know a few long time combat veterans that say the same thing. Their first couple of stints around ’02 thru ’05 were productive, then came the lawyers and ROEs and shit went downhill from there. Every one, without fail, said that after 2009 it was damn near impossible to do anything except get shot, shot at, or blown up. Had it been happening under Bush, it would be a nightly war dead count on the news, and with good reason. So, you go ahead and believe what you want and I’ll take the word of the guys that were there.

            1. Mirror Mirror

              Don’t bother with Realist. He’s a butthurt lemming parrot.

      3. Nope

        The raid was planned while Obama was in office but Obama did not approve it or sign off on it. Trump did.

    6. Fatfingr Lou

      Women received the right to vote BEFORE Native Americans, but our elected Senator has to play the race card too, just to cover the bases.

      That’s cold dude.

    7. Wtf

      Can we just go back to the ratchets, cock donkeys, twat monkeys, and pecker buckets, I hate politics. Exactly why I can’t watch the news , I don’t even want to understand it. I would rather attempt to decipher hood rat Facebook posts than the stupid sperm wranglers and tampon munchers in the news. How’s that !

      1. Fatfingr Lou

        Agreed. Deciphering the meaning of hoodrat text messages would challenge the best cryptologists…then there would realize it is rudimentary electronic poop-smear

      2. True Reality Speaks

        No way. Go watch Jerry Springer if you need to feel superior. Ratchets and other animal-like creatures are a dime a dozen. We may never again (hopefully) get to see the Democrats, media, the Left, and SJWs self-destruct so publicly and completely as they are right now. This is history in the making.

    8. Kevi bashed in my skull

      Seth Moulton was asked if he liked Trump’s plans to expand the military. The libs have so much hate he couldn’t bring himself to say yes. Kept bringing up Obama.

      1. Realist

        So Seth Moulton is now a Libtard ? He has more balls than you could ever hope to have! It’s Politics, And I would probably defer to his opinions over yours concerning the Military!

        1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

          Moulton is a lying scumbag liberal opportunist hypocrite traitor. Not surprised you’d be a fan of his.

          You are the definition of an useful idiot.

          1. MrSmiley

            Realist got bored of the easy trolling over at masslive. Figured we needed some attention here. All politicians sell their souls when they take office. Whether military or not they tend to toe the party line…

    9. Chris

      Time to vote out Katherine Clark (5th MA District, gerrymandered from Framingham to Melrose)

    10. bigdaddy

      The last time you saw this many democrats dressed in white they were standing in front of a burning cross

      1. XYZAffair

        Yup the Dems founded the KKK and they are still some in the party

    11. Publius

      The Progressive wing of the Democratic Party does not stand for or by working men and woman. Progressives care more about illegal immigrants than veterans and hard working American families. Progressives do not have your back. In fact do not turn your back on progressives because they cannot be trusted.

      1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

        It’s ALL the Democrats. They just want you to think it’s a “faction” of the Party that is anti-American. Don’t be a tool.

    12. Remembering Ryan Owens

      I didn’t watch this last night because of the “Live” show. Watching it now brought tears to my eyes (Damn you Turtleboy!!) I refuse to read about the skunts who refused to stand. They don’t even matter! God Bless Ryan Owens xoxo

    13. I melt snowflakes.

      These same people who are crying for women’s rights are members of CONGRESS. How much more equal rights do they want? Oh and seems to me like they were of ALL different nationalities and colors. Oh well they will find something to complain about regardless of what happens. SMH

    14. WHAT?

      If you look up “hack” in the dictionary there is a picture of Ed Markey.
      The only ambition Ed Markey has in life is to be a hack and collect as much money being a hack as he possibly can.

      Look at Ed Markey and tell me if you think he could produce anything useful. The only thing on earth that Ed Markey could be is a hack.

    15. Brian Albrecht's MomWhore

      Brian! Stop fucking around on this blog and bring your narrow ass home. But stop by the store on your way home and pick me up a can of alum. My vag is drooping real bad and I still have to service 15 more guys to pay off your drug debt or Guido said he was going to cut your dick off. I think he’s serious because he had a pair of nail clippers with him.

    16. Still in shock

      They don’t get their way, they sulk like little kids. Pitiful to say the least.

    17. Troubled Nostrils

      Turtleboy, you’re goddamned right!

      1. Troubled Nostrils


    18. T. Petty

      “It was bring your refugee to work day. But yea, that’s not exploiting them. ”

      Just remember: You don’t have to live like a refugee.

    19. White Pride White Power

      MAKE YOUR CHOICE: A party that cares about white clothes, or a party that is ACTIVELY working to ADVANCE the WHITE RACE.


    20. Steven Stover

      All it will take to oust that asshole McGovern is a opponent who has a heart beat. Even his voting base, known as the welfare class, are sick of his shit.

      1. True Reality Speaks

        You’re wrong. He has too many people on his payroll or beholden to him for a job reference, a special interest grant, a union contract, or to get an arrest broomed.

        Not to mention all the leeches getting an EBT check for sitting on their couches, dead voters, and the brain dead lemmings and sheep that vote for anyone with a (D) after their name.

        We’ve recently elected Charlie Baker, Fauxcahontas, and Maura Healey. We are beyond help.

    21. Wwy

      That’s not the real congress,AIPAC is the real congress that’s how this country got so Jewish,Jewish wars,Jewish panhandling American tax dollars,Jew news,nothing new they did the same to Russia and Germany. The wandering Jew terrorists.

    22. Dez

      Awesome article, so stoked on this. we need a real news rebel, rock on turtle dude!

    23. juror seven esq.

      Someone please tell this grand dames, or should it be great dane’s, that you never wear white after Labor Day. Did notice that Warren did not join the girls with wearing white. Understand that she wanted them all to wear buckskin to support her Indian heritage.

    24. Jhg


    25. Fake news?

      I just read somewhere else that they did stand. That the picture was after they had already stood, when people were starting to sit back down again. And that another picture used was from before they stood. Follow up? Corrections? True or false?

      1. UsualSuspect

        There is a man standing directly in front of them applauding, the evil bitches did not stand.

        1. I hate stupid people.

          I believe they did for about 2.5 seconds so that they can say that “stood up”. FUCK ALL DEMS AND LIBS. They are all wastes of oxygen. They barely clapped or stood regardless of what Trump said. THEY ARE THE DIVIDE IN THIS COUNTRY. Let’s ship all of them over to Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq or any other country where ISIS is. Wait I have an idea!!!! For every 1 refugee we take after thorough background checks they take 10 Democrats and 100 Liberals. That sounds fair.

    26. Fed Up


    27. Fah Cue

      This article, as sarcastic and hilarious as it is, is 10000000000% on point

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