• Let’s Give This Costume-Stealing Trash Banshee From Connecticut Some Turtleboy Justice For Stealing $500 Elsa And Anna Dresses From A Girl Who Spends Her Days Off Making Sick Kids Smile


    It’s Time for the Turtlehammer of Justice!

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    You all know that we here at Turtleboy Sports are the Internet justice for small businesses everywhere. We especially hate it when people rob them. We lose our minds when skankwads steal from a small business that spend countless days a month brightening the lives of sick children through charity work.

    So, when we got a message, with proof, that Kristy Wininger, a forehead beast, from Meridan Connecticut abused the kindness of Erica Altieri, owner of CT Princess Parties, we were cool to intervene. Look at this skeeze: 
    Here starts the runaround:

    Yeah, she’s got enough time to play superhero but not enough time to drop the $500 worth of dresses off to their owner.

    Since her ex hit her? Give me a freakin’ break. 
    I guess Kristy was running out of excuses and just starts ignoring her.

    Now, Erica started the business from the ground up, buying all the expensive costumes, accessories, and built her own clientele. She wanted to give back to the community because she’s a total sweetheart. She donates a couple days a month visiting sick kids in the hospital to brighten their day a little and improve morale. The biggest request she has is Elsa and Anna from Frozen because it’s a still a huge movie.

    Look at Erica! She’s adorable. Do you have any idea what it takes to entertain kids on their birthday? Patience. It takes a special person to do what she does and not fall in to a bottle of wine, or in my case, bourbon. It takes an extra special person to spend your days off cheering up sick kids who are stuck going through treatment instead of being normal kids.

    Stick with the cardboard, sweetheart.
    Erica found herself with a little boy who wanted meet Spider-Man. She didn’t have a costume for it so she began to ask around. That’s when she found Kristy, a crappy cosplayer from the area, who happened to have a costume she could borrow. Erica told Kristy she would return the favor, and did, by letting her borrow Elsa and Anna gowns and wigs for a birthday party. That was upwards of $500 worth of trust.

    Well, it’s been about a year since Kristy, the Skankwad, borrowed the costumes now and has spent most of that year giving Erica the runaround. She started flat-out ignoring Erica about a month ago.

    Erica made a plea on Facebook as a final resort before going through the exhaustive small claims court process. Kristy untagged herself from the post. A Turtlerider saw it and messaged us.

    Kristy seems to have a ton of kids that she doesn’t have custody of, works at a cash register, and spends her ample freetime making half-assed costumes to attend comic cons with. She doesn’t work to better herself. She spends all her time for Facebook pictures.

    She’s Bowser in the picture. I almost don’t have the heart to tell her she didn’t need a costume to pull that look off.
    Editor’s Note: Rhode Island Comic Con executives have contacted us to let us know that Kristy Wininger is lying about working for RI Comic Con. They do not know this person and she is not affiliated with their company in any capacity.

    That’s a pretty tight community and this is probably going to come as no surprise to the nerds of New England that Kristy stole Erica’s costumes. Kristy has all this time, according to her Facebook page, and yet she couldn’t find five minutes to give the costumes back.

    Seems she is at the epicenter of drama constantly:

    And she doesn’t like people stealing from her: 

    So, what I want everyone to do is share this little blog all over the comic con circuit, and in Kristy’s neck of the woods, until she either gives the costumes back or coughs up the $500 she stole.
    If you’ve had a run in with Kristy let us know by messaging us on Facebook. I’m sure this isn’t the first time she’s been a sneaky skank.


    South Shore Turtlegirl

    [email protected] Covering the dirty south shore and coast. Email me with tips or communities you'd like me to watch for stupidity.

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    1. brian albrecht(the real one)

      #WOW what an ugly bitch. She’s one of those disgusting mutants Little Kevin Lynch calls a family. Can smell that hoe’s pussy from a mile away. someone needs to knock her the fuck out. She reminds me of 99% of the comment section on turtlegirlsports.com. FUCKING MOUTH BREATHERS. THe definition of Internet keyboard warriors. IF any of you think you have what it takes to fuck with me let me know. I’ll gladly meet up

      1. Duggan

        shut the fuc up brian. I live in the southshore too and i hope i run into you one night,your done if i do.. I google’d your ugly ass. Nice record you piece of shit. selling drugs to a minor? i hope you’re in jail by tonight.

        1. brian albrecht(the real one)

          SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH DUGGAN. you fucking hear me? CAN YOU READ THIS? youre from the south shore? where the fuck from? dont ever say my name again or ill fucking find you. A name like duggan wont be hard to find. OR you can just meet me in weymouth you fucking pussy FEDERAL AVE NIGGA

          1. Duggan

            Id give you my address but youd probably come ding dong ditch my house like a pussy. I’m not afraid of you Brian Albrecht. We may be closer than you know…

            1. ZephyrCat

              YES!!! Thank you duggan! we need someone to stand up to Brian Albrecht. You’ll be a hero around here. Brian has been terrorizing us! Including calling KevinLynch’s family disgusting and an abomination. He keeps asking for my address, and tried to attack me and my twink boyfriend at a starbucks. I hope youbeat him up good!

            2. brian albrecht (the real one)

              I’m always callin to allah cuz imma mooselam. Muthafucka, imma bisexual mooselam. I fuck camels AND goats!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

            3. brian albrecht(the real one)

              you sound like a real HOMO right now. wont even tell me what town you live in. Probably a pussy from rockland or something. HAHAH FAGGOT!! WEYMOUTH ALL DAY ALL WAYS my nigga.

          2. South Shore Turtlegirl

            You spelled Weymouth wrong.

            1. brian albrecht(the real one)


            2. brian albrecht(the real one)

              TURD BUGLSTEIN TOOK A SHIT WHILE ON VIDEO CAMERA AND WIPED WITH A PIECE OF TOILET PAPER THAT HAD MY NAME ON IT, AND POSTED IT TO A WEBSITE . Just wanted to point out how much an absolute pussy to do something like that. think about how much real estate i have in his brain? BEACH FRONT PROPERTY RIGHT IN HIS STUPID FUCKING HEAD..

            3. brian albrecht (the real one)

              Yo Turd, hit me up when you do that again you homo. I wanna do the asswipin for you bro! I love smellin a dudes shit knowimsayin? That’s means I’m that much closer to the tunnel of fudge!! SHITSTAINS RULE!!!!


    2. brian albrecht(the real one)

      got some new lube for you to try on that dry vagina, might make it hurt a little less.

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    7. I hate stupid people.

      Time to blow up her phone. *67 203-824-9873. Turtle Riders Unite

      1. brian albrecht(the real one)



        1. I hate stupid people.

          FINALLY found this douchenozzles calling….. To be annoying….. Oh wait he figured that out a million hastags ago.


          1. brian albrecht(the real one)

            I’ve already called her 5 times. only going to call 7000 more times in the next hour or so.
            ANYONE HAVE HER ADDRESS? I took the day off from work. Wouldnt mind putting a brick through her window.
            and i hate stupid people. Just shut the fuck up you pussy, no one here likes you.

        2. South Shore Turtlegirl

          Brian, you would be the last person who would know if I’m a squirter.

          1. brian albrecht(the real one)

            Why you gotta be like that? you know i fucking nailed it when I called you a squirter. Youve left a few puddles on beds in your day. Which town you from again? whitman?

            1. South Shore Turtlegirl

              Pembroke. A town known for producing squirters.

            2. Turd Burglestein

              The only thing Brian has ever nailed was his left hand that he sat on so it would be numb and like getting a piece of strange for him. I can tell you one thing though…Brian sure does know how to toss the salad. He literally wore my asscheeks like a hat while he tongue punched my brown eye.


            3. brian albrecht(the real one)

              LOL PEMBROKE. seriously? I’m in Pembroke all the time. GOT A LOT of friend out there. Theres a possibility ill be stopping by in Pembroke tonight. And just cuz you have a dry vagina doesnt mean you have to have this dry personality

            4. South Shore Turtlegirl

              The only thing that makes me moist are the tears of my enemies.

            5. brian albrecht(the real one)

              TURD BURGLESTEIN stop talking about fighting like uve ever been in one u fucking fruit salad.

              I will hit you with a flurry of right and left crosses that will have you swallowing all your teeth and praying to Allah u fucking terrorist monkey.

              FUCK WITH ME
              You betta believe it
              ps. nice handwriting you fucking moron. You truly are a product of Worcester huh. Just a dumb fucking monkey

            6. I hate stupid people.

              I’m still waiting for him to make a Brian Albrecht HARDCORE WEYMOUTH video. He can drive around Gaymouth being all HARDCORE for us. Showing us all he HARDCORE spots. That is is mommy will drive him around.

            7. South Shore Turtlegirl

              That would be the most Weymouth thing ever.

            8. Shauna Tate

              WTF kinda mess did I did I just walk into?!?!?

              Making fun of the LGBTQ simply because of who they are???

              Because if so…it’s not cool…Not at all.

            9. South Shore Turtlegirl

              You walked in to a troll. You just be new to the Internet.

            10. I hate stupid people.

              Shauna What the fuck are you talking about? NO ONE is messing with the LGBTQWERTYWXYZ community on here. We Turtle Riders are going after a COSPLAY THEIF.

          2. I hate stupid people.

            Perfect job for him don’t ya think? When you guys get people who need to be annoyed just send Brian their way. She will probably return or pay for the costumes just to get the Weymouth Switch Master off her back

            1. I hate stupid people.

              Wait I just realized something… Now he can definitely make it into the Turtleboy dictionary.

              She stole costumes so we Brian Albrechted her.

          3. BobnMic

            Did you get my apology?

            1. The Rock

              Try writing it on a piece of paper. Rolling it up. Really tight. Get a good roll going. Then, turn it sideways and shove it straight up your candy ass!!

            2. BobnMic

              I doubt this is South STG.

        3. TheRealZephyrCat

          THIS IS harassment. IT NEEDS TO STOP. This Brian albrecht character has been a menace for a week now. i’m tired of it. PLEASE BAN BRIAN

          1. TheRealZephyrCat

            Well I agree with that statement although I didn’t say that. I think you can use your own name for that since no one would disagree with you. I don’t know what’s worst. This demented Brian kid who must be on some antidepressants mixed with adderall. Turd, who actually thought filming himself taking a shit and wiping his ass was, just, the best possible thing he could do today. Another one who must be on more meds than he shows. Or Bob, who’s on the grovelling tour so he can get back in good graces while letting everyone know he’s got alcohol and ptsd issues. What The Fuck is going on today??? Full Moon Fever???

        4. Branch Mgr from Boylston

          Hey Brian. You sound HOT! I’m a sexually frustrated BBW who will DEFINITELY squirt for you, honey! But only if you go in the back door 😉
          I know you hate Worcester (not from here originally), so I’ll travel to Weymouth for your sweet manhood. But it would be easier if you could show up to my work- we can use the vault and no one will hear my screams of pleasure!
          HMU, sexy!

      2. Cere

        But. Did you block your number?

    8. brian albrecht(the real one)


    9. brian albrecht(the real one)


    10. brian albrecht(the real one)


    11. brian albrecht(the real one)


    12. brian albrecht(the real one)


      1. Tommy Chong


    13. Erica Altieri

      Thank you!

    14. tngsucks

      I hope she messages desk girl

    15. wabbitt

      Jesus… the comment section of these blogs is like YouTube on meth. Did we just replace Feisty and Bob with this Brian douche?

      1. ZephyrCat

        Please don’t forget Turd. Who posts themselves taking a shit? Hasn’t been back since so I’m left to assume his visiting nurse took his camera away and upped his meds. He’s probably resting comfortably now.

      2. BobnMic

        You just spelled Feisty correctly Wabbitt. Therefore you must be thinking of someone else. And in my hey day I could never hold a candle to Brian.

        1. FiestyLawyerLady

          Keep talking shit Bob and I’m going to use your wife’s picture where she is standing, full fucking body shot. The one where she is with all of her coworkers at the bank.

          Keep your fucking mouth shut. The people here teasing you are nowhere near as fucking heartless as I am.


          1. BobnMic

      3. FiestyLawyerLady

        Seriously I ignore your jabs because I’m not in the mood to bother you but shut the fuck up and stop being a cry baby bitch already.

        Bob has spent 10 months fucking this place up and every once in a while I have the right to reply to him and remind him he’s a fucking moron. All of the trolling accounts have NOTHING to do with me and never have. You only mention me because Bob talks about me all the time and I get grouped into his fuckery.

        Get over it already. If you don’t like me fucking ignore me but please for the love of God, don’t turn into a whiney little faggot.

        You’re starting to mention me just as much as him. That’s three times in less than a week.

        1. FiestyLawyerLady

          Comment above was to Wabbit, the man with a pussy.

    16. Chris s

      Everyone should message the hag. I just did, lets flood that skanks FB

    17. EBT guaranteed

      Another parasite of society. Sucking off a living host with no conscience.

    18. Disappointed

      She was just able to buy a car though?!

    19. Cere

      So… The cosplay community is full of drama and I just gotta say.. This story is missing the second side, is unprofessional, and VERY full of hate rather a report of something that happened. Sadly this makes BOTH parties look bad. I havent read something this distasteful in awhile. I wish the best for both parties.

      Great job asking others to fire off hate btw. (Not that much provokes simple-minded individuals anymore)


      1. I hate stupid people.

        So what’s the other side then? ALL THE EVIDENCE is there. She had more excuses why she couldn’t return the items that she was let to BORROW, than a crack head stealing your tv. LOOK AT THE SCREEN SHOTS IN THE ARTICLE WAY ^^^^^ THERE. The only excuse she DIDN’T use was sorry I died a few days ago and was just revived. GET A CLUE!!!

        1. Cere

          You would make a horrid lawyer.

          1. I hate stupid people.

            WELLLLLL WHATS THE OTHER SIDE? Let’s see I can hear you now….

            Ummmmm like she was sick and then she was working a lot so she couldn’t return the items that she borrowed. So like you totally don’t know her and stuff she has like tons of stuff to do and she like totally told the woman to come pick them up but she forgot where she lives cause she is just sooooo busy ok.

            NO SERIOUSLY I have NEVER heard anyone claim that they couldn’t remember where they lived because they just moved. If you don’t believe me just look up at the screen shots. How stupid does she think people are. Good thing she never bought a new car and parked in a parking lot cause she would be FUCKED trying to remember what she drove. I have an idea for you so you don’t end up like her. STAY IN SCHOOL and DON’T DO DRUGS. You must be what 15 maybe 16? YEAH YOU HAVE A CLUE ABOUT LIFE…..LMAO.

            1. Esaragi

              I agree, it makes absolutely no sense what’s so ever, and it is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

      2. South Shore Turtlegirl

        Oh shut up. You saw that skanks texts. Wait until tomorrow. We are blowing up her whole spot.

        1. Cere

          Whatever helps you problem solve ;D

          1. hahahaohreally

            ok who the heck is this Brian guy? Did I miss an article about him?? I’m so confused…
            Also Cere? Are you this lady’s daughter? Why are you defending her?

            1. South Shore Turtlegirl

              We aren’t really sure where Brian came from. He just showed up one day and never left. Kind of like herpes.

            2. BobnMic

              And yet he stays and I go. Do you see any weirdness in that?

            3. I hate stupid people.

              He is just like herpes. He goes away for a while and then when you least expect it he rears his ugly head.

    20. Helpful Anon

      heres her current number if the chick still wants to get ahold of her 203-824-9873

    21. WaifuWars

      Holy crap. Just looked her up. I have 15 mutual friends with her. Gross.

    22. Jane doe

      Iv known that bitch for years she lost all her kids because her house was unlivable she is the nasty dirtyest waste of human space you will ever know if u can’t get t9 her page go threw Heather O’Connell who also is a scumbag an lives with krissy

    23. Alex

      So…..she probably did it, but does anyone realize the dates of the messages? These are totally not in order, and the dates about getting the Elsa are on 07/25/16, whereas some of the messages asking if she will return it are from earlier than that.

      1. GrundleChum

        wrong assweepae

      2. Bystander

        Alex, The messages you are labeling as “earlier” just say January 26, etc because they from the current year: 2017. The requests to get her things back started in 07/2016. She’s been trying to get them back for over 6 months.

    24. Kristy is fat

      Lol Kristy Wininger deleted her fb i can find it on chat

    25. Samantha

      Wow. But next time for privacy reasons, block out any phone numbers, addresses, and personal information. Because people on the internet are crazy and anything can happen now.

    26. Michelle Armstead

      Ok so I personally know these people and the ex boyfriend has nothing to do with this…. It was all Kristy doing….. The ex boyfriend is my best friend he is innocent its all Kristy please stop blaming him and bothering him

    27. Esaragi

      Kristy Wininger barrow Erica’s cosplay and refuse to return it, and making cover up stories to avoid Erica’s request!? Kristy sure is a Plague to the Cosplay Community, she better not show her face in the mid-west.