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  • Lingerie Party Mom Who Fights Her Kid’s Enemies Is Named Lorelane Laboy And She’s Been Arrested A Billion Times And Still Has Custody Of Her Kids

    Lingerie Party Mom Who Fights Her Kid’s Enemies Is Named Lorelane Laboy And She’s Been Arrested A Billion Times And Still Has Custody Of Her Kids

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    Earlier today we blogged about this hambeast Worcester Mom who bought booze for her 16 year old daughter’s hotel room lingerie party, a week after getting into a fight with several of her daughter’s Canterbury Street enemies:

    How ironic that she’d choose to wear fishnet lingerie. Especially since she more than likely has an overpowering stench of talapia scented body spray on at all times.

    Anyway, took about five minutes for turtle riders to let us know La Colora’s real name – Lorelane Laboy. And just as predicted her Google resume shows that she was a really dedicated and loving mother up until this one incident.

    Just kidding, she might as well pitch a tent in the Worcester Courthouse:

    Assault and batter, driving an uninsured vehicle, larceny, driving with a suspended registration, and trespassing. That’s a hoodrat Bingo if I’ve seen one!!

    Her alternative Facebook page is Lolen Laboy, where she glamorizes life on beautiful Canterbury Street:

    It’s not easy to make life on Canterbury Street look anything but miserable, but she sure did try.

    Anyway, how does a grundle mollusk like this have custody of her children? That’s what I wanna know. She’s been arrested five million times before. She buys her kids booze and gets dressed up in lingerie for hotel parties. She fights the kids her children fight, and then talks shit to them in hoodbonics on Facebook. And she’s OBVIOUSLY on government assistance, because God forbid a trashbag like this actually get a fucking job. That’s what really pisses me off – we pay for this shit. That’s my tequila. And all these people do is violate our laws, raise another generation of gutterslugs, and expect the rest of us to finance the mess they call life. Meanwhile we have to listen to politicians like Jim McGovern tell us that under no circumstances can we ever cut benefits for such upstanding citiznes like Lorelane Laboy.


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    1. Welfare hater

      It’s great that she has money for Jordans and tattoos but not for rent and groceries.

      1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

        100 emoji

        1) Symbol

        The red 100 emoji symbol used frequently on Twitter and Facebook, actually stands for the percentage of welfare benefits said person is receiving. Commonly used by ghetto thugs, single welfare moms, ratchets and criminals.
        *note if there are multiple 100 emoji symbols used together they symbolize how many EBT cards said person is currently using.

    2. The Executioner

      EXACTLY TB! I’m tired of financing the ghetto way of life for these thugs. I wish government would do its job and screen these hoodrats right back under the rock they crawled out from under…Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican, Ghana, wherever! Enough with the parasite invasion!

      1. Captain Crunch

        executioner your errr …. expertise and knowledge is needed in these situation

      2. Annoyed

        Wow, because that’s the only place they come from right? They should ship your ignorant self somewhere far away too.

    3. wabbitt

      Dozens of people on those pictures, and not a job to be found.

      1. cottage cheese and rolls

        Notice in the other article, one of her kids has braces…aren’t you glad to be paying for those, too?

        1. Itsjustme

          Yes considering our dental (that we pay for) doesn’t pay for braces and we already had to drain our savings once to pay for one of our children’s braces, and just about to do it again for another.

    4. Vince McMahon

      When the fight is almost over and she’s ready to put an end to it she busts out the “thunderclap.” It’s like an atomic booty clap generated by her thunder thighs and leaves her enemy knocked out and with chlymidia

    5. TurtleFan

      What in the actual FUCK are those pictures about?! Unfuckingbelievable… photo shoot with cheap booze? Check!
      Nasty ass savers wardrobe? Check!
      Pornographic kissing images that make me want to burn out my retinas? Check! Fucking trifecta of ratchetry right here… god help us all.

    6. MrSmiley

      Local latin kings bbq hahaha
      32? I would’ve guessed 42. Dude she’s swapping spit with LIVES at the jail pretty consistently. For….. Domestic among other fun things.

    7. Azif

      What a fuken ugly fuppasloth

    8. Daisy

      Is that concrete filler in her ass? Sloppy over the border implant job for sure.

    9. True Reality Speaks

      Thank a lib.

    10. cottage cheese and rolls

      Ice-T lives on Canterbury St?!

    11. Captain Crunch

      Always fantasized lingerie parties were filled with beautiful women.
      God what a horrible, ugly woman, ugly in every possible way.

      The Government will pay her to have 10 children, she will be released over and over.
      You can only afford to have 2 children.

      If a meth-lab ignited in the middle of this street party and nobody survived to hear the explosion, would it make a noise?

    12. Hanginpossum

      I genuinely feel bad for her and her children. Their real enemy is the system that set them up to exist that way and incentivize them to never change. Realistically a teen mom with no other support has few options and so another voter is bought.

      1. possumeroadkill

        If you’re not trolling and really believe all that baloney, about the system causing these people to become victims, then you are a bigger part of the problem than they and probably a “victim” yourself. Go stand in the middle of 290 with a protest sign.

      2. Choices

        Hanginpossum, seriously? She has made a CHOICE to be a system slug. It is a CHOICE. I was a teen mom (16), with one drugged out parent and the other one barely involved in my life, so, that was my wonderful support system. I did receive public assistance until I finished high school (no child support). I am not proud of that, but it was a necessity at the time and exactly what the system is set up for – help, for a short period of time. I graduated high school, got a job, and became a productive member of society. Could I have kept popping out babies and stayed sucking on the system teat? Sure, but I didn’t, because it’s WRONG. It wasn’t easy, but I finally was able to go to college at 25 and earn a degree, and I paid my own way. I’m now in my mid 40’s, I own a beautiful home, a newer car, and work a job I love, and I did it all myself. That child I had as a teenager is now in his late 20’s, never been on the system, works very hard, has a beautiful family of his own, and is on his way to buying his first home – because I set that example, because I made the CHOICE. The system is not the enemy, the enemy of these people is themselves. They have no desire for a better life, because, hey, free money is easier than hard work, integrity, morals, values and self discipline and sacrifice. They “raise” their children to have no expectations for a better life and encourage the continuation of the cycle because they refuse to set a better example. The only people who remain on the system are those who CHOOSE to be there. The system never bought my vote, I know the difference between right and wrong. The bleeding heart bullshit has to end. This skanky piss-poor excuse of a ‘parent’ is not a victim, she’s a prime example of the problem. She CHOOSES to remain a system sucking ghetto slug and set her own children up for failure. ‘merica.

      3. Jessy

        I was a teenage mom and actually lived on Canterbury St. In no way shape or form is the system to blame. I have my own home now and raised my son right. It’s the person not the system.

    13. Chip Striker

      Time to start weening these wastes of tax dollars out of society. Is there a group of retired Navy Seals or something we can all hire to make these free loaders disappear? That would be tax dollars well spent in the long run, and I think I’m onto something here.

    14. Jolene from the Hood

      “hoodbonics!” LMAO!

    15. Mr. T

      Jim McGovern’s illegitimate love child.

      1. Narcanista

        Get your ‘Grabbit’ with Locking Ratchet Action!

        Call Now and get a second Grabbit for only additional costs of shipping and handling!

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