• Manchester Claptrap Who “Don’t Chill With Scummy People” Poses For The Happiest Prostitute Mugshot Of All Time

    Manchester Claptrap Who “Don’t Chill With Scummy People” Poses For The Happiest Prostitute Mugshot Of All Time

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    Bedford PatchSix alleged johns and two alleged prostitutes were arrested in Manchester yesterday morning as part of prostitution sting, according to police. “Operation Breakfast Club,” the department’s third sting since June, hit the streets on the morning of Sept. 18, 2017, in an effort to address complaints in the area of Enright Park, according to Lt. Brian O’Keefe of the Manchester Police Department. Arrested on a single count of prostitution each were Edwin Arroyo Batista, 43, pictured upper left, of Manchester; Andre Benson, 49, pictured upper center, of Manchester; Patience Stone, 23, of Manchester; Andres Santos Ventura, 42, pictured far right, of Manchester; Paul Gagnon, 74, pictured upper right, of Franklin; Ashley Berube, 19, pictured upper left, of Manchester; and Gary Gemmott, 59, pictured far left, of Franklin. Edward Marsi, 37, pictured middle right, of Danville, was arrested for prostitution and indecent exposure.

    Operation breakfast club. Best. Name. Ever.

    I’m glad they at least showed the pictures of the Johns too. Sometimes they just show the hookers, which is pretty fucked up since they’re only hooking because their lives are one gigantic abortion sandwich. But the guys? They just can’t get laid so they have to basically hand these chicks the money they need to get more heroin so they can continue to be deadbeat hookers. Sad.

    The thing is, usually when they share these mugshots all you see is a sea of embarrassment and shame. But not with this chick:

    That is the happiest prostitute I’ve ever seen.

    And 19 year old Ashely Berube’s Facebook page is a real trip too. First of all, guess where she moved from:

    Haverhill. Shocking.

    She don’t chill with scummy people because she’s “alset with that life”:

    Does this look like a scummy person to you?

    Nope. That guy is a learned scholar who obviously can show him her the finer things in life. Funny, on the Cialis commercials they never show that guy’s face, holding hands with a drugged up hooker in his and her bathtubs.

    Take a guess what were favorite cigarette of choice is….

    The only way to keep it 100 is with a fresh pack of Newport 100’s.

    Looks like the single life is working out well…..

    Why date just one guy when you can have all of this?

    Cash deez teef!!

    Tiger Woods sure has seen better days.

    Just sayin.

    Ashley ironically does not like loose women, and vows to “catch u lacking” on the streets:

    She’s evidently angry because one of her rival prostitutes gave her boy the clap:

    And her birth canal is allegedly so gaping that the echoes reverberate from Africa:

    And she is definitely in a position to judge the sexual activity of other women. Definitely.

    Looks like she was just arrested a couple weeks ago and has some strong feelings towards the police:

    Of course the big loser here is her ex-boyfriend Nick:

    As you can imagine, Nick is quite the catch.

    He was on his way to live in Webster, took a wrong turn, ended up in Manchester, and decided he’d fit in perfectly there too.

    Once again, his loss:

    She apparently was pregnant last year, and posted a bunch of pictures of her baby bump. Unfortunately due to her lifestyle, the baby didn’t make it. Naturally she went on Facebook to take a bathroom selfie and use a Facebook filter she doesn’t understand the meaning of in order to commemorate her loss.

    It’s sad when a baby dies like this. But at the same time, that baby’s chances of making it when you call this thing “Mom”

    Were pretty small to begin with.




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    1. Bill Clinton

      How much does she charge I am asking for a friend

      1. Hilary

        Bill, get off the computer. I’m hungry.

    2. ?????

      WTF is that thing in the picture below hers? Who would pay to hit that???

      1. wabbitt

        You’d be amazed at the whore monger mindset.

        1. Not All ProstiTots Are Illiterate

          That’s right, Wabbit…We all know mongering is your hobby of choice. You like to post on the daily to USA sex guide about you and your buddies Main South adventures. Pot calling the kettle black, don’t you think? BTW I’m pretty sure you and a few other judgemental readers of this blog have paid me to gum them down.

    3. Advice to Nick!

      If you don’t already have some sort of STD, consider yourself lucky that the ugly POS that you were hooking up with, didn’t give you something!!! I’m EXTREMELY reaching here (based on your “profile”) but you might be able to do something with your life and leave the shit behind. Your choice! Keep your dick in your pants and don’t whip it out for whatever SKANK comes your way!

    4. Tiger Woods - LOSER!

      Love the picture of Woods! Pathetic wretch! He needs to crawl back under his rock, and never be heard from again! Glory days are LONG gone!

    5. Pinball McDonough

      You dont pay her for sex; you pay her to leave.

    6. Dick Dover

      Hey girls? What’s it like having a pothole for a pussy?

    7. Kegger

      The bigger picture is the root cause of prostitution. The common denominator – DRUGS . . I won’t get into the debate as to whether marijuana is a gateway drug or not . I will say that it’s starts somewhere , the first toke , the first drink , a perk , a line . Some people can use drugs and alcohol recreationally , others hit rock bottom . It’s sad . I’m not a fan of the Turtle making fun of these people , but I understand it’s human nature to judge . I don’t buy into the whole it’s a disease thing either . I just wish our society could get s handle on the whole drug epidemic that’s ruining lives and. Killing kids . Oh and is the Bird mans picture one of the mug shots ?

    8. wabbitt

      What baby bump? What was she – six weeks? The damn thing is a glorified blood clot at that point. Get over it, you insufferable whore.

    9. #naturalselectionatitsfinest

      It’s hard to lose a baby, in this case I’m super glad nature decided this tramp wasn’t ready to be a vessel for another life! These girls have no clue what taking care of another human is about, they use them as a welfare/food stamp check and a decoration, after they have the baby and the bump is gone DCF becomes a new parent once again, ain’t no way they letting some street walker have a baby with her!

    10. They call,me Ponch

      Mug shot looks like Eddie Munster

      1. wabbitt

        I was thinking a methed out Leonardo DiCaprio from when he was on Growing Pains.

        1. Barry

          You should have said Basketball Diaries! But yeah, you totally nailed it.

    11. Bleeding Heart

      Nice way to make light of what happens when kids age out of the system

    12. Irishcurse

      She is fucking nasty. I think you could catch a STD jacking off to her picture.

    13. Whore master

      Fucking rookies. Never a rubber, always make her swallow a plan b or 2 in front of u.

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