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  • Moronic Turner Falls Parents Of Dangerous Kids Who Intentionally Hurt Themselves In “Calm Down Room” Are Suing Elementary School

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    A couple months back we shared this story with you about Hillcrest Elementary School in Turner Falls. They have a “calm down” room, as most elementary schools have, that is used as a temporary place to put out of control children who have become a danger to the rest of the school. Of course it only became a story once this woman:

    Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.49.50 PM

    who of course is from COLRAIN, decided to post it on her Facebook page:

    Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.44.04 PM

    Even though she does not have kids in this school, and does not live in the town of Montague, she still felt it was a good idea to jump to conclusions and get the Facebook lynch mob to go after a bunch of elementary school teachers.


    Now in a sane world we would ignore this woman:

    Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.49.50 PM

    Because she is a joke. But since we are not living in a sane world, a lawyer is now involved and he’s going after the school because this woman got the parents of the six year old kid she tutors all fired up about it. This lawyer is now investigating the school, and more than likely he’s gonna go after them with the hope that they settle out of court because it’s cheaper to do that than to litigate. It’s basically how Hector Pineiro makes money, except without drug dealers.

    Here’s Western Mass News coverage of the storyWatch the video.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.27.29 PM

    This Mom is blaming the school for the fact that her kid got put in the crazy room. Look, there’s either one of two things that could’ve happened here. Either the kid has special needs that cause him to behave erratically, in which case it is understandable that he acts out and needs to cool down. Or, Mom is your typical 2016 parent who doesn’t hold their kid accountable, gives him whatever he wants, and then expects his school to fix all of her glaring flaws as a parent.

    Gun to my head and I am picking option B.

    Meanwhile, take a look at this Dad:

    Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.18.17 PM

    Dude is wearing a Bernie button. On TV. Ummmm….why? The election was a month ago. Does he just wear that thing around 24/7 or was it for the cameras? Either way, the fact that he’s a Bernie guy is the least surprising aspect of this story. Kid fucks up and behaves irresponsibly? Blame someone else. That’s the Bernie way. Trust me, Turtleboy voted for Bernie. We can say that and still keep our hippie street cred.

    Meanwhile, check out the statement the Mom gave to the media:

    “From this innocent little boy that I took and spent so much time in. His toddler years and baby years. To put him into something like that– it ruined a lot.”

    You spent so much time in him? What does that even mean? You mean “spent time on?” This woman can’t even put a sentence together because she’s hungry for a payday. And if she spent this much “time in” her son, and he’s still acting up in class, then I would say she’s failed as a parent. Unless of course this kid has some sort of special needs, in which case she should obviously be sympathetic towards the teachers and understand that they will follow the guidelines that his IEP dictates.

    unnamed (1)

    Meanwhile, here’s what the Dad of the other kid said:

    “The amount of psychological impact that could have on a 5 or 6 year old long term is immeasurable in my eyes. Hard floor, no rug, white concrete walls with pencil drawings on it, very bare fluorescent light, and it had a little blue mat in the corner,” said Killian’s father, Chris Hughes.

    Psychological impact? Oh yea, because this guy right here is a doctor:

    Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.27.59 PM

    First of all, he said, “un-measurable” not “immeasurable,” because this numbnuts obviously has a very limited grasp of the English language. But he’s definitely qualified to talk about psychological issues. Sure, it looks like he hasn’t showered in days and that pullover he’s got on has probably never been washed (which is why the Bernie button still hangs). But don’t let him fool you, this guy is a clinically trained doctor.

    This honestly wasn’t what I was expecting from a Dad. But then again it’s Turner Falls. This is what Turner Falls looks like:











    Basically it’s a depressing, run down mill town that used to house immigrants who wouldn’t complain about working 70 hours a week and coming home with the plague. But now it’s filled with runaway shopping carts, boarded up buildings, run down homes, Bernie signs, and broken dreams. Could be worse though. You could live in Colrain.

    This guy looks like the poster child for Turner Falls. He look likes he works at the envelope factory and spends his free time drinking dollar drafts on his saved bar stool at the local tavern. I would’ve bet my milk money that he’d be the last guy in town to whine about a harmless room like this:


    But then again, there’s a big payday at the end of this rainbow and he probably realizes that this could be his ticket out of Turner Falls. This would explain why he tossed on the Bernie button and pretended to be a doctor for the cameras. If he plays his cards right he could be living in Deerfield by September.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.29.56 AM

    Of course the trashy Franklin County rag known as the Greenfield Recorder (the same classless newspaper that printed the fabricated accounts of two idiots from Orange who blamed the Orange FD for not saving two little girls in a fire) has sided with the hippie parents of the out of control kids. They interviewed one mother of a six year old who spent some time in the room:

    According to his mother, Landon has a history of behavioral issues. At age 3, he would clench his fists and pull out his hair out of frustration when he was having trouble expressing himself. Over the last few years, the aggressive behavior simmered down, but when first grade rolled around, new issues bubbled up. He stopped talking.

    The school’s calm-down room only made matters worse, she said. She thinks her son’s acting out and self-injury at school was a result of his experience in the room. “I don’t believe that they should use it at all.”

    Jesus freaking Christ!! Your kid is pulling his hair out because he’s having trouble “expressing himself??” What kind of hippie nonsense is that? Hey lady, your kid is pulling his hair out because he’s in need of serious psychological help, but instead of giving him that you’re telling him that he’s expressing himself. Then you sent him into a regular ed classroom because you’re in denial that your kid isn’t regular ed, and he started to become a threat to his teacher and the rest of the kids in the class, so OBVIOUSLY he couldn’t remain there while he was behaving like this. Because other kids have a right to a safe learning environment too. Believe it or not the world does not revolve around YOUR kid, who you seem to have no control over.

    And remember that parent from above? Here’s what she claims happened to her son:

    York said she realizes the importance of crisis intervention spaces, but disapproves of how the room is equipped and used at Hillcrest. She thinks teachers should play music in the space, give the children some soft books to look at, or give them pictures to flip through.

    Soft books? Music? Safe spaces? How bout teachers teach instead?? Or should everyone else stop learning until your out of control kid stops having a hissy fit?

    Her son also has behavioral issues, but she said school administrators didn’t know how to deal with her son’s episodes. Sometimes he would run from the classroom, and even from the building. She said they used the room to push her son aside, effectively depriving him of a full education.

    Wait….what?? Her kid was running from the building like he’s Forest Gump?? And she has a problem with them taking him and putting him in an isolated area? I’m sorry, were they supposed to let him run away and get eaten by bears? Because he’d probably make a nice snack for the bears up there.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.20.12 PM

    And see that part where she says the school is “depriving him of a full education?” That right there is everything that is wrong with America right now. Her kid is out of control and running away from the building, and here she is blaming the school for depriving him of an education. Ummm, lady, your kid was offered a full education, but he literally ran away from it. Several times.

    Her little angel has apparently had a bunch of trips to this room:

    Another nurse’s report, dated Nov. 19, states that Landon hit his head on the door of the calm-down room, then complained of a headache. On Nov. 30, a new report said that Landon hit his head on the wall and had a small bump on the center of his forehead. When the nurse tried to apply a cold compression to his head, he threw the ice pack on the ground.

    So this kid, who is obviously extremely dangerous, is acting crazy in class. So they put him in this room and he starts intentionally hurting himself. What are the teachers supposed to do? Restrain him? Allow themselves to be physically attacked? No. You just have to put him in there until he calms the fuck down. Then the nurse tries helping him out by giving him an ice pack and the little dooshnozzle in training throws it on the ground. Awesome parenting job right there. I guess it’s not surprising really since his mother has trained him that nothing is ever his fault.

    The bottom line is that we have special schools for kids like this. A lot of kids do have behavioral disabilities and they need a separate, non-traditional setting. But please, stop trying to put a square peg in a round hole. If the kid is crazy, he can’t be in a regular ed classroom. Come to terms with the fact that your kid isn’t like the other kids and try to make the best of it, instead of living in fantasy land and demanding that teachers become miracle workers.



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    1. Reddog

      Someone get that guy a new hat please.

      1. Chris Hughes

        Any TRUE New Englander wouldn’t abandon his Red Sox or Pats hit til it was in shreds. Now smaaahhhttin up

      2. Chris Hughes

        And like the rest of turtleboy bullshit, we’re not doing this for $ and our kid will never go back to that school. So what’s left? Good answer, the SAFETY of the other kids that do or will end up going there

    2. Olesa

      New rules: kids can’t be suspended, basically not even disciplined , no accountability for kids nor parents, but educators ARE held accountable.
      Also part of the new rules: police can’t arrest either. Its a plan to degrade society to the point of crisis.

    3. Turd Burglestein

      My precious little snowflake dindu nuffins. You guises are all rayciss.

    4. BlackandWhite

      Had to think about this one for a bit. Before jumping to conclusions, I would need more info before crucifying the parents or the school.

      Kids (and adults) on the autism spectrum (as well as many other issues) may have difficulty expressing themselves; it’s a developmental delay. If they cannot convey how they feel, they can get extremely frustrated. Special education dept needs to help them find a way to express themselves in an academic environment. Expressing themselves is also part of social skills.

      Are kids with special needs put into this safe room? Are the parents aware of this room? And is the safe room specifically written in their IEP?

      How long of a time span are kids being put into the safe room??

      If a child has repeated behavior issues that require them to be in a safe room at such a young age, then they need to find out “why” the child behaves inappropriately. This is done with Applied Behavior Analysis via special education testing.

      If the child in this article DOES have special needs (such as being on the autism spectrum), then the parents should have been aware of the room AND specifically written in the IEP.

      Need more info.

      1. Both have IEP`s , Not written in them according to reporter who did story.

      2. anononon

        A lot of three year olds (without being on the autism spectrum) get frustrated at being unable to adequately express themselves, or because they want to be more independent but aren’t allowed (or aren’t developmentally able yet) to do something they want to do.

        That is the first thing that jumped out at me…maybe it’s normal behavior, but maybe the child does have an issue (“pulling out hair” isn’t normal). I just wonder if the child/parents sought help before this point.

        “If a child has repeated behavior issues that require them to be in a safe room at such a young age, then they need to find out “why” the child behaves inappropriately. This is done with Applied Behavior Analysis via special education testing. ” – Very true.

      3. You're an idiot

        Thank you for being a voice of reason. This is about the well being of children. Not to crucify people and poke fun at children who need help.

    5. D

      Simple solution…..parents need to be parents!!!! Stop blaming every other damn person in your child’s life for your child’s problems!!!!!

      1. You're an idiot

        Simple solution for a simple mind. Behavioral issues/disabilities go a little deeper than that. I know plenty of kids from good families who have major issues. Children who need help and resources and trained adults to help them. Nothing is that simple.

    6. Bumble Bee

      turners sucks but that shouldn’t represent bernie sanders … so piss off turtleboy your over opinionated response shows ‘what kind of people’ vote for trump

      1. ninja turtleboy

        and your lack of proper grammar shows who voted for Bernie.

        1. anononon

          If only they had free college tuition – LOL!

        2. Chris Hughes

          Do your homework son. I started working with the DLC months ago and details cannot be released but the empty isolated room is the only info available to the public. And it should be dually noted that the DLC doesn’t investigate for no reason, a team of lawyers in Boston had a meeting on whether or not to investigate. The proof will always be in the puddin’

        3. Chris Hughes

          Unmeasureable is a word dumbass!!! Apparently we do need free college tuition. Come have a face to face so we can talk shop. That would be interesting

        4. Chris Hughes

          And only the uneducated or misinformed demographic buy into your BS. I’ll square off with ya on history or politics whenever as long as there’s no editing and you guarantee to post it there buddy. C’mon come out of your shell

      2. Chris Hughes

        I canvassed for Bernie in Detroit and helped win the state for us and been phone banking ever since getting home and I’ll be in many other states to spread the message while taking on the corruption in my local community to help many children besides my own. What have you done?

    7. M

      I live in turners and the pictures on here are all the worst places in the whole town…there are some nice parts to it

      1. Turd Burglestein

        Your mom’s basement doesn’t count.

      2. Rational Person

        I agree. I lived there for a couple of years after I got married in an apartment across from the golf course and it was a lovely place to live. I would go into town and the people were all very friendly. I used to rollerblade all through the streets and it was really fun.

    8. Jr

      I’d bet a year’s salary that if we investigated the parents in this case before looking into the school, we’re going to find at least one basement meth lab.

      I will say it’s not fair to paint the town negative with just pictures shot downtown, there are plenty of really nice homes and businesses in Turners (there’s an S at the end) Falls. You mentioned Deerfield. We went looking at houses there when planning to move to a bigger house, there are just as many dumps in Deerfield. There are in any town. The thing about Montague/Turners is, you will pay a hundred thousand less for the same house on the same amount of land, which makes it more economical if you have a good job.

      1. Chris Hughes

        And only the uneducated or misinformed demographic buy into your BS. I’ll square off with ya on history or politics whenever as long as there’s no editing and you guarantee to post it there buddy. C’mon come out of your shelll

      2. Chris Hughes

        I’ll take that bet yesterday coward

      3. Chris Hughes

        Hey jr I’ll take that bet yesterday coward

    9. PhiThe

      I grew up with this guy, Chris. This article makes him seem like an upstanding citizen compared to who he is in reality. Druggie, thief, unemployed loser. What a drain on society, the sad part is, he’ll probably win.

      1. jenn risley


        1. Chris Hughes

          Really Jenn? After our history and the verbal shock n awe I could wage against u n your history you would condone the abuse/neglect of MULTIPLE children. I’ve been working with the DLC for months and the severity of the schools policies will be revealed in due time so careful what u condone and support girl

          1. Jenn

            Bit your tongue, I am the very last person that you want to wage anything against! Remember given our history I know who you really are. I also know that you love nothing more then to bully people around and treat everyone around you like trash. You use people to get what you want not matter the cost. Our history WOW very poor example
            As for me condoning any type of abuse/neglect towards a child, NEVER! I protect children, I work with DCF and care for foster children . Don’t throw around threats cause I am not the same girl you once knew. I am not going to put your personal life on blast for everyone to read. IF for once you are speaking an once of truth my heart goes out to Killian but given your track record this is probably a well thought out plan to make a quick buck . I do believe that Jess is speaking out of concern for her son, she is a good mother to your children. Hopefully in the past few years you have actually started treating her right maybe showing her a little respect and not controlling her every move.

            1. Chris Hughes

              So Idk u anymore? Ok fair enough, but how do u know me then. I’ve got no interest in character bashing anyone, my time is better spent fighting for the lil guy. And I can’t help but wonder how u would react if this stuff happened to your son. U would stand up and protect him and if I heard anyone bash u for that than I would stick up for your child like I am all the other parents involved who didn’t want to be subjected to scrutiny such as all of the above dialogue. As for myself I don’t care what these misinformed morons have to say. When u comment on a federal investigation pertaining to long term neglect of children especially when u don’t know the details that just spells ignorant in capital letters. I wish u and your family the best

      2. Chris Hughes

        The DLC doesn’t investigate for no reason. Wish I could release details but am obligated not to due so. And if u knew me you’d know I was neither a drug addict or a thief. Time will tell but come talk to me when ever u want so the next time u say u know me u can be factual. Rock on

      3. Chris Hughes

        U grew up with me??? Lol right on. What’s your name?

      4. Chris Hughes

        To “phiThe” Since u know me so well what is your input on just the things I’ve done in December? I went to the 9/11 memorial and donated money to the victims families, I donated to a homeless organization, bought a homeless guy with no shoes in front of New York public library new kicks across the street at the over priced Calvin Klein store as well as donating to the NYPD. I also had to jump in front of a 100lb girl who was being shot at until she made it to cover (public record) How was your holiday season? Now that I’ve set the record straight I’m gonna get sleep so I can get back to contributing to society cuz I’m aware that the day will come when all of our grandkids will ask us what we were doing at this turbulent time….. I’m proud of the answers I’ll have for them, what will u say? K now I’m done entertaining the misinformed who still judge out of boredom

        1. H

          Glad you have so much free time and money. Spend some of both of them with your kids loser.

          1. Chris Hughes

            You’re not even worthy of a response

    10. TheManWhoKnows

      Believe it or not, the assessment of the parents is 100% correct.

      Mom is a lazy welfare cheater and Dad is a career criminal/drug dealer.

      Remember all the catalytic converter thefts? Yep, that was him. In and out of jail mulitiple times sure makes it hard to pay child support to his two other kids, doesn’t it?

      The real shame is these two idiots ruined their child’s chances of having a normal life. What will Dad teach him, how to measure out drugs and the proper way to cut exhaust pipe?

      Anyone ever notice how the biggest losers in life always have the most problems?

      1. Chris Hughes

        Expose yourself coward. I’ve never been charged or convicted of stealing anything as well as drug dealing. NO CHARGES, NO CONVICTIONS, EVER!!! Get your intel correct or shut your mouth. And I’m easy to find and eager to meet you

      2. Chris Hughes

        I know who u are man who knows nothing


        Ok Todd…

    11. Trump's boy penis

      I agree for the most part with the sentiment of the article although one thing stood out to me.

      “York said she realizes the importance of crisis intervention spaces, but disapproves of how the room is equipped and used at Hillcrest. She thinks teachers should play music in the space, give the children some soft books to look at, or give them pictures to flip through.

      Soft books? Music? Safe spaces? How bout teachers teach instead?? Or should everyone else stop learning until your out of control kid stops having a hissy fit?”

      Not sure why playing music and having a few books in the room has any affect on teachers ability to teach in their own classroom.

      Seems like a little exaggeration. I don’t see anything wrong with her suggestion here.

      1. anononon

        “Seems like a little exaggeration. I don’t see anything wrong with her suggestion here.”

        Because: 1. Who is going to be hired to sit and play music in the room? 2. Books can be thrown by angry/out of control children. 3. It might be a lot more entertaining to some kids to go to the music/book/chillax room than to stay in class (says one who used to go to the school nurse rather than to math class).

    12. Turnersmom

      If I don’t lock my children in a room when they misbehave know body else better lock my kid in a room. If I locked my kid in a room DCF would be called

    13. Richard Harrow

      You guys are all gay! Haha. What is wrong with you people? All of you! Who the cares lol. Worry about yourself hide behind the Internet and stick to that. Bernie sucks! But so does Trump! If any of you had half a brain you would be dangerous. Blindly voting for whatever these guys say. Let the fucked up court decide what happens with these parents. All of you running your pie holes lol. You all must be the people that post every little move they make on facebook…
      …”I just moved my left foot, then I put my right foot in front of that. Then I think I’ll poop. Does anyone think I should wipe?” Get lives people. The only reason I read this was because someone I know came across it and thought the same thing as me. Obama sucks, hippies suck, Bernie sucks x100, Trump just has a forehead like a Mac Truck and wears a bib. How about all of you opinioned people post who they really are if they truly believe what they are saying. Don’t be one of those scared TOOLS that hides behind a screen and thinks that means they can say what the please. GET A LIFE LOSERS! ALL OF YOU BLOW! lol

      -Richard Harrow

      1. FiestyLawyerLady

        Richard, I’m a bleached blonde attorney but I won’t give you my real name, most people can’t even pronounce it right anyway. Alas, may I call you Dick?

      2. Devils Mouthpiece

        Speaking of running your opinionated pie hole….

        1. Richard Harrow

          You think anything I wrote is my “opinion”? What did I say that isn’t absolute fact? What, you don’t think the article and comments too said article are enough circumstantial evidence for you?? You don’t have to be a genius to figure it out lol. But then again you were shard-born…
          ….wait, not just shard-born. It goes further, you’re fimicolous. That would explain your ignorance…

    14. Jane Doe

      Wow! I can’t believe some of the things in this so called “article”. By the way, it’s TURNERS FALLS not Turner Falls.

      1. Turd boy is a joke!

        It would be nice if someone would post actual facts instead of their own opinion, especially when it comes to something they know nothing about.

        1. FiestyLawyerLady

          That’s not as fun, though… Let’s play it your way:

          FACT: I am awesome.
          OPINION: You think you are.


          1. Richard Harrow

            Successful law firm…

            It shows lol

            1. FiestyLawyerLady

              Work for myself. I’m not cut out for firms.

          2. Richard Harrow

            I’m just precocious…

    15. Mike

      The whole thing is amazing. The fact that grammar school teachers don’t have the authority or guts to discipline kids. We need to get back to the point where teachers give kids a smack in the head if they are out of control or call the parents to come get them.
      The BS needs to stop and it will only stop when there are consequences.

      1. Chris Hughes

        Mike how about we chat in person. Consequences shouldn’t include abuse. Another moron who doesn’t know details

    16. Richard Harrow

      You can call me whatever you want honey. lol. Dick, Richard or James. James is my first name but everyone has called me Richard since I was kid.


      1. FiestyLawyerLady

        You are slower than a hooker at the end of her shift. I didn’t mean it in a flattering way, Dick.

        Happy Friday!

    17. Richard Harrow

      One other question I would like TurtleBoy to answer. Why haven’t you disclosed that the school pays you to write these articles?

      1. Richard Harrow

        I guess TURTLEBOY is hiding in his shell…


      Apperntly none of you actually know Chris. I went to private school but my parents were close with his grandparents who he lived with. Do you know why? And you won’t ever hear Chris cry about this like most of you would. Him, his brother and sister where all born in S.Boston. They were taken and placed in foster care until his grandparents took them in. Soon after, his mother was raped and strangled in Boston. She is buried in Conway. Has he made mistakes? Yes he has. But one thing I have always known about Chris is that he isn’t a lier. I think the person who said all those things about him is coward. I visited Chris’s grandfather right up until he passed away and Chris was always there helping him and keeping an eye on his health. His grandfather told me that he wanted to put Chris in his Will but when he tried to talk to Chris about it, Chris told him that he didn’t want to be in the Will. Chris has no family and never had anyone to pay for school. I know what Chris and his siblings went through as kids and none of you could have done it. But you will never hear Chris use that as an excuse. He is not a druggie, he has a job on the books and he cares for ALL his kids. If you wouldn’t say this to Chris’s face or you say things that aren’t true without using your real name, then maybe you should not post anything.

      1. FiestyLawyerLady

        Jeffrey Dahmer’s friends thought he was a good guy as well. I’m pretty sure he was hiding body parts inside of pickeling jars in his basement. Stand up guy.

        1. Chris Hughes

          If you were a lawyer you’d know the DLC doesn’t investigate for no reason and coincidentally a police officer acquaintance of mine happen to recently be at my house and I’m pretty sure he would have noticed a meth lab. Get a hobby!!!

          1. Richard Harrow

            Hey Chris, Richard Harrow here. I know I haven’t seen you in a little bit but when someone told me about this tool bad mouthing you and your family I had to see it for myself and boy was I correct! All cowards who are afraid to put who they really are. That means that don’t truly believe what they say. When I come home on leave I’ll have to get your address and come speak with you and get the details on this issue with the school. I don’t live local anymore (being in the Army for 18 years can tend to keep you away and Afghanistan doesn’t have the best internet lol) so I would have no way of seeing this in the news so I didn’t want to go spouting off about something I know nothing about but I have no doubt that if you say this about the school then it has to be true. I wish I could tell all these people that sit in the saftey of their bedrooms what you have done for your country and community. But that’s what has always made you different, you don’t need everyone to know because you didn’t do it to impress people like this. I know you support Bernie (which shouldn’t even matter) and I view politics a little different then you, but your knowledge of Foriegn Policy is on the spot and I’m a Conservative saying this! lol. When I first staring reading what people were saying about you I said to myself, “This can’t be the same Chris Hughes that I know that these people are insulting”. They have no idea buddy. You just keep fighting for what you believe in. I have no doubt that you know right and wrong. This guy Turtle is exactly what I hate most about people back in the states. It is so low and cowardly to post such a biased article like this. He, has to have skin in the game in order to be so out spoken about this topic. At least you know that I know what you have done and I appreciate it. I see you’re bringing the beard back? Maybe if the contract is renewed they will need you back. Are you actually advising Bernie on the same issues? I didn’t think he would ever agree with your plan but I have heard from some people that he has a more aggressive plan then most republicans. I can see why that might be if he has you under his belt. Shocker! Well I need some shut eye. Long day in the morning. Just ignore these cowards that hide on here and have never left their living room. Just remember how “The Polar Bears” roll. Make sure you continue to “Climb to Glory “. lol

          2. FiestyLawyerLady

            What do you mean “If I was a lawyer”? See Chris, I’m not like you. I don’t pretend to be anyone I’m not. I have no time for a poop in peace, let alone online fairytales.

            I was going to write a long drawn out reply, but instead I will let you and Richard continue to talk and cyber lick eachother nuts.

            P.S. If you want to maintain a good reputation so you don’t have to defend yourself online, try not having a criminal record.

            Bye bye!

            1. Richard Harrow

              Careful Chris, lawyerlady has an intellect rivaled only by garden tools…

        2. Richard Harrow

          “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.”

          -Oscar Wilde.

    19. WIll Turner

      This shit is borderline libel. Shove your entitled opinion about a village whose name you can’t even spell right up your ass and move out of Western Mass. I’m boycotting all your sponsors, not that I would ever drink at Smitty’s.

    20. Jay

      At less u can spell the towns name right, before u bash it! It’s “Turners Falls”

    21. Jon Does

      Why don’t you Google her brother Colin York Montague, MA and see what you find. He was living with this child for a while. Do you think what he is exposed to at home has anything to do with the depression that WWLP reported?

      1. Chris Hughes

        Another one hiding. Colin York never lived with my child. Jessica and I have NO contact with him. Be factual and stop hiding

      2. Richard Harrow

        Your name explains it all…

        1. Richard Harrow

          Jon Does? Really?? How original of you! No, you’re not a follower or anything. Just get in line and goose-step “Jon Does”! lol. What a loser, but without people like him/them, I would never laugh! lol

      3. You're an idiot

        Jon does Turners? Or Jon does goats? Jon does cattle? Sheep? Which is it that John does??

    22. Wrote to reporters to find out id children were on IEP`s or not since the use of such a room should be listed on it since it is considered discipline. Received reply stating that both children mentioned were on IEP`s but the calming room wasn`t listed on them. Big mistake like having concrete walls not padded ones in the room. Such discipline should be okayed by parents in writing. I do not know if there was a separate paper signed on it or not but it MUST still be listed in the IEP. I agreed some children need separate schools and that all this upheaval is not good for the other children in the classroom. If the parents knew of the room and didn`t view it and /or make sure its use was in the IEP it is on them. It is up to parents to know what is going on in their child’s school !!!!!

    23. You're an idiot

      I think this article is journalism at its worst. I’m not sure if the author had dreams of being an actual reporter or journalist someday but couldn’t tame his hard on over his time as a fifth grade bully, but very little here is based on fact. Its mostly garbage opinions and assumptions. To make fun of this child who clearly needs help, calling him Forest Gump, makes you an asshole.. Not a professional anyone could take serious. You probably sit on your front porch near your Trump sign, and after wiping the spittle from your chin occasionally spout and incoherant “‘Merica!” after one too many at Smitty’s. Then you get straight to your laptop to write your garbage. And Fiesty Lawyer Lady… Tell Walmart you want a refund on your degree. You CLEARLY couldnt hang with a large successful firm making comparisons like your Jeffery Dalmer comparison. Do you just troll articles like this to make yourself feel important and “awesome”? Please, I pray I never need a lawyer who hides behind her computer telling everyone she’s awesome making shitty comparisons.

      1. FiestyLawyerLady

        Tell Walmart I want my degree back? What are you talking about kid? I got this degree by working really hard and digging deeply into a cocoa puff cereal box, obviously.

        If you ever needed a lawyer and I was the last one alive, I would swallow a bottle of pills before helping you. I’m not here to troll, I just leave my opinion on articles and swiftly hit the ‘x’ button when I’m done. I’m not here to make friends, I have enough if them already and half of them I can’t even stand.

        Anyway, this is way too much typing during my free time right now. I rather watch some paint dry then argue with a stranger. Have a wonderful weekend…


        1. Richard Harrow

          Really Coco Puffs? I did hear that you like eating little brown balls. MudShark!! lol. Why play in the grass when you can roll in the mud! lol

        2. Richard Harrow

          You keep using all these used synonyms LaywerLady lol. Do you have an original bone in your body?? I bet you are the only one that’s laughs at you lol. I bet you’re one of those people that uses two hands to eat with chop stix lol

        3. Richard Harrow

          We aren’t arguing with you! lol haha! You are just an easy target. You just chose to verbally spar with people that are masters of verbal judo lol. You think because you went to a community college that you’re so much better then people from old mill towns like turners? All towns have bad parts. What town do you live in that doesn’t? I’d like to know so I could move there. Bragging that you’re a lawyer? You worked really hard? I bet you did, slobbing knobs right up the chain all the way to the Dean. What kind of law do you practice? I wonder what the bar association would think of a member doing this. Oh wait, you’re not part of the bar association lol
          I forgot to tell everyone that I’m King of England. Lol you can be whatever you want on here! lol TOOL!

          1. FiestyLawyerLady

            Oh my God. I must have hit a nerve in your pansy body because now you are personally attacking me. Go right on ahead, I’m not in the business of having to prove myself on the internet, Dick. It’s Friday, I’m always way too happy for the weekend to let some man’s in his late 50s get me upset over his inability to put his tiny penis away whilw challenging a woman online to verbal altercation.

            Seriously, I’m done talking to you. This is probably the first female encounter you have had in years. I won’t entertain you any longer.

            Adios! 😉

            1. Richard Harrow

              50’s? Where the fuck did you get that random age from? let me guess, googled my name? You won’t find anything to do with me on the Internet. That’s the problem, you tools google everything and think just cause it’s on the net it’s right lol. You hit a nerve on me? That’s all you could find to comeback at me? Come on! Anyone reading that can tell that you did anything but hit a nerve lol. You can hit a nerve on me. You think calling me DIck bothers me? I love that name! I actually wish people would call me that all the time but nobody likes saying lol.

            2. Richard Harrow

              What insulting you isn’t fair game? Why? You insulted Chris and you actually are dumb enough to believe a biased article written by someone with skin in the game and is on the schools payroll to write these articles? I dare him to discuss this in person with Chris for everyone to see. Hell, call the news that’s investigating it. But you know that he can’t do that because he can’t explain any of it. The only reason it has any weight is because it’s on here and he has people like you to fall in line and blindly walk to the edge of the cliff lol. Get a mind of your own.

    24. You're an idiot

      Oh!! “Im a bleached blonde attorney” sounds like you’re looking for a date, not to be taken seriously. Haha! Do you have a boob job too?? How about explaining your worth as attorney, not that you bleach your hair. Talk about left field. Pretty funny.

      1. FiestyLawyerLady

        Looking for a date? I’m married and even if I wasn’t I definitely wouldn’t be looking for a date online. Also, what kind of asshole would I be if I sat here and talked about myself in regards to monetary value? Who cares how much I earn. My worth as an attorney to who? You? Some douchebag sticking up for other douchebags? I rather take a bath in lighter fluid and run around a Gas station with a lighter in my hand.

        If you read most of my comments, I’m here to make people laugh and maybe have a giggle myself. Don’t be a shit bag and ruin it for everyone, you negative nancy.

        1. Richard Harrow

          You’re hear to laugh and make people laugh?? When is that gonna start? People that say, “Ah, money doesn’t matter” don’t have any lol. Money is life in the modern world lol

          1. FiestyLawyerLady

            Don’t make assumptions just to make yourself feel better. I definitely refuse to talk about my financial status, there is no need to do that because the reality of it is, no one would care anyway.

            If money is your only motivation in life, you must be lonely.

            1. Richard Harrow

              You brought it up, not me

            2. Richard Harrow

              Her incompetence is an inspiration to morons everywhere. (FiestyLawyerLady)

        2. You're an idiot

          Please do light yourself on fire. Now THAT would be amusing. Thinking that grown adults calling a child Forest Gump is amusing, or judging an entire community on unfounded opinion. You advertised yourself as a bleach blonde lawyer. If thats your comedy routine, quit. So it is you in fact who is the shit bag. Your title and hair color mean squat.

          1. FiestyLawyerLady

            Wait, who taught you how to read? I am in NO WAY condoning mean behavior or words toward ANY CHILD. I have NEVER done that here. All of my comments have been geared specifically toward the parent (father).

            Where, oh WHERE do you see me making fun of children, ESPECIALLY children with special needs? Get the hell out of here, stop putting words where they don’t belong.

            Maybe you should read this thread from start to finish again. Never in my life would I make fun of children. Get your facts straight and stop trying to bend the truth.

            1. Richard Harrow

              Do you even realize how dumb that sounds, “I wasn’t making fun of kids, just the father”? Like I said, just read stupid, biased articles that don’t tell both sides of the situation in truth and just slander the parents. No you don’t believe anything anyone tells you. And you are a Lawyer? I’m friends with a few laywers and when I’m hanging with them I can’t stand how much they pay attention and talk about law. I hope you’re not a prosecutor or defense lawyer because you would fuck shit all up. I can’t even picture how someone as gullible as you cross examining someone.

        3. Richard Harrow

          8======D~~~~~~~ • •
          8======D~~~~~~~ O <===Lawyer
          8======D~~~~~~~ Lady at
          ^ Law
          Teachers School

          1. Richard Harrow

            No but seriously LawyerLady, you’re married. That’s nice, I really am happy for you. But I do feel bad that he is def and blind.
            Does he know that you were road hard and put away wet? Oh wait, how would he? He can’t see or here you. My bad.

        4. Chris Hughes

          U think the subject matter of abused/neglected children is something to make jokes about? As a lawyer u should be speaking in a truthful manner. Little kids being abused is no laughing matter regardless of how bored you are

          1. Richard Harrow

            Here, Here Chris! That’s what I said. I don’t think she is a lawyer. I don’t know any lawyers that do this kind of shit. She must not have many clients if she is. “Ah, hold on your honor. I have to make fun of a child and his father even though I have NO FACTS” lol

            1. FiestyLawyerLady

              I said I wasn’t going to respond, but I will just so I can shut your fat old mouth up. For the LAST TIME I have NEVER made fun of a child, and rather DIE before I do. I am talking about the SHITTY father in this case who barely spends time with his children! No facts you say? I know people personally who know this man……….he is a DEADBEAT DAD.

              End of discussion. Go jerk off somewhere Dick, you are the reason people like Chris can pretend to be a good father because sheep like you believe him and have the audacity to stick up for a HOLIDAY and BIRTHDAY dad.

              Now I’m done. No need to say more. Two assholes sticking up for each other, how impressive.

          2. FiestyLawyerLady

            Wow, what is it that you don’t get?? Where did I make light of the situation? Im talking about the SHITTY reputation of parents who pretend to be loving, caring, and kind but ONLY when they can make a buck, I know YOU know what I’m talking about.

            Do I agree with this room? NO. I would not allow my child to be put in a room like that. However, I would not attempt to put a special needs child into a regular school knowing they would not be able to tolerate the environment. Children who need a room like this need to be in special education or have a 1 on 1 para. What they DON’T need is a parent pretending like everything is okay, and placing blame o the school system. I’m sure this isn’t the first time this child has unfortunately ended up in this room. I’m sure it’s the first time the thought of a lawsuit came to mind. Disgusting! I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I would be potentially ruining someones life for my financial benefit. Serious words coming from an Attorney, and this is why I’m not cut out for firms. I refuse to take frivolous cases from asshole parents looking for a get rich quick scheme all the while allowing their child be treated a certain way to obtain the dollars.

            Spend time with your children, Chris. It means more to them than having a hefty bank account.

            Now this is enough “serious” for me in one day. I will go back to my “chill” mode now. I will no longer respond to you either. Go talk to Dick, he’s a fat old bored man looking for excitement.

            1. Richard Harrow

              I guess being 36 makes me an old man lol. I guess because I’m in the active army I have someone passing my pt tests for me lol. All of a sudden you write something serious? It took this long? And still, you act like you know. Everything you just wrote is a hypothetical and it is all assumption. Tell me one fact in what you just wrote?

            2. Richard Harrow

              Ah wow! You found people that don’t like him? And that know him? And they say bad things about him? Wouldn’t it only matter what the mother says because I still talk with her and I’ve never heard her say anything like this. One thing about where you STILL LIVE, some things never change. GOSSIP. Everyone talks shit about everyone else. It’s not hard to convince people like you of things. This just proves my point further. Second hand information, one side of the story.

        5. You're an idiot

          When mentioning your worth.. it wasnt monetary worth I spoke of. You’re shitty sense of humor and made up profession have no value.

    25. TeacherMom

      Little kids who run away from school make good snacks for bears…yeah, I laughed. Seriously, though, teachers can’t leave 20+ other kids unattended to chase down the runners!

      As far as having music and books in the room: sometimes when kids that young get “out of control,” it’s because they have too many stimuli coming at them at once, and they can’t process it. That is why the room is essentially empty, to undo the “overstimulation.”

      I don’t live in Turners Falls, and I don’t teach little kids, but I do teach in public school. Teachers can only do so much, especially if their school is understaffed on the Special Ed side of things.

      I have NEVER understood the concept of suing a school district; if you live there, you’re suing YOURSELF. Your tax dollars are the ones paying the lawyer ‘s fee, and the fines imposed. Unless, of course, you are not paying any taxes because you’re not working and don’t own a home.

    26. Richard Harrow

      I heard from a very credible source that TurtleBoy was arrested for axillism in front of a school. That would explain his obsession with this topic lol

    27. Jim Collins

      Is it just me or does anyone else think that the 2 posting comments are the same person. Meaning Chris and Richard.

      1. FiestyLawyerLady

        I thought the same thing… This guy seems so much like Chris it’s not even funny.

    28. Jim Collins

      Richard Harrow how original. Telling everyone to use their real name. Like Richard Harrow is yours. I suppose you are a killer on Boardwalk Empire right?

      1. FiestyLawyerLady

        According to him, he enjoys being called Dick. Probably as much as he likes taking them, but to each his own!

    29. Maggie the Cat

      Irresponsible parenting has spread to all levels of society. My kids went to school with kids from wealthy families who were witnessed committing crimes (assault and battery, major vandalism, drug distribution, etc.), but whose parents refused to allow them to be punished. Not much could be done because the kids were minors, I was told.

      Well, I told my kids that some day all these kids would end up with adult criminal records and be unable to get decent jobs or have decent lives. And in one case I told my kids, “that kid will die with a needle in his arm”. He did. While I’m sure his death was a great loss to his family (his obituary was a masterpiece of fiction — you would have thought he was an angel and not a demon), obviously his death was predictable — I predicted it. The other kids can’t hold a job either and keep increasing their arrest records. None of this surprised me, and all my predictions came true. In all these cases IT WAS THE PARENTS’ FAULT.

      In a way, though, I have to be somewhat grateful to these lousy parents. Their kids were living examples of what not to do, and my kids took those examples to heart and learned how to be the responsible, successful adults they are today. Plus, since I am obviously so good at predicting the future, the kids actually listened to my advice!

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