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  • “My husband actually looks sexually appealing when he wears Mr. Berries; and he never looks sexually appealing”


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    Did you know that it’s still possible for your wife to find you sexually appealing? I know, mind blown. But apparently all it takes is for you to take the plunge and ditch boxer shorts for boxer briefs. I don’t know who makes these videos but they’re genius:


    “My husband actually looks sexually appealing when he wears them. And he never looks sexually appealing.” That might be the most relatable line I’ve ever heard. But seriously, Turtleboy put Mr. Berries boxer briefs on his Christmas list for Mrs. Turtleboy, and so should you. But just not with Mrs. Turtleboy because that would be weird.

    This could be you ladies. You could all of a sudden be sexually attracted to your husband if you check out Mr. Berries all-American made boxer briefs and don’t forget to like them on Facebook.


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    1. GoneWest

      I don’t mind having a man’s name on my waistband because I wear exclusively Calvin Kleins, but for some reason the name Mr. Berries is just a no go.

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