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  • NBC Credited Our Story About The Car Insurance Scam On The 6 PM News And Figured Out Quickly That We ALL Are Turtleboy

    NBC Credited Our Story About The Car Insurance Scam On The 6 PM News And Figured Out Quickly That We ALL Are Turtleboy

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    Our Facebook page is suspended again, so make sure you to LIKE THE LOST BOYS OF TURTLE Facebook page to keep up with our latest blogs.







    The next time some loser tries to delegitimize a story we broke because Turtleboy isn’t “real news,” or because we’re some sort of “gossip column,” or “hate speech trying divide us,” share this blog or this video on their Facebook page:

    The best part is that this is just the beginning of this story. We’re taking no prisoners with this one. Everyone involved in this is going down. And it’s more than just the ratchets in the cars. We’re pretty sure this is a conspiracy and we’re going to prove it.

    Shoutout to Alysha Palumbo at NBC to reaching out to us to confirm her sources. It was a little confusing at first because her bosses needed to know that the video “belonged” to us. But what they didn’t understand was that WE ARE ALL TURTLEBOY!! That’s the whole purpose of our brand. The community participates together, and we’re just the medium that puts it out there. It gives citizens a chance to get REAL news out there anonymously, because we’re living in a world where you can’t put your name to anything, lest you have a bunch of social justice warriors call you names and boycott your business. So you send us good leads and we look into it and publish it. The guy who sent us this video is Turtleboy. You people reading at home, you’re all Turtleboy. The people who sent us information about where we could find these cars – you’re Turtleboy. The people from Spencer-East Brookfield who gave us the 411 on what was going on in their schools – they’re Turtleboy. The people who researched Mosaic and gave us leads on them – they’re Turtleboy. After a while NBC kind of figured it out. Props to them for being the first major media outlet to give us our due. For the rest of the mainstream media, maybe this can clear it up for you…..


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    1. Mr Butthurt


    2. First


    3. Jonathan the zombie

      I like Turtleboy

    4. Am I turtle boy too

      You go after all other news sources. Now one says your name and you write a blog to take a victory lap. You want nothing more than to be the people you bash.

      1. Troll Hunter

        ^^^^^^^ Troll

        1. Am I turtle boy too

          All facts there. Not trolling. Open your eyes. Look at me the news said my name. Yay

          1. Riding that turtle

            You’re probably a snowflake Turtlegram reporter that’s all butt hurt, cause you were called out for basically plagiarising someone elses work and making it seem like you found breaking news…. fucking dingleberry

            1. Am I turtle boy too

              Huh? Weird turn of events in this disagreement. I guess I’m a turtle gram reporter now.

      2. Riding that turtle

        I disagree, they’re pointing out the fact that all the other local “Media” sources require they get credit when their story is used, and turnaround and think they can just take Turtleboys without giving the credit where it’s due! And I’m happy Turtleboy is calling these doucheberries out, because when you are involved in a legitimate accident cause there’s 6 inches of snow on Woo streets, insurance companies now automatically find YOU at fault! Then it is up to YOU to take time off to go to Worcester courthouse for a hearing with a Magistrate between 8am and 2pm, and hope that someone at the DMV does there job and updates your driving record

        1. Am I turtle boy too

          Can you read? Did I say anything about the “doucheberries” or anything about insurance companies? Great story about what happens at the court house though.

          1. Riding the turtle

            I can read and my point was that TB was giving props to NBC for A) being real journalists and giving credit where due, and B) bringing this type of ratchetness to the attention of people outside of Worcester. You’re definitely a special snowflake, let’s try to spin a blog giving props to a news org that practices journalistic integrity, into something you would/have done if you were aired on the national news… You’re definitely most likely a miserable cause your dating triglypuff, and just looking for a way to feel relevant…

    5. Princeza groupie

      Finally Worcester is recognized worldwide.

    6. WHAT?

      Good on you!

      People that work hard and live honorable lives should not bare the burden of paying for dishonorable people.

    7. Hanginpossum

      Congrats turtles. You’ve got serious minerals naming names.

    8. BobnMic

      Congratulations TurtleBoy. You know that was just a matter of time.

      1. BobnMic


        I’ve been checking my email, but still no invite yet to go on Turtleboy Live. I even searched through my spam folder to make sure that it wasn’t mixed up in there with all the gay porn and viagra mailers I get and nada.

        Do me a favor and check your outbox to make sure that the message didn’t get hung up in there because I am 100% certain that you would have invited me by now.

    9. johnnyb

      Don’t forget us when TBS is the king of media!! Now,insurance scams, food stamps, wasted taxpayer cash and on and on. TBS…standing up for the working class!!

    10. ZephyrCat

      I’m proud to be part of something good, bigger than me. Hats off to some well deserved recognition for your hard work!

    11. Bret will steal your socks

      Bret Killoran robs hard working people for money. He uses weapons to do so.

      I Looooove the , but Bret Killoran is nothing but a low life scum bag who hasn’t worked a hard days work in his life.

      He also smoke mid grade marijuana. It’s not cannabis. It’s Mexican Marijuana, so Bret also supports cartels.

      Don’t be like Bret “The stick up man” Killoran

    12. Wtf

      Why do they even bother using the word questionable. There is NO question what is going on in the video. They should have just said “LOOK , idiots guide to insurance fraud” the skank version.

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