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  • New Hampshire Rapper Tony DeYoung Is Threatening To Beat Up Any Woman Who Criticizes His Flow Because He’s All About The Money And Signing $5 Million Deal

    New Hampshire Rapper Tony DeYoung Is Threatening To Beat Up Any Woman Who Criticizes His Flow Because He’s All About The Money And Signing $5 Million Deal

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    This is Tony DeYoung:


    Tony is originally from Clinton but now lives in the cesspool known as Rochester, NH – AKA the Colrain of the granite state. And you’ll never guess what he does for work.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.05.58 PM


    That’s right – he’s a “rapper.” And he recently released this profanity laced this track of some other local rapper rival:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.42.04 AM

    Oh snap!!! Five million dollar deal for Tony Deyoung!! Must be his herpes infested groupies climbing over him while smoking blunts in his glamour shots that got him noticed!!



    But the thing about being an artist is, you have to be able to handle constructive criticism. And there is no group of people that is worse with constructive criticism then up and coming rappers who think they’re about to sign $5 million deals. Let’s see what Tony says to some of this fans…..

    Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.05.14 PM

    Well, he seems nice. That’s one way to build a fan base. Maybe this guy should let Desk Girl take over his social media. At least then people will be bombarded with unsolicited stories about her most recent trip to the gyno instead of being threatened with a punch in the face and a demand for your address in order to do so.

    Here’s another potential fan who thinks his flow could use some work….

    Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.05.29 PM

    Everyone knows that Tony Deyoung is only about two things – the money, and knocking bitches out. It’s common knowledge at this point. And if you disagree then he will demand your address so he can show you just how hood he really is!! Shit is REAL on the mean streets of New Hampshire!!

    Don’t like it? Too bad, because this is the official Tony DeYoung motto:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.41.34 AM

    It’s true. That’s why ho’s be clinging to him like he’s the free sample of the latest batch that Diego just cooked up in his basement.


    Others disagree with this motto. For those people he will not only knock them out, he will also knock out their mothers:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.12.46 PM

    OK then.

    Anyway, he apparently was invited on a local radio station yesterday, so obviously he had to get dressed up for the special occasion.


    Those pants. Amazing. This is the same outfit I would imagine Vanilla Ice wears to Wal-Mart.

    Anyway, this “radio show,” which more than likely is a pirate radio station that steals signals from legitimate stations, appears to be nothing more than a Jamaican guy and two of his friends on Facebook in a utility closet.

    “I got other songs in the works right now.”

    Oh yea, I can’t wait for the release of “I’m gonna knock out every chick who doesn’t mount me with while smoking a blunt.” It’s gonna be fire!!

    Gotta love his response when they ask him about his standards for music:

    “There’s a certain quality that Tony Deyoung demands right now.”

    Because of this face doesn’t scream “quality”


    Then I don’t know what does.



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    1. Inbred midget look

      I know Rochester, it’s at the top for inbreeding. The girly-boy coward, who threatens women will be held accountable. Not if, but when.

      1. Mandi

        bahahhaha he’s another catch me outside bitch lmao your a joke

      2. New Hamster

        I heard he signed a long-term deal with Columbia. He sends them a penny and they send him 12 CDs over the next 2 years.

        I like the girl who can use his bald pallete as an ashtray.

    2. ZephyrCat

      Well, he should be perfect for the rap game. Threatens to beat up women. Checks that box. Wonder how much he had to pay the hooker to smoke around him. Probably cost extra to have her touch him.
      I mean, can we be honest? If someone has no other skills they try to make it as a rapper. Does that really sound like a lifeplan? Do these knobjobs honest to God think they’re going to be the next Eminem???

    3. Brian Albrecht

      PUSSY ASS BITCH SHIT CUNT! I’m only about two things – the money, and knocking bitches out… You’re a motto stealing BITCH ASS. COME AT ME BRO. Whats your address? I’ll make you eat my shit that I previously ate from some vegan shit dealer, make you shit out that shit, eat it myself, shit it out again and make you eat that shitted shit again shit eater shit… GAHHH… Whats your address?

    4. Turd Burglestein

      If you were to take this guy and add a bunch of pimples to his face, he’d be a dead ringer for Brian Albrecht.

      1. Turd Burglestein

        And if you were to take this guy and add 80 years to his life, he’d be a dead ringer for what I look like now.

        1. Homo Hammerhead

          You’re boring as shit…go fuck yourself loser.

          1. homo hammerhead

            Hey Bobby, did I hurt your feelings? Dude, I haven’t even tried to get at you. Don’t make me. Just make a run down down to the liquor store. It’s a sunny day! Be happy! Why you mad at me? Just my turn?

      2. BrianAlbrecht

        Except I actually show up to peoples house’s Hahahah go ask your boy duggan HAHHAHAH FUCK WITH ME! TURD you fucking old pussy. YOU’RE SO OLD YOURE GOING TO DIE SOON HAHAHA

        1. ZephyrCat

          Seriously Brian, where were you for a week? Is it true what I read? You were working a gloryhole? Did you make some good coin? Or were you paying the guys so you could suck them off? In Clinton, right?

        2. MrSmiley

          Yea you threw a rock through a glass door with your boys in the car, you badass you… Go back to the PC block sunshine, they miss you there.

        3. Brian Albrecht

          So what if I eat dookie? It’s got peanuts and corn and tastes like Chinese garlic pork. FUCK WITH ME! seriously… please… no one has ever touched my naughty place… (except Tyrone from GenPop, but he was too rough). Turds make my taste buds dance and sing! GIVE ME YOUR TURDS! Put them in a box and send them to me. OR I can come to your house and VANDALIZE it! I’m not SAWFT. I’m hard. Hard from thinking about peckahs… I love me some peckahs. FUCK WITH ME!! HawHawHaw


          FUCK WITH ME BITCHES!!!!



    5. KJDS

      How do you find these people?

    6. Kevin Blackmer

      If any of these ladies need a hit man to take this sucka out….y’all know who to call #StreetSweeper #GrimReaper

    7. Clinton Bar Owner

      I had to fire this little twerp for working the receiving side of a glory hole that he made in the men’s room of my bar. He was supposed to be washing dishes. Business picked up for a while but it was all truckers and bikers. Total sausage fest.

      1. Brian Albrecht

        Yo motherfucker, why you gotta out me like that? Nobody was gettin hurt. I put a lotta smiles on dudes faces. Some money passed hands. Why you gotta fuck with that?

      2. Mom's basement

        That would explain. It’s not a freakishly tall girl in the pictures it’s a just a tranny in heels.

      3. Tony DeYoung

        Fuck you bitch you don’t even know me. None of you idiots do.

    8. Strata

      What a goofy clown. Hey Tony, we’re all laughing at you.

    9. EARS

      My 14 year old daughter has those same exact pants!!!!

      1. itsjustme

        Thats funny because my 10 year old daughter has them.

    10. Waffles

      I recognize that beat in the background, it was on a Casio keyboard I had when I was 6

      1. LLC

        Hahaha. I had it too.

        Thing is still cooler than this toolbag.

        Why he is wearing my gramp’s shirt?

    11. N.H. State Police

      He’ll be busted shortly for threatening.

      1. Justin

        let me get at him first! Im AJ’s older brother!

    12. JoeMomma

      Is there a market for gay rappers?

    13. Reasonable guy west of Worcester

      Fly him out and drop him into East St. Louis- see how long it takes for him to officially recant his “hood” ideology.

    14. Lisa

      I’ve written some lyrics to “HOODRAT HERO’S” .HELP ME OUT TURTLE POET !!!
      Hood rat hero’s got styes in his in his eyes
      Hooray hero believes his own bragging lies
      And somewhere in the break a voice rings out “TELL THAT BITCH TO WASH HER NASTY HAIR!!! .

    15. ZephyrCat

      I hope this isn’t a case of any publicity is good publicity. Nobody was paying attention to this guy. His twitter hasn’t been updated since 2012 so he’s not exactly a household name. I finally broke down and listened to his track. Then I went outside to pull an icicle off my gutter so I could jab it into my eardrums. Nah, nothing’s gonna help this guy.

      1. Skull fuck'd from 'round the way

        Maybe, he hasn’t updated last yrs HEAD shots!

    16. drift

      STOP LEGITIMIZING THIS FOOL – the more talk about him the more you validate his existence. IGNORE HIM AND HE WILL GO AWAY. Come on you fucking morons this is exactly what keeps clowns like this going.

    17. LLC

      A gangsta rapper that bites his nails…

      So ‘hood.

    18. Skull fuck'd from 'round the way

      Hey can you ask your mom where she got her sweet ass sugar scull tat, I wanna use her artist!

    19. Larry

      He’s a bitch

    20. Joseph ciampi

      Lol I gave that punk my address. Dude wants to hit females but won’t show up to a dude’s house for a proper beat down. Smdh and he calls him self a man. He’s gonna be 5 mill deep in hospital debts if he ever climbs out of his momma’s basement

    21. bird

      What a douchbag. His name should be Tony DeCunt…the bitch ass “rapper”.

    22. Julie

      He looks like Squidward from Spongebob with that honker on his nasty face! He has pussied out of so many rap battles it’s pathetic!

    23. Justin

      Kid wants to talk shit about AJ aka my younger step brother, I’ll fuckin stmp his teeth in, Come get some FAGOTT I aint hard to find!!

    24. JustAnotherHater

      The hate on here is comedy gold! There are actually some great artists in the seacoast, not this little shit, though. Stop bringing shame to the area. You’re making Rochester look bad.

    25. Kids an idiot

      You’re from Rochester? LOLOL THE CESPOOL OF INBRED! Kids got down syndrome, Hes got that “Ive only got laid by 3 yr olds and I’m a haneous sex offender” look about him.

    26. laurie

      do NOT give this garbage person and speech the time of day …no article should ever be wasted on this insecure pathetic person ..I just lost a minute of my life over this idiot and I won’t get it back

    27. Lisa Genatossio

      game on sir… going to troll on his page and leave some comments ..see if he comes to my house and cash me outside..

    28. Yomamma

      Maybebhebwouldnhave more money if he had more fans but instead his who and immaturity get in the way so therefore he won’t make any momeybwho would buy his music
      He’s obviously not very bright

    29. LafayetteRDBITCH

      I’d tear him in half. His “music” (if you could even call it that) is just talking to a beat. Is that what rap has come to? cRAP? Hm… Glad I’m a metalhead. Anyways, I live in Rochester, I know its a bad town. My .45 has 15 shots, and I can shoot better than you. I wish you could see this, see how everyone else sees you. A pathetic little waste of space, one that never ceases to amaze me. I hope someone knocks your ass into next year, and keeps kicking it down the road. *spits*

    30. hahahaohreally

      I just want to know who is Lularoe consultant is… I can’t find that pattern!!

    31. Tre ash


    32. John Parenteau

      This kid is wackkk, meet me on wax son.

    33. John Parenteau

      Id murder this kid just freestyle. Get me with this kid on the cypher mic.

    34. Tony DeYoung

      You guys wanna fight let’s go pussys. Don’t play this keyboard warrior shit.

      1. Fuck You DeYoung

        Lets go then, dumbass. I’ve got 10 guys that will kick the living shit out of you.

    35. IFuckedDeyoungsMom

      This guy is also a registered sex offender. He friend requested me so I looked at his page and there’s copies of his registration/charges. He’s a little girl diddler!

    36. […] in March we wrote a blog about some wigtacular wannabe rapper from Rochester named Tony Deyoung, who claimed to be on the […]

    37. […] sex offenders prior to seeing what is being said about Tony.  I’ve also read the article at TurtleBoySports.com and I have seen the “wrap sheet” presented on Facebook comments referencing TurtleBoy […]

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