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  • Pitbull Puppy Stabbed, Beaten Left For Dead Inside Suitcase In Abandoned Building Like An Episode Of SVU – We Need To Find Dahmer 2.0 Responsible

    Pitbull Puppy Stabbed, Beaten, Left For Dead Inside Suitcase In Abandoned Building Like An Episode Of SVU – We Need To Find Dahmer 2.0 Responsible








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    Benson? Stabler? Where are you?

    The smooshy-faced pit bull pup above, now named Ollie, was found in an abandoned building in a rough corner of Hollywood, FL early Tuesday morning. A Good Samaritan heard noises, called police, and when they responded, they found a blue suitcase with a puppy foot hanging out and leapt into action.


    The next so many pictures are graphic as fuck, fam, so don’t say I didn’t warn you



    Not only was Ollie stabbed, he was also beaten and suffered several broken bones in addition to deep lacerations all over his head and chest.


    I can’t put into print the things that I would like to do to the grundle mollusk responsible for this. Rest assured, Dahmer 2.0 would not be walking away from whatever NSTB could dish out.


    Ollie is currently at VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital recovering from his injuries. Grateful Paws, a local (and amazingly reputable!) 501c3 animal rescue has committed to seeing him through this tragedy and on to the next chapter of his life.  Ollie is still in need of a foster home to go to once he’s well enough to be released. So if you’re local to the Tri-County area in FL, send Grateful Paws a message!

    They also have a GoFundMe, and have since far surpassed their goal, but if you’re so inclined, you can donate toward Ollie here:



    In the meantime, we need to hunt down the loaded, week-old colostomy bag responsible for this. We know that Turtle power is ever-reaching and all-knowing, so despite being a Flori-DUH story, we know Turtleriders WILL get info.

    Detectives are asking anyone with information concerning this incident to call the Hollywood Police Department’s Detective Bureau at (954) 967-4411.

    Tipsters can e-mail or text to [email protected]. Information can also be given to Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS or www.browardcrimestoppers.org

    Do your thing, Turtles!


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    1. Elle

      I will never understand how someone can be so unbelievable cruel to an animal. This article breaks my heart. I hope they find whoever did this and hang him by his ball sack from a tree. I’d like to take a couple swings at him with a bat like Lucille.

    2. Stunt Penis

      Good job. They saved a pit bull which will rip some kids’ face off in a few years.

      1. Gnaw Your Face Off!

        You have to wonder why it was originally abused, and left for dead. Was it violent and someone wanted to get rid of it? There are certainly better ways to put an animal down.

        I don’t like animal abuse either, but “Stunt Penis” brings up a good point!

      2. Fuckface McFaggot

        Let’s hope it’s you fucktard

    3. The Rant Queen

      Oh my God that poor baby! It just infuriates me that people are capable of doing such evil things to a defenseless creature, with no reason other than to cause pain and fear. I DESPISE humans. I don’t want this cuntfaced pansy to go to jail, I want their face ripped to shreds and their hands and feet butchered until they’re unrecognizable as a person. Then, pour gasoline all over them and light a match.


      I can’t fucking read this. Go back making fun of fat junkies with tats on their tits . I come here to laugh not fucking cry on a fucking Wednesday wtf

    5. Michael Hutson

      please let this pup find the GOOD home he deserves! there are some very sick people in this world

    6. Sue

      I’m sick to my stomach. What is wrong with man kind.

    7. DJ Trump

      That’s some third-world shit right there Holmes. You should see what they do to their human victims.
      Pro-Tip …Americans should never leave the resorts.

    8. WOW! Turtleboy is Censoring Posts!

      Sent a link to an article on Fox 61, regarding animal abuse and TurtleBoy is blocking it. What do you have to hide?

      1. chrissy

        nothing they just require approval for links instead of just accepting every link posted

      2. chrissy

        ps good on you for looking out for animals though <3

    9. Not wearing a flat brimmed bulls hat

      i like ‘gnaw your face off!’s epic fail

    10. […] in October, we brought you this disturbing as all get out story out of Hollywood, Florida about a pit bull puppy who was found stabbed nearly to death inside of a suitcase…in an abandoned building in the middle of the […]

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