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  • Plus Sized Model Becky Monson Called The Cops After Saying It Was Awesome To Watch Dallas Cops Die, Issues Worst Apology Ever


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    Yesterday we shared this story about this woman:

    image image

    She goes by the name “Becky Monson” and is a “plus sized model.” She offered this hot take about the five Dallas police officers who were assassinated by a black lives matter terrorist:

    Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.10.36 AM

    People read it a bajillion times and she quickly became Internet famous. Because this has a tendency to happen when you go looking for trouble like this on Facebook. FYI, the REAL Becky Monson just wants you to know that she does not support this sort of hate speech:

    Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 2.03.18 PM

    Poor lady. Never read her books before but I might start to do so now out of pity.

    Anyway, a lot of people heard on the scanner last night that the Worcester Becky Monson called the cops because of Turtleboy. Ya got that? The person who said it was “awesome” that “piggies” were killed, called the cops. Because just like every other anti-police hypocrite out there, they run to the police the second they feel unsafe.

    Becky Monson temporarily deactivated her Facebook, but made a glorious comeback in which she issued this cockamamy attempt at an apology:

    Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 2.00.26 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 2.00.37 PM
    Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 2.00.56 PM

    Newsflash Bekcy – it’s not an apology if you lie during it. At first you said you had 257 death threats. Then later on it was thousands of people. Make sure to reread your bullshit before you hit the enter button next time.

    Oh yea, and your whole story is the absolute worst attempt at a cover up we’ve ever seen. You wrote that you were happy to watch police die because it was 3 AM and you were cranky? Really? That’s the best you could come up with?

    And you honestly expect people to believe that you thought that the cops who were shot in Dallas were the same ones from both the Minnesota and Baton Rouge videos? Like, you know they’re totally different states right? Baton Rouge cops don’t kill someone and then go work the night shift on the Dallas PD. So apparently her plan was to make everyone believe that she is literally the stupidest person who ever walked the face of the earth?

    Worst. Coverup. Ever.

    Must’ve been pretty awkward talking to the WPD officers who came to your door to protect you from the Internet. “Hey officers, I was just posting on Facebook how I think you all should die. Now people are being mean to me. Please save me.”

    Anyway, we urged people in the blog not to contact her or list her address or anything like that. But people are free to do what they want. All we’re doing is calling out the lowest of the low like we always do.

    Speaking of lowest of the low, after we published that article tons of people started sending us screenshots of other local dooshnozzles who were writing similar things as Becky Monson. We’ll chronicle all of them in a blog coming shortly. Stay tuned.


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    1. #redwhiteandBLUEmatters

      Hoping they take the long way to her house the next time she calls. Moron

      1. Rip this joint

        Are you SURE it’s not Monsoon?

    2. ProfessorM

      Dear Becky, you can only hide for so long, eventually, you will need to shop for bacon. When you enter the grocery store, and you see hundreds of people standing around the hotdogs, sausages, kielbasa, and bacon, rest assured, those bats they are holding, are not for you.
      Waiting for the inevitable follow up blog, threatening the Internet lawsuit… Becky Monson, Come On Down!!

    3. John Wick

      Words can have consequences, Chubby. So does eating like shit for your entire life.

      Maybe you shouldn’t spout off about people being killed as they simply try to do their job. If civilization here ever fails, which is the goal of people who want cops dead, you think your 300lb ass will be safe?

      I thought not. Clueless.

      1. JenB

        The only thing that she has going for her when the SHTF is that it will take quite a while before she starves to death.

    4. Karen

      She needs to be concerned of what comes out of her mouth, and IN her mouth…… not against plus size, as I am one, but I won’t be hiking my fat ass up in lingerie for any picture! Have some self dignity!! Look in the mirror “Piggy!!”

      1. Shackleford

        Sooo only in private? Asking for a friend…

        1. FiestyLawyerLady

          Nice try man!! Lol…. so slick!

          I’m awaiting pics of Amber’s tits from the other blog. She never responded so I obviously got deeeee-nied!

          1. Three Ball Fred

            You’re a smelly cunt.

            1. ProfessorM

              Okay, so let me get this straight. Complaining about us didn’t make us leave. Saying how unhappy we were here repeatedly didn’t make us leave. Protesting, begging the turtle to ban us, trying to rally the other commenters to your side didn’t work. We are still here. So now, your solution is, to come by every two or three days and comment rude shit in hopes that the others will get sick of it? What are you, ten years old? We aren’t leaving three ball. And the more you act like a twat waffle, the more amusing we find your angst. So please, keep up with the circus, I love a good monkey.

            2. FiestyLawyerLady

              I find it exciting that I could upset you so much you follow me around on here. This means that I have perfected my ability to cause pain in your pussy. I’m assuming you have one because only a whiny pussy bitch does what you do.

              Waaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!! Lol. See ya later sissy boy. Your dad should have done a better job raising you, pussy.

            3. BobnMic

              Just read this post. Up late tonight AGAIN. Just so you know this is not me. I swear I am out of the bashing other commenters business. I am retired of sorts from that. I’ll still chime in. Try to say something a little bit smart.

              Most likely stupid. 🙂

            4. ProfessorM

              It’s okay Bob, we already know that three ball is not you. Sit back, grab some popcorn and relax. The finale on this one is going to be spectacular!!

            5. FiestyLawyerLady


            6. BobnMic

              Laughing here on your new avatar ProfM. Very good I’m serious. More people here need a sense of humor like that. It used to be we would try and out do each other with crazy shit. And it was hilarious. Then came the serious people with a zero sense of humor.

              Can we get back to that and get rid of all of this stupid shit? That would be nice. Peace all and let’s be more crazy funny…

    5. bigdaddyfranks

      Threw up in my mouth when I scrolled by those lingerie shots. Gross.

      1. Ser Davos Seaworth

        Can never unsee this.

    6. Bill P.

      I’d fist it.

      1. Feelando

        Bill: You’d never be seen again.

    7. Clive's not racist, just ask him

      Yay for follow up blog exposing other asshats-cum-dumpsters!…. PS – Becky is still huuuuuge

    8. JoeMomma

      Doesn’t she know, cops don’t deliver pizza.

    9. spazz

      MODEL???? more like lard ASS! There’s plus size and then there’s WIDE LOAD.. An u becky are deff on the wide load size. Go eat some more an stay off the Internet…

    10. He Who Shall Not Be Named

      I should change my handle to “He who wishes he went blind before seeing those pics”

      Sorry Ma’am. Calling yourself “curvy” is like calling Mt. Washington a “hill”.

      Any bets that she’s married to a ghetto rat, and getting some nice welfare checks.

      #PLM (Police Lives Matter). Movement starts soon….

      1. Jlwhite

        She’s “married” to a skinny white stoner kid. To be a “model, you need to not pay for your pictures or do them for free. Go back to sitting on your lazy ass and smoke some more weed piggy.

    11. paul

      to the Worcester police department…go tell the fat cunt to go pound sand next time she calls, we normal people will not hold it against you.

      1. wabbitt

        They won’t, because unlike her – they’re professionals.

        1. Paul

          Absolutely sir, just wishful thinking on my part

    12. Lori

      Ugh! As much fat between her ears as everywhere else.

    13. Comment

      Tired of wasting tax payer dollars to protect stupidity.

    14. Patrick

      Fucking click bait. You know it’s not the same person. Also, spell Becky correctly you fucking hack.

      1. Patrick's Mommy

        Awe, let me guess Patrick. You have a blog, but nobody reads yours! :(. And you make sure to go through and check proper spelling and grammar on every post! Nobody appreciates you, do they Patrick? It’s just not fair! Poor little dear.

      2. Rick

        Hahahahaha, you must be fat Becky’s boyfriend!!!

    15. Worc Taxpayer

      As far as anyone knows the police in Baton Rouge or Minnesota have done anything wrong except to do their jobs. The police in Minn. tried to arrest a 310 pound thug and were rolling around on the ground with him until they felt the gun in his pocket and then it escalated. You fight cops while armed with a gun chances are that you will be shot.

      In Baton Rouge a man and woman were pulled over b/c the guy looked like an armed robbery suspect, not for a tail light, and when police saw gun on his leg they told him to freeze, as in don’t fucking move, he moved and was shot.

      By the way info has now come out that he was a crips gang member and DIDN’T have a concealed carry permit.

      Why is it BLM terrorists always choose less than reputable people to hold up as being executed by the police? Could it be because black people who do nothing wrong while interacting with the police go on breathing afterwards?

      1. Paul Zimmerman

        Your recall of the incidents are correct except you have them reversed. Minnesota was the couple and the 4 year old daughter. He was carrying but was licensed for it. Baton Rouge was the 310 # man with a gun in his pocket wrestling with the police.

    16. Tired of Spoiled Cunts

      I hope the fat ugly-ass cunt rots on this earth for all to see.

    17. It'sAllABadDream

      so she’s fat AND stupid…good for her! And she’s married? He must be really psyched about his choice now…

    18. magichateball

      I’d hit it……with a brick.

      1. ProfessorM

        Lmao… Best comment on the thread. Short and sweet. You get a gold star 😉

        1. Gold Star?

          Who the fuck do you think you are? Fuck you!

          1. ProfessorM

            I think I’m Professor, and since I have no feelings and could totally give a fuck less if you like me or not, I will say whatever the fuck I want. If it hurts your little feelings, maybe you should take your meds and call your “Doctor” for another dose. Since I’m not going anywhere.

    19. Minion

      When keeping it real goes wrong, huh Becky, lol. Your body is shaped like a Minions cartoon character, so maybe modeling should be put on hold until you lose weight and get an ass. That photo of you in black on all fours was horrifying. Baby got back, literally. No arch, no ass, just underwear suspended from your back.

    20. Dylan Roof is an American Hero

      Some people deserve to be disemboweled in public. This cunt slut shit bitch is one of them.

    21. FiestyLawyerLady

      Ugh… I wanted some ice cream straight out of the tub but then I see this blog and think, “Bitch of you don’t start using portion control with your ice cream you will be Becky” so I grabbed a Poland spring and some boring fucking crackers that taste like air with a hint of cardboard and deep sorrow.

      1. Three Ball Fred

        Clean your dirty snatch.

      2. Don'tBeAJerk

        Way to make it all about you. Again.

        1. FiestyLawyerLady

          I’m so good at it!

          Way to make it all about you caring all about me again. Kisses xoxo.

          1. Don'tBeAJerk

            Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others.

            1. FiestyLawyerLady

              Thanks for the teaching moment. I’m so enlightened!

              I love you.

    22. MrSmiley

      Trigglypuff vs rebacon

      Who can shovel more bacon in their slop chutes without needing revival by shock paddles

      Hoping for a loss for both contestants.

    23. Steven Stover

      Hillary said she was tired and cranky after telling us that she and Chelsea took sniper fire. And that was why she was so mistaken when little children surrounded them. Hard to tell the difference after a couple hours on a luxury jet. Little kids and sniper fire look the same. THAT is the worst cover-up. Twiggly #2 is second worst.

    24. Auburnite

      OK first I am going to start with this- I am overweight. I know I dont have the best eating habits but combined with a medical condition that makes it difficult to lose weight- I dress for my size. There is nothing attractive about fat rolls and cellulite. Just because you can squeeze your ample arse into it, does NOT mean you should. Ok now, I dont care what a cop has done- the things said about the cops killed is just fkn DISGUSTING and just goes to show that as trashy as your pics make you look, they are nothing like the filth spewed from your mouth that show you are nothing but an oversized tard in need of a lobotomy and thorazine. There are cops who arent nice- some are down right assholes. I have on occasion exercised my freedom of speech and have told cops when they were out of line, and not nicely. Yanno, I would love to see you say those things in front of someone just like me- who has seen and actually lived with the fall out of an officer in my town being killed- almost 2 months ago. You didnt realize these cops in dallas were targeted and gunned down like some sniper in the middle of iraq? Youre an idiot- I do not feel bad you have been threatened-you reap what you sow. Shouldve kept your fat trap shut. I still am having a hard time knowing a cop died in my town, and every time a cop is killed, its like a punch in my stomach- but then- I was raised to respect the police. If you want to bash cops for any reason- call 411 instead of 911 – and see if they can help you find someone who gives a shit about you. Your comments are cruel- unnecessary and just solidifies the fact that cops are not respected as they should be, which is a large part of why they are so defensive. One more thing- youre too fat and fugly to wear those negligees – cover it up- noone wants to see your cellulite.

    25. The Great Dolemite

      YO! Whre am all da white womenz at? Damn dat boo am bodilicious!

    26. Joseph Schmo

      Still trying to get past these photos, minimize button apparently not working properly…

    27. Deb McNamara

      Plus sized skank.

    28. ATS

      I mean… this post is about not showing hate towards cops…and just turns into hate and body shaming… More hate doesn’t negate hate. Yeah, what she said was terrible, but read these comments… this article is just spawning more and more negativity…

      1. Auburnite

        She brought it on herself and I feel zero sympathy for her-You reap what you sow. To make comments about cops like that- ya shes a piece of crap. To post semi porn pics of her fat ass- well thats just trashy- so basically shes a white trash skank who deserves to be called out on her bs. Dont want NEGATIVE attention- dont go asking for it, because all too often you get what you wish for.

    29. ATS

      Not to mention “Turtle Boy” is a terrible “journalist” with minimal writing “skills”

      1. Sterling Turtle Rider

        Let us not also “forget” that you seem to “need” to use so many “quotations” in your “sentences”. Do you “think” that it adds “emphasis” to your “bellyaching”?

    30. Pro-Cop Kristine

      Becky Becky Becky. You are so ignorant. I’m not expecting anyone would try and kidnap you and rape you (for several reasons) but if they do in fact manage to haul your dimpled ass off please call BLM for help. DO not call a COP, get it. This is how ignorant you are. No one should post on Social Media without taking the time to READ the article. You’re so uninformed you didn’t realize the incidents were in separate cities. You are a horrible person and you can apologize til the cows come home and no one will ever forget your post. May you gain even more weight. By the way. Your hair and makeup suck. I’d be happy to make you look like a model because fat or not your face and hair are allllllllllllllllllllllllllll wrong.

      1. Tara

        Shes a disgusting POS.

      2. Joseph Schmo

        According to the photos she provides, the cow IS home. Hey Becky, since Bessie the cow died, Borden Co. is looking for a new spokescow!

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