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  • Poopface NESN Anchor Who Was Fired From Previous Job Gets Rejected By Younger Woman, Tells Her What A Bigshot He Is, Makes Fun Of Her Looks

    Poopface NESN Anchor Who Was Fired From Previous Job Gets Rejected By Younger Woman, Tells Her What A Bigshot He Is, Makes Fun Of Her Looks

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    A couple months ago NESN announced that they had hired a guy named Marc James:

    NESN announced today that Marc James (@marcjames) will join the network as an anchor and reporter. James will start at NESN in June and initially will appear on NESN’s three sports news programs:

    • NESN Sports Today — every night at 10 p.m. (or immediately following Red Sox or Bruins postgame coverage)

    • NESN LIVE — weeknights at 5:30 p.m.

    • NESN Sports Update — every morning from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.

    James comes to NESN from nationally syndicated CBS Sports Radio, where he served as a weekend and fill-in sports talk host for several shows, including “The Jim Rome Show.” Since 2012, he also has been a frequent contributor on the NFL Network’s “Around the League LIVE.” The western Massachusetts native has served as a sports talk radio host in several markets since 2004, including Fort Lauderdale (ESPN radio), Tampa (ESPN Radio 1040), Charlotte (CBS Radio 610 The Fan) and Atlanta (CBS Radio 92.9 The Game).

    Apparently reading scripted highlights for a bunch of mid major market sports teams has given him the impression that he’s some sort of celebrity, and thus his chudstuffer is in high demand. Because this 32 year old man just got blown up by a 22 year old Northampton woman named Alyssa Labrie who has been trying to get into modeling, and from the looks of her Facebook page is a recent UMass grad who enjoys both art and theater.

    Here’s what she had to say:

    What. A. Loser. I feel for women, I really do. This is something as a dude I will never, ever, EVER have to deal with. As much as this would be a problem that I’d kind of welcome, chicks don’t throw themselves at me or most normal dudes. That’s why guys get married. But here you have this woman, who is trying to be professional and make it in this business, and she has to face a dilemma that I never have and never will – how to avoid hurting the feelings of a someone who has the ability to help or hinder your professional career, when that someone is trying to play bury the broomstick in my backyard.

    Let’s check out the screenshots so we can see just how much this idiot over inflates himself…..

    That might the most polite rejection I’ve ever seen. Perfectly stated. Any normal guy at this point says, “No problem, you got my number, give me a buzz if you ever need anything,” and then you move onto the next one. Welcome to life as a guy. Rejection happens. Deal with it.

    But then again, I never entertained an audience of hundreds with my hot takes about the Tampa Bay Rays. So obviously he had to let Alyssa know JUST how alpha male he is:

    Be more sensitive. You can’t. I must’ve missed the part where she said she was busier than him. Bro, she was just saying that so you’d leave her alone. She don’t want your dirty yogurt slinger. And instead of just telling you that she chose to be polite about it, and this is how you reacted. Sure, she could’ve just lied and said she had a boyfriend, but why the hell should a woman have to be in a position where she’s forced to lie? God what a fucking LOSER this assbag is.

    “I was just trying to connect for a drink.” Guy, she’s not stupid. We all know what connect for a drink means. And quite frankly you look like the kind of guy whose drink of choice is a Roofey Coolata.

    Finally she unleashed the beast on this dooshnozzle extraordinaire:

    People who say “mic drop” when it’s clearly not a “mic drop” worthy situation, are the worst people on the Internet. You drop the mic when you roast someone. Not when you get rejected by a chick because your old ass reminds her of a the creepy dude from her Dad’s horseshoe league.

    Network TV!!??? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! Bitch, you’re on NESN. This ain’t NBC. It’s a sports network that carries the Red Sox. The only reason anyone’s ever heard of you is because this chick just blew up your spot. You couldn’t possibly be more irrelevant.

    Then he pulled this move:

    Of course he’s only letting her know that she’s blocked because he wants to assert the fact that HE is the one in control, not her. Nothing insecure about that!!

    What Mark forgot to mention to her is why he needed a job at NESN in the first place. Turns out he was fired from another irrelevant radio station in Atlanta for embarrassing both himself and the company by being a fanboy while on the job:

    92.9/The Game morning host Marc James is out after 16 months but the circumstances of his departure are kind of murky. Why was he cut? There is a story floating around that James sought autographs from Mets players at a recent Braves game, the type of fan-like behavior sports talk show hosts and sports reporters tend to avoid.  I am not sure how true this is but heard it from two very different sources.”


    “Hey Mr. Bartolo Colon, can I have you autograph? You’re the only on this team older than me!!”

    What. A. Loser.

    As much fun as it is to make fun of this guy, he should be fired from NESN too. Dude needs a reality check pronto because his magical cervix scraper isn’t all he’s made it out to be. It’s completely unfair and unprofessional for him to use his limited influence in the entertainment industry to try to get this girl in bed.

    Here’s NESN’s twitter, and here’s NESN’s Facebook page. Feel free to bombard them and let them know what kind of dillhole they currently have under their employ.



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    1. The Rant Queen

      What a desperate, pathetic, miserable loser.

      1. Strata

        Marc, not expecting this Turtle Boy smack down were you ? LOL .. Huge following on here … this blog will be passed around so be sure that your friends, family, and bosses will see this …

        You look like a loser … internet is forever Mr. Big Network personality LOL !

    2. Maggie the Cat

      Looks like this guy went to the Harvey Weinstein School of Diplomacy!

      1. Stunt Penis

        He should have tried the “Alyssa, would you like to watch me shower” pickup line. Harvey had a lot of success with that one.

        Hey, she’s got a lot of natural beauty (less make-up Alyssa, let your natural beauty shine) so I can’t blame the guy for making a pass…. but he should have taken the hint and bowed out gracefully, not be a pathetic, stalker-like schmuck about it, when she attempted to gracefully say she was not interested.

    3. Steven Stover

      I bet 100 that he is a democrat.

    4. Kevin Lynch

      I’d give him a blow job for a quarter… a dime if I can go one knuckle deep in the backside…

    5. Elle

      Kudos to Alyssa for being as nice as she was! I would’ve told him to fuck off a long time ago, no matter what his connections were.

    6. Stan the man

      Marc,you got sizzled by a 22year old.
      You handled it like an asshat.
      Read about Weinstien when your busy schedule allows it.

    7. Harvey Weinstein

      I see absolutely nothing wrong with what this man did.

      1. Bill Clinton

        Me neither, old friend, me neither.

        1. Bill Cosby

          She needs to drink the drink though… His game is weaker than green jello…

          1. Nelly

            She needs a ride on my tour bus.

      2. Anthony Weiner

        She is kind of old tho?

        1. Wwy

          Burn the diddling kikes

        2. Jerry Sandusky

          She’s a little old and a little too feminine for me.

    8. TortugaNino

      I have never wanted to strike a man in the face so badly! Actually typing out the word QUOTE and then using actual quotation marks may be the most pathetic abuse of the English language I have ever witnessed. and don’t get me started on the use of emoji’s for words you also typed out! Un-friggin-believable.

    9. Low Morals

      Lets be real, she’s a solid 4 but she’s not all bad for an albino looking bitch!

      1. livesinlowell

        Very fitting video clip. good job.

    10. Finn

      What a douche nozzle. His initcap sentences Are Infuriating (see what I did?). Who goes for smoothies?? (smoothies= blowjob) – seriously, go look it up.

    11. Wwy

      Remy works there too Boston a bunch of fags now. The rainbow sox deserve better.

    12. Captain Pissbottle

      What a creep. Carlos danger 2.0

    13. bahaha

      I wonder how it feels to get blown the fuck out by a barely-not-teenage facebook model lmfao
      This guy is a loser, props to the girl for her eloquent destruction of his whole existence

    14. Fredd Willard

      I don’t know. He’s definitely a douche nozzle for going on the offense so hard after she let him down pretty nicely. But after that, she could have let him have it and blocked him. She kept it going quite a while longer than it needed to. She knew she was going to publish these and tried to play the victim as much as possible.

      1. Gordon Yell

        That may be true about keeping it going longer than what she should have. But I give her credit,by doing so (by which, I think she knew what she was doing) was is getting a lot more attention/publicity, then she would have by accepting a smoothie date with this POS…Great job Alyssa!!!

    15. Phil

      Yup guys a complete fckng toolbox from the way he talks, texts and gets his haircut. That being said, this chicks a joke putting him on blast for the sole purpose of attention. She is also less than mediocre looking…

    16. ?

      After unjustly terminating whom may have been arguably the best baseball broadcaster in Don Orsillio, NESN hired this chud nugget? Tut, tut, tut. Perhaps this Marc James can go have a row with David Price.

    17. Camille

      He is one odd looking guy. Nice haircut. Stuck in 1999…

    18. Scoop

      Report: NESN Host Suspended After Harassing Woman With Repeated Texts

      1. chrissy


    19. Class if 1991

      Plus. He is 44. Ludlow Ma Class of 1991. James not hid last name either

      1. Ludlow

        Someone beat me to it!! Good job class!! Gotta find his senior class picture for a side by side comparison…he’s had work done.

    20. chrissy

      “In a conversation with journalist Ali Reid, James claimed a female friend had taken his phone Oct. 7 and started messaging Labrie on his behalf.” lololol

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