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  • Ridiculously Cheap Fight Outside Providence Strip Club Ends In Savage Knockout, Crazy Prancing Men, And Coward Using Friend As A Human Shield

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    This video has been making the rounds in the Facebook universe, filmed outside of Wonderland strip club in Providence. It’s basically a bunch of shitfaced roosters trying to intimidate each other until one heavyweight dumpster slug takes it too far, kicks an unconscious man after he took a serious hit to the pavement, and then comes back to rifle through his pockets. Oh, and there’s strippers, guys using their friends as shields, and amped up dipshits galloping across the screen for no reason.

    Take a look.

    Let’s break down this nonsense.

    This all started outside Wonderland Gentlemen’s Club. It looks like it has great handicap access, which is really accommodating because everyone deserves a well-choreographed lappy and maybe a good ole’ trouser tug.

    So the video starts as the fight is reaching it’s breaking point. This dude’s already shirtless so he’s ready to rumble and impress some strippers at the same time.

    This nitwit comes in flapping a shirt (the other dude’s shirt? that’s not weird) and talking shit. I don’t care how many bubblegum martinis you sucked down, going up against an angry man who outweighs you by 100 pounds isn’t a good idea.

    At this point shirtless throws the first punch and gets his ass thrown to the ground immediately. Then shirt flapper literally HIDES BEHIND his friend on the right. You can see him push the dude forward in front of him. He was talking all this shit and now he’s hiding.

    Then the dude in the white shirt blasts in out of nowhere.

    White shirt tries to go up against the biggest dude in the fight and promptly gets laid out by this other asshole in the red tank who flies in from the right. That’s pretty cheap, he wasn’t even going after that turd. So sleazy.

    He goes down hard on a freaking concrete sidewalk.

    Then this psycho giant with goddamn purple shoes KICKS him in the face as he’s UNCONSCIOUS. That has got to be the slimiest shit in this whole video. Lots of comments say the guy in the white shirt was pretty badly hurt and rumor is he could have vision problems. Either way, that could not be a cheaper shot.

    Then this dude in the orange shirt gallops across the screen like a liquored up show horse to get to another fight that is happening against the truck. I don’t know if that’s shirt flapper, but someone is getting their ass kicked against the vehicle. Another unfair fight kicking a man while he’s down. Totally reasonable. Sportsmanship is dead.

    Back to the original assault, and a chick steps in to stand over the unconscious man because cheap ass teletubby comes back, kicks him in the head, and then tries to come back AGAIN.

    Instead, he goes through the dude’s pockets while orange shirt prancer tries to pull him off. What. The. Fuck. Not to mention all white shirt’s boys have bolted leaving him laying on the ground with possible real damage.

    Only one guy checks on him, looks for his breathing, and then walks the fuck away because he’s having none of it.

    Yep, he’s done, nope.

    WOW. That is some savage behavior. This went from a big talking, shirt waving, prancing men fight to a serious assault.

    According to the comments, multiple people are bragging about their boy who knocked out white shirt. Ya, assault is hilarious. So is jail time. LOLZ.


    Now if you’re like me, you’re thinking what kind of dumb shit is a SAUCE GOD?

    Urban dictionary don’t fail me now…

    That’s totally what my next guess was going to be, I swear…

    Is it just me or does the other guy in the above pic look like guy in the red shirt who knocked out white shirt? I’m speculating…

    Anyways, does anyone know who any of these other outstanding gentlemen are? They deserve a proper shaming because even Providence has standards (sometimes) and you just don’t kick someone when they’re down, then rifle through their pockets for extra cheeseburger money.

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    1. superfly

      Just more racist White people hating on other cultures and their customs.

      1. SauceGodLOL

        Huh?? I pray this is sarcasm. Culture and customs? So its culture and a custom to be violent while black, but when an arrest happens like in any other race its racist. Your a winner!!

    2. Chris Rock

      No matter what a stripper tells you, there is no sex in the “Champagne Room”. These boys had to get that testosterone out somehow!!

    3. MalcomX


    4. Jimmie

      Is there a sign on my strip club that says dead n****r storage?

    5. bird


    6. BH

      5 years or so this place was a gay bath house responsible for a region-wide syphilis outbreak, part-owned by David Cicilline. Now it’s a Wold Star-level strip club filled with ratchets and gutter thugs.

      I think we were safer with the gay dudes.

      1. Syph is Waiting on Ya

        There are hospitals that no matter what they do, can’t get rid of certain viruses and bacteria. You can close entire sections, seal them off, remove everything in double sealed bags to be incinerated or sterilized. Use the most effective chemicals on every part of the empty rooms nothing but concrete and pipes and those viruses and bacteria will still be there.

        1. Zika Zombies

          If Zika mosquito virus pops up in any ratchet Massachusetts City it’s over man! Zombie Zika time. Lifetime costs for one Zika infected baby is beyond calculation. Mosquitoes spreading Zika brain destroying virus from TBS junkies and ratchets to clean living people, only a matter of time, only a matter of time peeps.

          FLORIDA – Florida has its first sexually transmitted Zika virus case reported in 2017, according to a spokesperson with the Florida Department of Health.

    7. wabbitt

      Nothing says “always fashionable” like a Dragonball Z shirt…

    8. Brian

      least shocking news ever. A black mam trying to rob a Dead guy

      1. Yeah yeah


      2. Yeah yeah

        Hahahahahahaha oh man I’m dead.

        Rhode Islans could be hit with napalm and no one would give a fuck. Look at these pieces of trash. Ugh.

    9. […] Ridiculously Cheap Fight Outside Providence Strip Club Ends In Savage Knockout, Crazy Prancing Men, … Ya, assault is hilarious. So is jail time … and you just don’t kick someone when they’re down, then … turtleboysports.com2h Police […]

    10. They call me Ponch


      This whole event had an effect radius of one parking lot.

      Thank goodness anyone NOT at this strip club was unaffected.

    11. Lyndsay

      Turtle boy “fight night” descriptions are uncanny…..its so fucked but so right on…hope kid is going to be ok….but descriptions of “prancing men” and cheeseburger money had me laughing so hard I was crying….the best yet though is the crack head fight a few weeks ago in I think Brockton…it was deemed “Fallujah” by turtleboy…best play by play yet…keep em coming turtle!

    12. Mikel

      Thanks in support of sharing such a good opinion, post is
      good, thats why i have read it completely

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