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  • Route 31 From Spencer To Charlton Is The Biggest Abortion Sandwich Of A Road We’ve Ever Seen

    Route 31 From Spencer To Charlton Is The Biggest Abortion Sandwich Of A Road We’ve Ever Seen

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    So the Turtleboy elves were delivering Christmas joy in this morning by dropping off some Turtleboy beanies and t-shirts and hoodies and mugs in Spencer and Charlton this morning. And to get from Spencer to Charlton you take Route 31 – the Dudley to Fitchburg expressway. Can’t say that I take this road very often, but I feel TERRIBLE for people who do. It feels like  you’re driving road in a remote Bosnian village a couple hours after a NATO air strike:

    Can’t say I’ve ever bounced that much in a car on a state road. The vibrations were borderline orgasm inducing. But it probably does a number on your shocks and tires.

    Here’s the crazy part. The second you cross into Charlton it IMMEDIATELY becomes a smooth and comfortable driver’s paradise:

    Evidently Spencer’s three elected officials in the Statehouse (Senator Anne Gobi and Reps Donnie Berthiaume and Peter Durant) lobbied the state a couple months ago to fix the freaking road. And they got it. But why should they have to do that? There’s a broken state road. Fix it. This is why we pay state taxes. The state divides up our tax dollars based on which elected official is the best at lobbying for it. So why does it seem like Spencer is always getting the short end of the stick? Whey is Route 31 so flawless in Paxton, Charlton, Holden, Princeton and Westminster, but such an abortion sandwich in Spencer? Why is David Prouty such a grossly underfunded cesspool of broken dreams? I understand there’s a lot of dooshnozzles in town like Bob Cirba who will do anything to avoid paying for municipal services. But where is the state? Hasn’t Spencer been put through enough as it is? Free muh roads!!!

    P.S. The only town we’ve ever seen with worse roads on our bone ride series is Royalston.



    But no one ever has any reason to go to Royalston, so it doesn’t really matter. People actually use Route 31 in Spencer.



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    1. Georgia Madman

      About time someone mentioned this road. Seriously I’ve been on better roads than this in third world countries. Maybe Midas pays the state not to fix the road.

      1. Kenny Powers

        Someone needs to do something about the Big Break & Muffler lobby, this is a job for Lizzie Warren. Little known fact her great grandfather Chief Breaksalot, invented disc breaks and the rotary engine.

        1. Kenny Powers

          * I meant “brake”

        2. Talisman

          She too busy to fixem horseless carriage path. Much firewater to drink and dine at hairy wagon track of Beast-who-screeches-and-waddles-on-cankles. May givem blacktop new face and war paint after great spirit decide no more white man.

    2. Turtledove

      An abortion sandwich would probably look a lot like a chicken parm.

      1. Hugh Janus

        Mmmmm… Now I’m hungry for an abortion sandwich.

    3. Maggie the Cat

      Maybe now that Turtleboy is on the case the darn road will get fixed!

    4. Reddog

      The state spent too much money on fancy lights and such for the New bridge over Lake Quinsagamond that we were left to fend for ourselves. We did just vote for an override to repair our toads at our (town taxpayers) expense though.


      That’s why I don’t live there anymore, when they paved rte 31 years ago, they paved over the manhole covers too, then had to dig them all back up again, fucking brainless douchnozzels

      1. Talisman

        No shit? That’s fucking hilarious.
        Hey Franky, what’s that big round metal thing for?
        Shut the fuck up and keep rolling, not our problem.

    6. Spencer Rules

      There were transgender bathrooms to and lockers to build!!! Priorities people!

    7. Pepe Bismal

      I drove that shit show 2 weeks ago and felt like I was back in Iraq. Tell me again how Massachusetts disburses $675,000 per mile of state owned road? Oh yeah government hacks.

    8. Al

      You don’t get to North Brookfield enough! Roads there are horrible. I have potholes on my road you can put small humans in! Haven’t tarred a single road this year or bother to patch holes.

    9. Emily

      Hopefully South Quinsigamond Ave will be fixed now that the new WTA building is complete. It’s like a roller coaster ride on that road.

      1. Reddog

        Yea,that road really sucks too. That’s how you are welcomed to Worcester from 146. I can’t imagine the poor guys that have plow those two roads.

      2. WHATEVUH

        That road rattles the fillings out of my teeth, welcome to Wormtown

    10. Jack Mehoff

      Gobi is too busy munching carpet to worry about roads.

    11. Lori

      Drive it 2xs a day for 11 years in a school bus the bug yellow one and it sucks..my back n neck I messed up..they say e paving in the spring we will see

    12. Sterling Turtle Rider

      Princeton had some notoriously horrid roads years back, especially Ball Hill Road, but I think the town finally got sick of hearing about it constantly and buckled down a few summers in a row, now they aren’t quite as bad – but there is a pretty noticeable direct link between the towns that cheap out on paving, sanding, etc. being the same ones with the horrid roads. Can’t be a coincidence.

    13. Someone that has been saying this for YEARS

      I have to drive this road to and from work daily….years ago when I bought my new suv i had to have parts repaired after only three months of traveling this continues pothole. Since then I’ve had to have several more repairs all do to this road. I have written several letters to the town and the state. The towns response was the were waiting for the state to approve millions of dollars to cover the cost of fixing the road oh wait instead of just ripping up old road and putting down fresh asphalt they need to widen the road ??? Meaning the last two years have been spent cutting trees? I can only image what the cost of men on the side of the road with police details have cost over two years and still no fix to the roadway??? If the came in and stripped it to dirt it would still be better than it is now. Please keep investigating this until someone does something. For all the people that are forced to travel this road.

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