Rutland Wangsta Update: Man Now Claims He Was Just Kidding About Killing Cops, Internet Lawsuit Forthcoming


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Update on the All-Star Rutland wangsta Zachary Dupuis, who recently posted that he wants Donald Trump to be elected President so that he can join an uprising and start killing cops:



He messaged us when the story came out last night:


He claims that there are people showing up to his house (which no one listed the address of) with bats, and urged us to get legal representation:


Another Internet lawsuit!!!!


So we called our lawyer.


Although we would urge him to call the police if there are in fact men with bats at his house


but……ya know


That might be an awkward phone call. Just sayin.

But here’s the best part – it was all just a big joke:





Oh snap fam!!! We got played yo!! The whole thing was just a joke!! Get it?? It’s funny because talking about dead cops is HILARIOUS!!! The best part of the joke was when he insisted that he wasn’t joking. He meant every word of it!!!


Psyche!!!! Run your mind fool!!! You just got Rutland wangsta-ed!!! He even left us a message informing us that we were in fact punked!!!

Boy does Turtleboy feel dumb!!!

For the record, there was obviously no one outside of this person’s house with bats, nor should there be. People like Zack Dupuis have the right to say dumb things on the Internet. You just have to deal with criticism when you do so. Physical violence is never the answer. Although he says he’s got it all figured out just in case something does happen:


Cash money!!! Even when he loses he still wins!!

P.S. Really looking forward to the next rap video:


Double P.S. Best. Meme. Ever.


H/T Kevin James


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  1. B-Jayvian King

    Slurp Slurp Slurp

  2. Kevin Blackmer

    Yo J-dawg…hit me up man…we can ride on these turtle boy biz-natches. *writes turtleboy on my hollow tips*

    1. B-Jayvian King

      You DTF? I am, if you wear that sweet 2 piece…

  3. Space in the woods

    The talk around town this morning is that he is a very nice sweetheart of a kid who is always polite to anyone who has interactions with him in different businesses around town.
    My kid knows him, waiting on their take on his personality.

    Ok, my kid’s take is he IS the gangsta thug wanna be.

  4. Talisman

    Sackary Dupiss is a wanna be sphincter pimple. YO.

  5. Publius

    Hard to believe people, I think they are people, communicate or try to like my G King. Straight up.

  6. Kayvian Jing

    No one is asking the really important question here:

    Where does this guy get his eyebrows done? Girls all over Worcester County would KILL for brows that good.

  7. my wigger

    Why is it that every loser kid today wants to be a wigger?

  8. Seed of Chucky

    Wow Zach, good thing you have the support of your kilby posse huh? While you are waiting for them to arrive, and it should take awhile, watch that horror movie Seed of Chucky. You look exactly like Chucky’s son! You and Glen are twins. If you drive around, blasting your music, and dressing like an extra from Paid in Full, yeah the cops will pull you over. Its not the cops fault you aren’t a good hustler and don’t keep a low profile. You won’t get millions off this, not even hundreds. What you will get is clowned by the entire city, and possibly a nice room in the HOC. Good luck Glen!!

  9. Somebody about to call 911

    Everyone is a cop hating tough guy till they get caught. Oh it was just a joke. Just like that other plus size “model” girl. Then they are the first ones to call the police after bashing them. And don’t get it twisted bunny teeth, no one thinks you would actually kill a cop or anyone else. You look 15, and are too busy going to rent a center, and making wack rap songs. But just saying you wish cops would die is a karma only you will have to face. And it doesn’t look like your life was that great to begin with.

  10. Captain Insano

    Hey TB, your site sucks for any embedded video or audio files; they don’t play for a damn.

    1. Dick Hertz from Holden

      it’s probably your computer, mine works fine every time

  11. Jay-B

    I wonder if he will get the irony when if he has to call the police after getting a beat down.

  12. Steven Stover

    People like him and the moron from Sutton prove that cops don’t kill, hurt, or even harass citizens. They post hate rants toward police knowing full well that the cops are not going to pull them over and beat them up for what they said or wrote. Of course this stupid kid will say every time he gets pulled over while breaking laws that it is because of this website. They don’t accept responsability for their actions. The old guy knows he can do it cause he is long term living proof that the cops don’t care what dummies say. On a side note. I wonder if this kid has a dad. Maybe the old guy could adopt him. Kinda like the apple not falling far from the tree relationship.