Selling Brockton Stripper Money Half Price On An Uxbridge Yard Sale Page Just Seems Like A Bad Business Plan

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Selling Brockton Stripper Money Half Price On An Uxbridge Yard Sale Page Just Seems Like A Bad Business Plan

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Well, this is a new one…..

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Turtleboy has zero problem with this. I had no idea the strip clubs in Brockton were this technologically advanced. So apparently you just buy some sort of Foxy Lady card, purchase Foxy Lady money, put it on the card, and save yourself the hassle of throwing dollar bills at the Randolph GED express on stage. I mean, when you buy a lap dance, who wants to pay cash for that? Why carry around a Costanza wallet when you can just whip out your Foxy Lady card and swipe it in between the stripper’s cheeks? I assume once you start working there you have to get one of those card reading chips implanted in your crack. I find it hard to believe the Tramplighter or Sweaty Betty’s has crossed this bridge into the 21st century.

My question is, how come the Foxy Lady doesn’t let their strippers cash out their cards when they quit? Sounds like they need a union. I’d be bullshit. Luckily she has that Foxy Lady pension and her 401K to fall back on. People are giving her a hard time because it sounds like a scam, but what’s she supposed to do? Buy $400 worth of lap dances? Her only move is to sell it half price. It’s not like selling food stamps. She wasn’t just handed this money by the taxpayers. She earned it by grinding on some Holbrook meathog.

Of course her biggest problem is she has no idea where to sell. It’s like opening up a Whole Foods in Brockton. No one’s gonna go. Why is she trying to sell this thing in an Uxbridge yard sale site? What is that, an hour away at least from Brockton? If you think you’re gonna find some soccer Mom in Uxbridge to buy your stripper points at half price you’re gonna be severely disappointed. Just sayin.



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  1. Lala

    I actually agree with you…Seems kind of almost illegal that the club got paid but she’s out that cash…It is exactly as you said though…Execution. Wrong market. There seems like there’d be some kind of suit there though. How does Foxy Lady get paid and leave her stuck with worthless paper?

    1. Talisman

      Maybe it was accumulated stripper points, or pole miles. So many lap dances and bottles of champagne equals 100 pole miles, use em or lose em

  2. ImNewHere

    Please tell me that “foxy lady money” isnt just $2 bills that this skank doesnt know is legal currency. Because that would be priceless.

    1. Talisman

      Canadian $20s. Queen E was a stripper back in the day, eh?

    2. Talisman

      And the exchange rate, eh

    3. Talisman

      Sorry, should be ay?

      1. Turd Burglestein

        I think it’s fonzie that says “ay” and canadians that say “eh”.

        1. Brian Albrecht

          What kind of dumb senile old fuck names himself after shit? STUPID OLD FUCK PIECE OF SHIT!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  3. Merrimack Valley Turtleboy

    My guess is she stole the money and is trying to get cash for it.

    1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

      That was my thought, also.

  4. ZephyrCat

    I don’t get it. Is it real money or not? Is it only club credit, like she can only use it on delicious stripjoint grub? Who would ever agree to that? I’m not doing a lap dance for store credit. Cash only. Reminds me of when I used to go to strip clubs. I’d wear baggy shorts with no underwear! BOOIINNGG!!!! Some girls actually liked the grind. Some thought I was disgusting. And of course I was always left with a throbbing boner. What good is that?!?! That’s when I graduated to hookers. If it gets that hard I’m gonna at least get off!

  5. brian albrecht (the real one)

    Women dancing naked? UGH! Thats FUCKING GROSS and DISGUSTING! I don’t wanna look at that shit. Naw, I be at the Chippendales and shit. Or Dancing Bear. Dats the shit for me. I get to polish the knob of some sexy CockMonster with other people watchin! Girls squeelin as BRIAN ALBRECHT takes a creamy white rope across the face!! Yeah MuthaFuckas, thats what I’m about!!! LLEETTSS GGGGOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I’m GAY and shit!!!!

    1. I hate stupid people.

      It was funny when he was here cause we would have to listen to his hardo rage about how Weymouth tough he was after he saw it. Now it is just as gay as him.

  6. Dick Dover

    So, did turtleboy make the purchase or not?

  7. Turd Burglestein

    I wonder if someone is going to get the bright idea to try and trade out food stamps for the stripper bucks.

    1. ZephyrCat

      Too bad. Thought you got arrested. So you gave out a bogus address. What a surprise. Another pretend tough guy.

  8. Princeza Groupie

    Thought Providence had the only Foxy Lady going, live and learn. At least she’s working and hustling to sell stuff. But far from being a famous stripper “Princess” that is known worldwide.

  9. jack mehoffer

    is it a fuckin strip joint or a chucky cheese?

  10. Independent Thinker

    I’ve never heard of this, but it sounds like a way to screw the ladies out of the money they earn while working there. Pretty soon bars and restaurants will be doing this as a means of tipping servers. Sounds like it should be illegal to me.

  11. Sterling Turtle Rider

    One of my first jobs as a teenager was at Sears, and one of their methods to receive your paycheck every week was on a bootleg debit card – I was a dumb kid and thought it would be cool to have, so I opted for it. Problem was, it didn’t have the backing of one of the credit card companies, so it couldn’t be used anywhere, and the bank it was affiliated with was very obscure, so there was only one ATM in the area I could get the money out of without a fee – and it was in the biggest sketchbag Store24 (pre-Tedeschi’s takeover) in the area. Live and learn.