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  • Sicko Wandering Around The Brookfields Snapping Goat’s Necks And Leaving Them For Children To Find In Order To Send A Message

    Sicko Wandering Around The Brookfields Snapping Goat’s Necks And Leaving Them For Children To Find In Order To Send A Message

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    A million people have messaged us about this serial goat killer in West Brookfield:

    Two miniature goats were found dead, posed on their owners’ back steps, sparking a police investigation that could bring charges if the culprit is found. The goats, miniature Norwegian goats less than 4 months old, were found Monday morning, police said.

    “Their necks were broken, and there’s no question it was intentional,” Sgt. Matthew Letendre said, adding that the animals were left in a place where the children in the family could have found them.

    Police were called to the home on Ridge Road at about 10:30 a.m. Monday, though the owner had made the grim discovery hours earlier, at around 6:30, and tried to conceal the scene from the children. The killing most likely happened sometime after 7 p.m., the last time a witness recalled hearing the animals, which Sgt. Letendre said are quite small. Officer James Early is investigating.

    But wait, there’s more:

    We got a serious psychopath on the loose ladies and gentlemen. This is why I don’t go west of Spencer. In Worcester they’ll just steal your car. In West Brookfield they snap your goat’s necks and leave them for your children to find. Sick fucks. For the most part the Brookfields are nice towns, but there’s a couple nutjobs out there who don’t mind snapping Nigerian goat necks and leaving them on your stoop to send a message. And that’s exactly what happened here. No way this is random. These people were targeted. I don’t know who the guy in North Brookfield was, but the land in West Brookfield is owned by the Fijol family. And John Fijol owns a towing company/salvage yard:

    And when you tow cars for a living, you’re gonna piss people off for doing your job. It’s not right, but it’s the nature of the industry. I have a hard time believing anyone has ever thanked a tow truck driver for taking their car.

    A lot of people have messaged us with this story and asked us to get to the bottom of it. But here’s the thing – it’s not really the kind of story we’re good at solving. We don’t even have a picture or a car to work with here. You give us a Facebook page and we’ll be cracking the case in 20 minutes or less. But unless they were dumb enough to put the crime on Snapchat, (which is altogether possible considering how moronic people born after 1995 have a tendency to be) then I hate to say it, but they’ll probably get away with it. The only way they get caught is if they keep snapping goat’s necks, or the cops can find out which asshole who got his car towed used this as a way to get revenge.

    P.S. Saw this comment on the original post about it:

    We wrote a blog about this last week. Over 1,400 people reacted to this post. Most chose to click the angry emoji, while 439 clicked the crying emoji, 95 clicked good ol’ fashioned “like,” 29 clicked the orgasm emoji, two clicked “love,” and 1 clicked the laughing emoji:

    I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again – if you get off on shaming people who accidentally clicked the wrong face emoji on a Facebook post, then you are the self-serving, narcissistic Facebook police who no one asked for. Hitting the wrong emoji is not a crime. I’m sure no one using their real name actually thinks this is hilarious. Get over yourself Kylie.



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    1. Light my fire

      Well Nigerian goats might be different than Norwegian goats. It might have been an accident.

      1. Robert Mueller

        Nigerian goats, ok makes sense, their the ones who keep sending spam email.

    2. Kinko the Clown

      What do you think the message is? The goat killers might need to spell it out better.

    3. Poo

      Kylie Taylor is a fucknut.

    4. $10 they own a flat brim bulls hat

      Just a small bit of information but most tow truck drivers are required to use closed circuit security cameras for insurance purposes, roll backs aren’t cheap. I feel bad for this guys kids, those goats didn’t do shit to deserve that painful horrific death, that’s extremely unfair. Maybe they can put pieces together with traffic cameras, corner store cameras, anything, these assholes need caught.

      1. Light one up

        No way they are flat brim Bulls hats wearers. The FBBHW’s would not know a goat from a cat and would sure not be brave enough to be out on a farm in the middle of the night. Those city folk would get lost out there.

    5. Indigo

      Maybe the ONE person who hit the smiley emoji is the person responsible for hurting the goats. Just saying, crimes like these are known to be re visited by the perpetrator. Been a rider for a few years now just never seemed pertinent to post in the comments. Keep up the good work all

    6. Avery Cates

      With a population of only about 3,300 surely someone in town must know whatever sick in the head asshole is capable of doing this.

      1. Gilbert Villa

        Not really. Crime is rising in W Brookfield. Lots of break ins of cars, burglaries, property damage. Assumed to be drug related. PD is more focused on pulling people over for speeding than for solving any crime. Only cameras installed are on private homes/businesses probably and those are few and far between.

    7. sweetie

      Believe me…those sick fucks told SOMEBODY, so get on it TB. Ask people to come forward with names.

    8. Lily White

      Norwegian? Nigerian? Which is it? Quick….call Mosaic…call the ACLU…call Reverend Sharpton…police MUST be racist. They obviously think all Nigerian and Norwegians goats look the same. LOL

    9. They call me Ponch

      The original message they sent was they raped the goats.

      That message went undelivered.

      The goats threatened to out them.


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