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  • Someone Threw Six Adorable Puppies In A Sack And Tossed Them In An Uxbridge River, And Some Boob Thinks This Is Normal And The Cops Are Being Too Mean

    Someone Threw Six Adorable Puppies In A Sack And Tossed Them In An Uxbridge River, And Some Boob Thinks This Is Normal And The Cops Are Being Too Mean

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    Another sad story out of Uxbridge…..

    Awful. As bad as this is it actually could’ve been worse. They could’ve been dropped off at Laughlin Kennel.

    I can’t understand what the motivation for this would be. Why would you breed puppies if you’re just gonna kill them?

    Shoutout to the mystery kayaker though. What a find! These puppies wouldn’t have survived very long at this age inside a bag in a river.

    Anyway, I’m sure the UPD will get to the bottom of this and are treating it seriously. Probably not the first time whoever did this has taken a litter of puppies from a mother, who they’re basically using as an incubator. But people talk, and whoever did this is probably local. So if you see anything or hear anything, definitely message the UPD first, and THEN message the turtle so we can expose the scumbags turtle style.

    I’m not saying it was this guy, but I’m kind of hoping it was this guy, because I definitely want a reason to blog more about this guy:

    Wait…..what?? You read a story about some asshole throwing six puppies in a river to die and the only thing you took out of that is that the Uxbridge Pd is “judgmental” for calling the lowlifes who did this, “low lifes?” Cool priorities.

    And why is he acting like Uxbridge is Appalachia? Back wood country places? Bitch, they have their own high school. A highway goes through it. They have a McDonalds. This isn’t some village of native dialect speakers who don’t understand basic societal rules that you don’t throw puppies in a river.

    But according to Mark Bell, back in his day throwing six puppies in a sack and tossing them in a river was common practice. And by back in his day he means 1978. The stone age. This shit happened all the time back then and no one blinked an eye. Sure it did.

    Newsflash – this was not normal when you were growing up in Sharon, and it’s not normal now. Quite frankly the mere fact that you think it’s normal, kind of makes me think you know a thing or two about throwing puppies in a sack and tossing them in a river. Just sayin. Kind of a weird thing to post on a story like this.


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    1. Grammar police

      Threw* one bad word can lead down a slippery slope to rachetness. I know this because I have a chart that says so.

    2. Stan the man

      This ass clown is always commenting in the Herald.
      I see his comment I skip right over it know I’ll lose IQ points reading it.

    3. chrissy

      Great story. In unrelated news my cat Mittens makes funny faces at me and I missed my period again! 🙂

      1. chrissy

        lol who is trolling me

        they make me sound two

        it’s kind of cute

    4. Usualsuspect

      Can we drown the asswipe when we find him?

    5. Haverhill Landlord

      This sounds like a job for the father-son team who beat the name of the heroin dealer who killed their daughter/sister out of a captured junkie.

      And I for one would gladly join in; the person who did this deserves to become a human piñata.

    6. Christian Gerfloogenoogen

      His new name is Mark DumBell.

      I thought UPD’s post was great and I hope they catch this lunatic soon.

    7. chrissy

      “Great story. In unrelated news my cat Mittens makes funny faces at me and I missed my period again! ”

      lol who is trolling me

      they make me sound two

      it’s kind of cute

      1. They call me Ponch

        Probably TuRD

        Trolling Red Dan

        1. chrissy

          ty <3

    8. Bob E. Lee

      Truth is ugly, and I know it pains you city boys to not know it all. But many a unwanted litter of puppies and kittens get drowned in a gunnysack or old pillow case on many a farm all over this country son. We used a 55gl drum. Dog won’t hunt? All he wants to do is chase chickens? I gets shot in the fucking head with a .22. Fuckin city folk, I swear. Do the rest of the country a favor and stay put in your city slum.

      1. Mike

        Well Bob, I’m pretty sure drowning an unwanted litter of puppies is felony animal cruelty. That Country Boy attitude will not likely bode well with a jury. Don’t worry though, I’m sure puppy killers are treated real nice in prison. I’m sure they are treated similarly to child molesters, and everybody knows how child molesters are welcomed into the loving embrace of fellow inmates.

      2. PhilSimmsSucks

        Bob, you’re pretty unwanted around here. Gonna put a bullet through your head to see if Twinkie cream or duck sauce runs out instead of gray matter.

        1. Bob E Lee

          Do something about then pussy

          1. Robert lee Asian ESPN

            Is this the Asian ESPN commenter trolling TB?

    9. Burgling turts

      I grew up with Officer Smoot and Officer Sawash from the UPD. They’re both outstanding men unlike the rest of the wangsta wannabes in that town. Go get em boys.

    10. gumpmuff

      Have you ever wondered if puppies are racist?

    11. They call me Ponch

      Straight out of an old Tom and Jerry cartoon.

      Pretty dickish.

    12. Dire

      Mark, you are a cunt. I hope I get a chamce to put your unwanted boomer ass in a burlap sack and toss you in the blackstone.

    13. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

      Sounds like a typical SJW that never learned negative attention is the wrong kind of attention.

      Wonder where the police touched him?

    14. Noseface

      Something tells me that guys knows his way around a cock.

    15. me

      Pro tip: Next time. just flush the vermin down the toilet. No surveillance video. You’ll need to keep a plunger handy, but once they pass the trap, they’re into the sewer.

    16. Independent Thinker

      Some people shouldn’t have pets, and some people shouldn’t have children. Unfortunately, the wrong people are the ones who breed the most. And the wrong pet owners are the ones who allow their pets to breed when they do not have the means of taking care of additional animals.

    17. Carla G

      If you dont no nuthin bout dogs you need to stfu cuz my frend have 5 pits an they all good dogs who dont bite nobody if them aint bein provoked by some stupid bitches who let them kidz botha them dogs so you need to watch you kidz before you start blamin a dog for bitin them cuz you jus stoopid!

    18. Dog Park

      People used to leave them at farms too that was then . Now you have no kill shelters, the people of Uxbridge the Townies are embarrassed with Mark Bell and his tall tales.

    19. wabbitt

      There is literally no shortage of people looking to adopt animals. Even if those puppies aren’t purebred, there’s bound to be people willing to pay for them.

      The person who did this isn’t just a vile, amoral scumbucket, they’re also a shitty businessman.

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