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  • Sources: Vanessa Marcotte’s Murderer Arrested Last Night After DNA Match, Held On $10 Million Bail

    Sources: Vanessa Marcotte’s Murderer Arrested Last Night After DNA Match, Held On $10 Million Bail

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    Breaking News: Multiple sources with ties Massachusetts State Police are reporting to Turtleboy that an arrest was made last night in the Vanessa Marcotte murder. The suspect was arrested by MSP and Worcester Police in a raid after a DNA match. He is being held on $10 million bail at the Millbury State Police barracks. We do not know his name, but will keep you updated as we learn more. Vanessa Marcotte was last seen in Princeton on August 7 when she went jogging from her mother’s house on Brooks Station Road. In late February the DA’s office announced that they had DNA profile of her killer. We’ll save our thoughts for this later, but as for right now this is what reliable sources are telling us. Hopefully the family of Vanessa can begin to gain closure from this.




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    1. Mr Butthurt

      Good hope the maggot enjoys being Bubba’s bitch

      1. Practical

        Ah yes, let’s just go right to rape jokes on this thread.

        1. Mr Butthurt

          Go fuckyourself dickbreath. DNA evidence. Hope he likes the lube.

          1. Practical

            And that means prison. Figuring that assault was part of the crime, you’re being tasteless. Also, how do you know he’s not going to be a “Bubba” on the inside?

            1. Mr Butthurt

              Obviously cause he is a fucking pussy for attacking and killing a women. He is sackless like you dickbreath

            2. Practical

              You sound like Eliot from ET arguing with his older brother. I don’t like rape jokes and so these are the conclusions you jump to?

    2. Dennis O'Bell

      What a surprise, someone who had been in trouble with the law before, gets out and murders a woman.

      Typical liberal laws. Parole, letting people out early because of overcrowding.

      Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time

      1. Wondering

        Do you know something law enforcement doesn’t? They have said he has no record.

        1. Use Your Head

          Then how would they have a DNA sample to match to the killer?

          1. Fiesty Turtle Lady

            You and three other people can’t be this fucking stupid…

            It’s called a DNA swab. They used the DNA from Vanessa’s body to create a profile so when they found this man, the DNA matched.

            Stop watching all that law and order shit on TV.

    3. RIP Vanessa Marcotte

      Good news they caught the scum to begin closure. But the pain will remain a lifetime for many.

    4. Turd Le Boi

      Looks like your intel is off (again)

      1. Chip Striker

        Really? How so?

    5. JimB

      His name allegedly is Angel Ortiz, 31 of Worcester. Not surprised he is a dirty spic, I wonder if he is an Illegal….

      1. alexander knight

        If so, msm certainly wont say it!

      2. Chip Striker

        That’s exactly what he is. Now, and I’m willing to bet he’s been in the courts before, so lets give the father 10 minutes with him and get it right this time.

      3. Bob

        I’m going to go out on and say he most likely is. Too bad liberals love to protect the illegals.

      4. bigdaddy

        The moonbat libtards wont tell us that

    6. UsualSuspect

      Angel Cordero Ortiz. What are the odds he got a slap on the wrist from a central MA judge in the past?

      1. UsualSuspect

        Wow, hard to find anything about this dirtbag on the interwebs. Angelo Colon-Ortiz is official name released, earlier report obviously erroneous.

        1. bigdaddy

          is very other illegal named Colon-Ortiz ?

    7. Chip Striker

      Bring him to the local vet and have him euthanized.

    8. Fred Flintstone

      Excellent arrest. That young woman had everything going for her. Everything. Smart, ambitious, beautiful. There was nothing that she could not do. I hope the family can get any sort of closure with this great news of the arrest. Fry the fucker but of course this is Massachusetts so that will not happen.

    9. Joe shmidlap

      Eye for an eye… when he is in the pen he should be raped, burned and then killed.

      1. Wormtown Kris

        If he’s got an Angel’s Colon he should be quite popular in the pen…..

    10. bigdaddy

      If he is an illegal them I am sure Maura Healey will do everything she can do to hide that fact

    11. bigdaddy

      From another news service…
      “Colon-Ortiz Does Not Have a Criminal Record & Authorities Say They Do Not Know for Sure if He Is a U.S. Citizen

      1. Finnish Goalie

        Bad business all around.

    12. deport_illegals

      Angelo Colon-Ortiz – Why do all these lowlife spics have fancy names?

      1. It figures

        They use a lot of last names hoping to hit on one that might be the father.

    13. John Parker

      Trump was right again.

    14. Ineeda Bath

      Homegrown or not a scumbag POS is a scumbag POS…
      Let him burn…..

    15. Ineeda Bath

      Thank You
      For Your courage
      For Your strength
      For Your resolve
      For Your will

      In our last moments we can determine the future

    16. It figures

      Wow. A PR out of place in Princeton. How odd. Who would have thought? I would have called the police just seeing a PR in Princeton.

      1. Howodd

        Her best friend was Peurto Rican from Princeton… who has been involved in a lot of causes in honor of her friends memory.

    17. nja

      Why is it they won’t print his Name, but if it was me or my family or my friends they would print it right then and there. What the hell gives ????

    18. Stu Pidazzo

      Just curious… Where are the lefties screaming about racial profiling? The trooper saw a middle aged Hispanic male with short hair driving a dark SUV in Worcester. That was enough to check him out? There’s probably 5 people with that description driving through Kelley Sq every 5 minutes.There’s obviously something they’re not telling us.

      Regardless, I’m happy for the family and much credit to LE and the geeks/scientists at the specialized forensics lab. Solid work!

    19. American girl

      I like everyone, but hispanics. I’m sure he’s illegal. No record..hiding in the shadows. Thank GOD for Trump!! This 28 year old American girl is sick of all the trash crossing the border and having to pay for it too!! We all work our asses off while they walk right to the welfare office and take our money, while using our roads, hospitals etc. I’ve fucking had it. The silent majority has spoken and we are sick of you ILLEGAL ALIENS!! Get the fuck out!

      1. Smartypants

        Are you really this dumb?

    20. yumusbkidding

      Wow, I have never seen more arrogant yet ignorant comments than here. It’s just terrible.

    21. Andy

      Would bet he’s illegal. Educated guess.

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