• Taunton Gumpmuff, Who Beats His Pregnant GF, Expresses His Anger That Hurricane Maria Didn’t Kill All Puerto Ricans And Thinks Kneeling NFL Players Are N Words 

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    Jared Crites is your special kind of Taunton fuckbag. Seeing that he obviously has superior genetics (look at how bright the light in his eyes is) he feels that he is cool to talk about how he wishes that the island of Puerto Rico, and all of the people living on it, should have been wiped off the map during hurricane Maria. Why would someone wish such horrible things? Well, because he hates people of color. Doesn’t matter if you’re a latte, cappuccino, or an espresso shot – if you aren’t steamed milk – he hopes you die. 

    Look at this mouth-breathing panty stain:

    Of course, Jared, who works for his father’s company, JM Crites Construction, doesn’t just stop at hurricane destruction death desires. The gaping anus deleted his post and did the whole  butthurt “take me off your friends list” thing  

    I wish that was all. Gump nuts has some choice things to say about any brown person kneeling during the NFL games in solidarity. 

    While many of you know that I don’t watch, care, or remotely pay attention to sports ball (even though this is a sports ball blog) I have a hard time thinking that anyone, regardless of how you feel about what transpired yesterday, EVER deserves to be called these words. 

    You’d think Jared would have realized his error when his pals started telling him what a fucking moron he was. Nah, he doubled down. 

    We should all really try and be more like Jared. You know, generalizing people by color and wishing the worst on innocent people. After all, Jared doesn’t take any human life seriously, not even his own child or the woman he loved. He’s the kind of sweetheart who beats the bag out of his pregnant  girlfriend and was charged with A/B against her. 

    It’s easy for people like Jared, who are actual racists, to pass blame on people they feel are inferior to them. Especially when they are legit the biggest pieces of stupid, abusive, lazy-eyed white trash anyone has ever seen. 

    What more do you expect from a dullard who gets an Urban Dictionary word, meaning loser fuck who collects cars in his front yard, tattooed on his forearm? 

    This is the kind of guy who secretly pays to get blowies from ethnic groups of males prostitutes and then threatens to punch them if they make eye contact. We can’t blame the lead paint for this kind of chumblecunt. 

    Sorry Jared, we are all on to you. Now fuck off. 

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    1. Tired of Don't Snitch Pussies

      If he was a lib he’d be one of the antifags.

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