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  • Telegram And Gazette Shamelessly “Breaks” Story About Portland Cop Getting Arrested In Worcester Hours After Reading Turtleboy And Pretending They Didn’t

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    Earlier today we broke this story about a Portland police officer getting arrested at the Ja Rule concert at the Palladium Saturday night. The officer, Zahra Abu, was Portland’s first Somali cop, and was touted as a symbol of progress as a black, Muslim woman.

    Then shamelessly half an hour ago the Turtlegram and Gazette did this:

    Just blatantly stealing stories. Hey George Barnes, have you no shame? Where’d you hear about this story? Just admit it – you get your news from us. Just like everyone else. We run the media in this town and always will going forward. We’re not gonna pull a Gaffney and sue you or anything, but just understand that everyone sees this and it’s embarrassing for you.

    Here’s my question – why the hell are the Worcester Police giving information to the Turtlegram and Gazette and not Turtleboy? The cranky woman at the records desk who clearly hates her job said they couldn’t hand out the arrest report. Yet this cop hating media outlet that employs Clive McFarlane comes crawling and they get a statement? Sad state of affairs. Don’t worry, we’ll continue to be the only media outlet that doesn’t have an anti-police agenda and actually cares about printing the truth.

    Here’s the Turtlegram’s Facebook page. Don’t flood their page and call them out for being frauds!! Please God, no!!

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      Because your not real news so why would they give you that info? your more of a blog that bashes people and lately it seems your viewership has declined because nobody cares to hear you cry all the time. All of your stories have become you crying over something someone else did. witchooooo punk asssssssss!

      1. Smashmouth

        Suck your pimp’s dick, minority. This site is intended to call out and blast ratchet fucks who make property values decline with their scamming and bullshit.

        If you don’t like it, you’re one of them, so your hatred does nothing but throw gas on the fire.
        You and anyone who associates with you can fuck off and die bleeding.

        1. NOTREALNEWS :)

          Minority? hehehe you sound so silly …. well then you just KNOWWWWWWW i’ve had my fair share of pimp dick huh? LOL well unfortunately I only engage in those activities on the weekend and since this is a weekday…. well here I am 🙂 lol now… debate yo daddy because I can guarantee you will never get to me ! BTW i’ll be running a special this weekend so let me know if you AND YO daddy wanna stop by 😉

      2. Its murdaaaa

        No one is crying more than a grown woman, a police officer at that, driving from Portland Maine to see Ja Rule-in 2017, and getting arrested. My favorite part was that she refused to leave. You couldn’t pay me 10 grand to walk INTO that place, and there she was, crying to stay, lol.

    2. She’s connected

      I think that her brother is or was a Worcester cop which would explain the special treatment.

    3. sdpoifmnsodifn

      At least they’re reporting it, I guess.

    4. Publius

      TB has been first on many consequential breaking stories. The worthless cop killing Zambrano and his ghetto court employed ho. Mosaic. So many stories. Sometimes TV news gives credit. Rarely the T&G even though they will follow-up a few days later.

    5. A Fly on the Wall

      Yeah, because there’s zero chance that the Telegram checks the police log and court records. (Hint: That’s called reporting).

      Not everyone sits in mom’s basement culling twitter and facebook for “news”.

    6. no excuse

      what is newsworthy? cops that arrest other cops are the scum of the earth. if they cant handle an incident like the one described with out arresting a fellow officer, then they should be unarmed security in peru, ma. Hope that they are proud of themselves, would like to hear the BS they spread to justify their cunty behavior.

      1. Jason Briddon

        I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    7. George Barnes

      Thanks punk, you make my job easy.
      Sue me.

    8. Scuzzy Muzzie

      Typical knee grow behavior by all parties involved

    9. Finn

      Just a thought but here it goes… I am very gay. And with that being said I am giving away blowjob for just $5… $10 if you’re black (because of the extra meat). Let me know if you are interested, thanks.

      Get sucked,

      1. Kevi

        Any discount for being Irish?

        1. Finn

          Less money for less girth

          Get sucked,

      2. Finn

        But I’m the real Finn.

        or am I?


    10. Paul’s Rosewood Pen

      Where’s my credit due?

    11. YOU A RACIST

      If this story caught your eye its only cuz you a racist. Its a crime now for a black woman to have a good time at a concert and dance and sing…. since when you racists.

      FACK Worcester cop arrested drunk driving January first no tbs story bc he probably whiteman.

      FACK Worcester assistant district attorney arrested by state police for driving drunk in shrewsbury no TBS story bc he probably white man.

      1. Where’s the story

        This isn’t proof of any racism….. but I agree where is th TB article on the sloshed ADA who was arrested driving around with his kid?

        1. Redundancy

          Masslive already had it. They also had state salaries the day before. Did you know that staties make twice as much as DAs? DAs are lawyers for crying out loud

      2. Linda

        Or they didn’t run their yaps and say F U to the po po so they quietly went away.

    12. Ester the Molester

      T-G still best at posting tow truck driver asses. Wonder if they give a journalist award for that? Oh yeah it’s called sexual harassment. Diane William you go girl! Maybe you win a Weinstein Award Or Lauer trophy for that great bit of T-G journalism.

    13. Timothy O'Leary

      Why has TBS done a story on Worcester Assistant District Attorney John A. O’Leary and his Monday drunken driving and resisting arrest. Does it have something to do with Mr. White guy is not a Somali Muslim you can bank and crap on for all the extras? There’s an old saying, if it looks like a guy-creme gravy covered stinky taco, and its smells like a guy-creme gravy covered stinky taco, it is most likely an idiot named Finn!

      Ball up TBS, address Mr. O’Leary. Not to prove a point, but to add to the dick head spoongtastic roster.

      1. jhbjhb

        The front page is filled with entries about white people. Wtf are you talking about?

    14. Tim LEary sux

      fucking come on, yeah white dudes if it some local interest or political campaign that the TBS main guy has some beef with. then yeah, its rip and run, but over the long haul, its pretty appearent. Of course we do have to rrecognize socioeceo and locale of course. But fuck it, I dont care for one.

    15. Faxorsmax

      Fack: Ali Bibaud is white.

      Fack: Look at the past 5 stories prior. Plenty o white people. Actually go back 8 pages. Tell me how many white people you see.

      If she got bagged it’s because she asked for it. ESPECIALLY If she flashed a shield and id. I don’t think any cop wants to arrest another.

      Gtfo with your weak theories and get in line with the other fuckstains crying raaacismmmm

    16. Didi Delgado Baby Daddy

      I’d make her my personal MIA Khalifa. She can keep the head garb on while we go on down too POUND TOWN USA. Egypt is getting a sibiling tonight. Someone tell DIDI IM CUMMING ALL INSIDE HER WALLS LIKE HOME RENOVATION.

    17. Barack Obama

      Isnt affirmative action great”?

    18. True Reality Speaks

      That is rather surprising, given that the T&G is now just another liberal propaganda rag for the Dems and other anti-Americans.

      Not surprising at their lack of ethics or integrity, though. See above for the reasons why.

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