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  • The Only Thing More Webster Than This Throwdown In Broad Daylight On Main Street Is The Webduh Play By Play Commentary From the Webster Couple Who Filmed It

    The Only Thing More Webster Than This Throwdown In Broad Daylight On Main Street Is The Webduh Play By Play Commentary From the Webster Couple Who Filmed It

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    It wouldn’t be a Thursday afternoon in Webster if you drove down Main Street and didn’t see a wild pack of hoodrat hyenas throwing punches to decide who is the King Sausage of the French River:

    The only thing more Webster than the fight itself was the Webduh play by play commentary that accompanied the video:

    Chick: Turn your fucking windshield wipers off.

    Dude: Shut up dude!!

    Chick: No, you don’t know if they have guns and shit

    Chick: Dude, look at that dude getting the fat dude.

    You know you’re in Webster when you call your female companions “dude,” because you call your male companions the n word.

    Funniest part about the video was that from the looks of it they’re literally 50 feet from the Dudley border. So close to civilization yet so far away. And everyone knows that Dudley is the official scumbag highway of Worcester County. There’s a 99% chance at least one of these cars was heading directly towards Southbridge.

    Sure, they could’ve just settled their grievances in Dudley, but they’d stand out like a sore thumb there. Better to settle their differences on Main Street in Webster where they’ll blend in with the failed hopes and dreams that surround them everywhere.

    From the looks of it the white kid celebrating topless Thursday was getting his ass beat by three kids driving a red Elizabeth Warren-mobile:

    The real loser here was the fat kid in mesh shorts who was friends with the topless tornado, and basically did nothing. He did attempt to break up the fight, but when he did so this punani pube in skinny jeans started punching him so he ran away:

    Bro, you’re the fat guy in mesh shorts. Everyone knows not to fuck with the fat guy in mesh shorts because chances are he has nothing to lose. Especially in Webster. And yet you allowed a dude in skinny jeans to punk you down. Skinny jeans!! The day you let anyone in skinny jeans emasculate you like that is the day you should hand over your man card permanently. 

    P.S. Check out this winner:

    We get it lady. You married a minority and want a medal now. Oh yea, and you hate the cops. How original.



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    1. Turd Burglestein

      At least the recorded the video in landscape mode instead of portrait.

    2. Phong

      As a fat guy who wears mesh shorts I endorse this message.

      Viva la Job Lot!

    3. wabbitt

      The combatants probably went up the street to 7-Eleven to get knob jobs from Webster’s finest street walkers after the right ended.

    4. Jon

      Worcester people recording the vid.

      1. getfuct

        Must be from Plumley.

    5. Kerry

      A cookie and a medal from Turtleboy….now THAT is a shining moment in my pitiful life. I mean, where else can my life go but up, since all of my hopes and dreams failed ten years ago when I moved to Webster.

      I am sort of disappointed that I didn’t earn one of your notorious insults, which I truly adore. I guess I will have settle for being a cop hating winner.

    6. NotFromWebster

      “you married a minority and want a medal.”

      You, Sir, and I use that term loosely, are a fucking idiot.

      I can not share this Lady’s information publicly without her knowledge and consent, but I will share that you just dissed a person who has honorably served her country, and I don’t know of many with more dedication to her family and to her community.

      Grow up, and learn about people before you call them out over a comment.

      1. labomba

        I guess you would like a medal too! When people say shit like that all i hear is ” oh good for you ” and ” cry me a river”. And guess what ” fuck me too tears”. It doesn’t fucken matter who she is or what she did. They’re citizens of this country who worked and paid taxes and never served and they are just as dead as any soldier who took up arms in their name. Not to mention were no safer now so thanks for nothing. Kidding on the last part. I do know people who served the country and even the best soldier isn’t worth half the price tag.

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