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  • The Steelers Used Under-inflated Footballs And The NFL Doesn’t Care Because They Never Actually Cared About PSI Or Under-inflated Footballs

    It’s almost as if the NFL doesn’t care about PSI or the integrity of the game.

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    If you missed it this weekend, another NFL team that is NOT the Patriots was accused of playing with underinflated balls. The New York Giants alleged that during last week’s game with the Pittsburgh Steelers they measured two balls, both of which were below the allowed PSI level.

    ESPN immediately tweeted out a false report about 11 of 12 balls being over 2 PSI below the allowable amount. The NFL immediately dropped everything they were doing to investigate this thoroughly, since we all know they are VERY concerned about the PSI level of game balls. It’s literally the most important issue in football. They hired Ted Wells to run up a $20 million legal bill and write a long report about how the Steelers were generally aware that they were cheating. They demanded that Ben Roethlesberger hand over his cell phone so they could go through it and see all the chicks he raped if they could interpret any vague texts as evidence that he orchestrated the whole thing. No doubt we can expect a multi-game suspension, a long and drawn out court case, and the loss of several draft picks for the Steelers.

    LOL. Just kidding. It’s already over:

    Translation – it’s not the Patriots so we don’t have time to give a shit. Also, we haven’t had any major scandals involving players beating their wives in a few weeks, so we’re not looking to cover anything up with a false flag about the most hated team in the league. It’s almost as if they realize that science causing balls to become slightly deflated. Except for the Patriots. Science doesn’t matter when you’re investigating the Patriots.

    So yea, if you missed this happening yesterday, it’s because the league swept it under the rug. And rightfully so, because no one has ever cared about PSI. It’s not something that has ever had any effect on a football game. Ever. More importantly the ideal gas law naturally makes anything filled with air deflate the longer it is exposed to cold air. This was never about “integrity.” It was about Roger Goodell trying to get people to stop talking about the Ray Rice video, coupled with his jealousy of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

    Of course if the league actually stood for anything or cared about “cheating” then they’d take this seriously. After all, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin cheated in front of millions of people during a playoff game against the Ravens.








    He’s got a history of cheating. His team wins Super Bowls. His team won the game easily. Sound familiar? Oh yea, it’s the same rationale that people used to justify the most ridiculous miscarriage of justice in American history, when they wasted all this time investigating the PSI level of balls in a 45-7 blowout.

    We anxiously await hearing from Indianapolis butthurts like Bobby Kravitz and Gregg Doyel about how their conference rival kept the Colts from winning more Super Bowls.


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    1. Duke Westwood

      Ben Roethlisberger’s balls were properly deflated… by a drunk sorority girl in the bathroom of a Pittsburgh nightclub.

    2. Mirror Mirror

      Tomlin’s always been a punk bitch, just like the Raven’s head coach.

      Can’t wait for Pats to rape Harbaugh tonite. Paybacks a bitch.

    3. Talisman

      Not to mention temperature changes affect pressure. If they were checked at a higher temperature and the poor out in the cold, the pressure will drop. So unless they check them constantly throughout a game, it’s going to happen in the cooler months. But, it is as you say, they were never worried about it because it wasn’t the Patriots. Just like the Titans player going after the knee of the Broncos player yesterday. Will they now open an investigation into whether this was a bounty situation and if the coaches were giving bonuses for injuring players?

      1. Talisman

        Then put out in the cold
        I hate this fucking phone

    4. typical Patriots fan


    5. Stevie

      Awe, yes, everyone is targeting the amazing Patriots. You New England fans have had child-molester eyes, Tom Brady, so far up your ass, you can’t even even tell if it’s a normal day for you or you might be constipated.

      But if it makes you feel like a winner, go for it.

      At least my team doesn’t have a child molester for a quarterback

      1. wabbitt

        Well. That was utterly pulled from your ass. Show me a single article anywhere on the internet showing a child molestation allegation against Tom Brady.

        If you can, I will perform any humiliating, degrading act you want.

        Go ahead. Take your time. I’ll wait.

      2. BobnMic

        Child Molester fuck up? Brady? Really? Is this where the haters and the jealous are now going with our Patriot dominance? So what team is yours? Let us know so we can make some stupid shit up as well. I could make a list right the fuck now starting in our own division and starting with foot guy sexy Rex Ryan. And on and on and on and on. Let us know…

    6. Wwy

      Yea Edelman is the patriots diddler but we created the rainbow flag and voted for Clinton’s three times leave communist Massachusetts alone. The pats are the best since the patriot act sounded better than the raider act lol tuck rule

      1. Short Bus

        RU retarded?

        1. wabbitt

          Read more of his comments. You’ll see that he’s not retarded – he’s paranoid and delusional, and probably needs to be heavily sedated.

          He’s accused me of being black and Jewish (I’m neither) because I call him on his bullshit from time to time.

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