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The Turtlegram Took Down The Naked Picture Of The 2 Year Old But Hasn’t Issued An Apology Or Retraction Because They Can’t Pretend We Exist

The Turtlegram Took Down The Naked Picture Of The 2 Year Old But Hasn’t Issued An Apology Or Retraction Because They Can’t Pretend We Exist

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The other day we published this blog about the Turtlegram and Gazette posting a picture of a 2 year old child, buck naked, with all the goods showing.

A bunch of people sent us this image last week when it was first published on their site. We didn’t blog about it at first because we figured it was probably an oversight on their part, and many people had contacted them about removing it.

So we gave them a week and it was still there. Finally we had no choice but to call them out for their smut journalism. Especially since, 1) they were profiting off of it, 2) this is a newspaper that considers itself above Turtleboy, and 3) Red Danny and the ragtag patrol frequently accuse us of “sexualizing children” because we pointed out that indisputable fact that the cash me ousside girl will one day end up in porn.

Nevertheless the Telegram fan boys were out defending the integrity of a newspaper that somehow allowed the naked pictured AND the child’s name to be published after making it through a team of editors:

An oversight? Sure thing pal. Perhaps it was an oversight the day they printed it. But after multiple people contacting them throughout the week and no action taken it no longer qualifies as an oversight. It’s intentional. They were making a choice to keep it up because they thought these people would go away.

But unfortunately for them these kind folks came to Turtleboy instead and we humiliated them into submission. Because as you can see when you click on that link now, the image is gone.

But wait…..I thought the people at the Turtlegram didn’t read Turtleboy? I thought they were above us? I thought that recognizing we exist only validates what we do? I’m not even kidding. This is the OFFICIAL policy directive that Karen Webber (the editor) has passed on to her minions. DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO TURTLEBOY! It’s why they ignored us with the Mosaic story for so long. It’s why they pretended that Joe Petty didn’t call his supporters morons, and refused to credit us when they wrote their story about it:

But honestly, taking it down without some sort of acknowledgement that they fucked up really isn’t enough. When a newspaper takes something down they always issues a retraction statement. We’ve done it before. Sometimes you just have to man up and admit you screwed up. But they can’t do that because they want to pretend we don’t exist, even though they clearly ride the turtle like it’s going out of style.

Anyway, this is what we do at Turtleboy. We fix problems. We expose the mainstream media.



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